Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 27th September, 2016

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 27th September, 2016

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. S. Lewis, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. J. Evans, Mr. P. Gaade,
Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. P. Lewis, Councillor M. Morris. Ann Moreton, Erlas Walled Garden Committee.

APOLOGIES: Mrs G. Jones.

CHAIR: Mr. S. Lewis, the Vice- Chairperson, took the Chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting. A silence was held in respect of the late Mrs Howe and Mrs Dorothy Calvert. Ann Moreton from the Erlas Walled Garden Project had kindly attended to give a short presentation, she was welcomed.

MINUTES: Mr. Gaade proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record. Mr. S. Lewis seconded, all agreed.

An excellent presentation was given about the History of the Gardens including old photographs which were very informative. Ann then showed the derelict condition of the gardens when they were taken over including the original buildings. Through the sheer hard work of volunteers and money obtained from seeking funding, the buildings are now restored as are the gardens. Many people volunteer in the gardens and benefit from having a focus and somewhere to go. Every need is different. The gardens are open from 8-30a.m. to 4.30p.m. with 5 members of staff as well as volunteers. A Big Lottery grant is being applied for and the fantastic plans for a café, manned by volunteers, toilets a shop, nature walks e.t.c.in order for the gardens  to be available to a wider range of groups e.t.c. The aim now is to publicise the garden and the work done here and questionnaires were handed out seeking views. Ann was sincerely thanked and one and all enjoyed the talk. A couple of members had visited Erlas already and a welcome was given to everyone.

1.    POLICE MATTERS: The Clerk had been contacted by PCSO Jones, in August, to inform the members that he was changing Divisions in the police force and the new PCSO for Holt would be PCSO Alison Heron who has attended previous meetings with David. David did not attend the July meeting and apologised for the short notice but was awaiting confirmation of the move. The Clerk had thanked him for his work during his time with us. PCSO Heron was not at the meeting.
2.    HOLT CASTLE: - The Re-enactment weekend had been very successful thanks to the hard work of a lot of people. The grass at the Castle had been cut for the weekend but now needs another cut. Issues such as tics affecting humans and dogs was discussed as was weeds such as Himalayan Balsam taking over the river bank. Mr. P. Lewis proposed that in view of all the concerns still felt and the rota for grass cutting sent to us from WCBC, not being easy to understand, that the Clerk arrange a meeting at the Castle with Steve Grenter(WCBC Heritage) Mr. Gaade seconded, all agreed. Clerk to ask for big wheelie bin to be removed from Castle!
3.    CROSS –PARKING AND HIGHWAY MATTERS: Matters here are now being dealt with by WCBC Highways and Legal departments.
4.    PUBLIC TOILETS: Mr. Gaade gave the Clerk the invoice for repairs carried out and he also asked for permission for the toilets to be available free for the Chester Marathon on 2nd October, 2016. Mr. Gaade proposed the bill be paid and toilets opened , Mr. Cubitt seconded, all agreed. Mr. Gaade thanked.
5.    NEW SIGNS FOR HOLT: Mr. Gaade pointed out that only 1 sign had been agreed and put in position to date. No invoice has been received yet but will be paid when necessary.
6.    VILLAGE CARETAKER: A bill for £450 for hours worked to date was received from Mr. Hinds. Mr. Gaade proposed this be paid and Mr. Hinds to be asked to work 4 hours a month through the winter with effect from 1st October, 2016. Mr. P. Lewis seconded this. All agreed.
7.    ALLOTMENTS: A letter was received from the tenant of allotment 10 and he will be relinquishing this at the end of September. Allotments in general were discussed as there is a waiting list and the possibility of sharing was discussed. The matter of rents was also discussed and the Clerk is to put matters concerning the allotments on the Agenda for January 2017.
8.    STREET LIGHTS: The light by number 4 Laburnum Way has been attended to by Jones Lighting but still is not working. Clerk to e.mail them. WCBC light by Cae’r Llew to report. Mr. Gaade proposed this, Mr. S. Lewis seconded.
9.    HOLT PLAY SCHEME: The Clerk had contacted Aaron Jones but had not received communication back but Councillor Morris reported that the funding had been extended to end October half term then Aaron would do a report for us. Councillor Morris was thanked for the information.

10.    STREET LIGHTING ENERGY SUPPLIERS – E.E. The Clerk had received correspondence regarding continuing the contract with E.E for a further 12 months. The Clerk had sought advice from Mr. G. Edwards (former lighting engineer WCBC) who sits on a lighting committee for Community Council’s and who advised us before. His advice was to it was sensible to remain with E.E. therefore Mr. S. Lewis proposed we remain Ms. A. Shone seconded. All agreed.
11.    NOTICE OF CONCLUSION OF AUDIT FOR 2015/16.  The Annual Return for the Year ending 31st March, 2016 was formally received by the Council from the new External Auditors Grant Thornton. The council were issued with a qualified audit report with matters to address. The main point being Adequate Budget not in place. The Clerk had been issuing Monthly Budget Sheets and quarterly Bank Balance sheets and a budget setting meeting had been held but a fuller sheet needs to be set in November when Precept set and a quarterly monitoring needs to be done. There were a couple of smaller matters. All matters will be addressed. The monthly budget sheet was issued and a half yearly budget balance to end September 2016 had been produced but inadvertently left at home by the Clerk who will produce it in October. Mr. P. Lewis proposed the Notice of Conclusion be received and advertised as necessary and the Monthly Budget sheet be received also, Mr. Cubitt seconded this, all agreed.
12.    CLERKS SALARY REVIEW 2016/17: This had been agreed for payment in the July meeting. The Clerk informed the council of the new figures. The Clerk should have received an increment in 2013 but inadvertently it was missed. Her salary was £3779-69 and should have been £3781-08 and her new salary from    1st April, 2016 is £3891-24 with a further 1% increase from 1st April, 2017. This had been approved.
13.    MEMORIAL BENCH: Letter requesting permission to place a bench in the cemetery near to the grave of the late Mr. & Mrs William Finchett was received from D. Finchett. Discussion took place on this as there are quite a few benches now and the committee are worried regarding there maintenance by families once in place. The members are to think about the situation and review the matter next meeting.
14.    GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE: 2018 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies in Wales – Initial Proposals – noted. Consultation – the Wrexham we want – this survey is open to public until 24th October, 2016 – noted. Wrexham Public Services Board – stakeholder event 12th October, 2016 – noted. Wrexham Dementia Friendly Community Event – noted. Play development team – result of research on economic impact of playwork – noted. A lovely card of thanks was received from C. Cubitt thanking all concerned for the planting of the wild flowers at the entrance to the village – this was received with appreciation expressed.
15.    PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Westway, Wrexham Road, Holt – Removal of oil storage tank  (redundant ) and erection of timber domestic shed on existing base – no objections. Cornish Hall Barns, Wrexham Road, Holt – Listed building consent for alterations to unit 5 including rebuilding of out-rigger, new parking barns/stores for units 1 to 5, design revisions to link extension to unit 2, brickwork finish and first floor window to unit 1, revisions to window and door design type. – No objections.

16.    INDEPENDENT REMUNERATION PANEL REPORT – SEPTEMBER 2016. The members considered the report and agreed to retain it as before with no payments being made to members except in exceptional circumstances. Mr. Cubitt proposed this, Mr. Gaade seconded, all agreed.
17.    CO-OPTION OF COMMUNITY COUNCILLOR: Two vacancies had been advertised but apart from a couple of enquiries which weren’t followed up with a letter of application there was only one applicant. A letter was received from Mr. Jim Duffy, 3 the Gardens, Holt and Mr. Gaade proposed that Mr. Duffy be  co-opted as a Holt Community Councillor Mr. Pridding seconded. The Clerk is to write to Mr. Duffy.

18.    GENERAL MATTERS TO REPORT:  Mr. Pridding had expressed concern at the length of time the roadworks opposite Holt Lodge had taken. The lights were there even when no one was actually working. Pavement by the cemetery gates – this is sloping and dangerous. Coping stone cemetery gateposts – S. Jones to check. S. Jones to be asked to strim woodland area grass as it is planned to plant bluebells here in between the trees. Drain cover opposite the hairdressers on Cross is very loose and noisy! No hedges have been cut despite the Clerk phoning WCBC. She will contact the new supervisor.
19.    CLEOPATRA’S : A copy of a letter sent from Mr. R. Shaw to the owners of Cleopatra’s was received and discussed. The letter was regarding issues concerning Cleopatra’s. This letter was received and noted.
The Clerk will go ahead with this now the new light by Dee Villas has finally been installed. This was agreed.

2284 – Mr J. Pierce       salary, increase & expenses          £359-49
2285 – Mr. M. Ward        plumbing repairs in toilets.         £216-00
2286 – Mr. D. Kettle      grass cutting                             £180-00
2287 – E.M.J. Services    grass cutting                             £220-00
2288 -  Mr. J. Hinds      village cleaning                           £450-00
2289 – Dee Valley         water supply porta cabin.           £  12-22
2290 – WCBC               wages G. Crofts                        £219-00
2291 – APH                new village sign                          £117-60
2292 – Jones Lighting     new light & maintenance          £1119-25
2293 – Kenyon Hall        Hire hall for re-enactment           £ 96-00
2294 – Scottish Power     energy – porta cabin              £ 22-21

The next meeting was arranged for Wednesday, 26th October, 2016. All agreed.

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