Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 28th Apr, 2009

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 28th Apr, 2009


BURIAL DISCUSSION: Matters such as headstones, kerbs and fees were discussed. The clerk read out the fees and the set sizes of  memorial stones.
It was decided that because it is impossible to send notices of the allowed stones to Funeral Directors that a new notice be erected in the Cemetery Notice Board. Mr. Gaade proposed this and Mr. Williams seconded this. In the near future the members are to discuss the condition of the cemetery drive!

BOWLING GREEN: The financial aspect of this was discussed and the cost to the village in 2008/9 The clerk did however point out that thanks to one of the bowlers putting an advert out that this year the fees have already more than trebled which is great news! Mr. Lewis proposed that it be the council’s policy to try to recoup 25% of the running costs, Mrs Jones seconded – majority in favour.


PRESENT:Mr. D. Roberts, Mr. J. Gibson, Mr. J. Evans, Mr. B. Williams, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. P. Gaade, Mrs. L. Roberts, Mrs. G. Jones, Mr. J. Pridding, Councillor M. Morris, Member of the Public – Mr. B. Payne. Sgt. D. Marsden, C.B.M. Mark Harris and P.C.S.O. Polly Hadfield-Jones.
(All the above members of the Community Council were present at the 6.30p.m. meeting with the exception of Mr. J. Pridding who gave his apologies!)
APOLOGIES: Mr. D. Ratcliffe and Ms. A. Shone.

CHAIR: Mr. Roberts, the Chairman, opened the meeting with a welcome, a silence was then held in respect of the late Mr. Evans and Mr. Brian Stanway.

MINUTES: Mr. Gaade proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record but also requested that in future full names of the deceased be listed, if known, Mrs Jones seconded this.


1.    NEW SIGNS: These are in the clerk’s possession and will be delivered to Mr. Roberts who kindly offered to erect them.
Lights on toilets – bulbs to be removed. B.T. Pole – nothing further on this.Baker’s Cottage – under discussion with planning. Academy House – installation of new UVPC windows – refused. Mill Mount – WCBC to recommend refusal.


Sgt. Dave Marsden attended the meeting to introduce the new C.B.M. for Holt – P.C. Mark Harris. P.C.S.O. Polly Hadfield Jones was also in attendance.
The clerk had written to Sgt. Marsden to express the disappointment  and concerns of the
at the loss of a P.C. again in Holt, she had also copied letters she had received from concerned residents.
Sgt. Marsden assured members that everything that could be done to rectify the situation, would be done and told us the problems facing the police, which we understood!
It was decided that once again facilities for the youth would be looked at and also a base for the police in Holt was discussed and Mrs. Roberts is to look into this.
Road safety issues were discussed and projects are ongoing!
An environmental walk of the village is to be arranged again with Highways.
The air was cleared in this meeting and  as a council we look to move forward again working with the police to solve any issues. The police were thanked and left.


3.PROPOSED NEW STEPS: Brian Payne had written to us regarding these and kindly came to the meeting to explain the situation so far with the grant application and conditions to be met. It was discussed who would take on the maintenance and whether planning e.t.c. was required. Councillor Morris kindly offered to continue helping with discussions with Mr. Fairclough from WCBC and will contact the clerk if she needs to do anything. This was agreed.
4.MEMORIALS: Mr. Gaade proposed, Mrs Jones seconded that permission be granted for a memorial for Mrs Dawn Williams.

Proposed new link road – C.P.O.s issued for the side roads – noted. Council Forum – June – clerk asked if any members would like to attend.

6.PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Hugmore Farm, Hugmore lane, Llanypwll –(Mr. Pridding declared his interest) erection of agricultural storage building and storage shed – members were concerned that this site is getting ever bigger and buildings not used for what they were intended or so it seems!
Tyn Twll Farm, Holt Road, Wrexham – conversion of farm buildings – no objections to this.
Westleigh – removal of trees – no objections.
Hillcrest, Green Street, Holt. – erection of 4 bedroom house and detached double garage and associated works – the members were concerned with the visual impact of such a large, modern building on the landscape in a rural setting – they requested a photo montage from WCBC.
Academy Garage, Castle Street, Holt – conservation area consent for demolition of existing garage/showroom buildings – the members would like to be assured that if demolished all rubbish would be removed and the site left tidy and have issues with what is to happen with the open space! They requested the boundary wall be retained at the back


Hedges needing cutting. Water leak on Dee Lane. Name sign needed for Bridge Street by bridge! Sign for Commonwood at Commonwood end of road opposite Holt Lodge.
Mr. Gibson mentioned the telephone box at this site but there are plans to remove it but not do anything with the road as far as we are aware!

Next meeting to be held on 19th May, 2009.


A.S.A.P                   3 signs                                 £ 77-62

Mrs J. Pierce           salary April & May                    £595-38

Dee Valley Water   Water supply                          £  22-26

Allianz                    insurance 2009/10                £1365-75

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