Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 27th May, 2014

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 27th May, 2014

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: COUNCILLORS – J. Pridding, S. Lewis, Mrs L. Roberts, D. Roberts, P. Lewis, P. Gaade, J. Evans, Mrs G. Jones, J. Cubitt. Ms. A. Shone, Councillor M. Morris, P.C.S.O. David Jones. PC  Aled Hughes & Marilyn Jenkins & Bob Campbell.

CHAIR: Mr. J. Pridding, the  retiring Chairman, took the Chair and opened with a welcome. A silence was held in respect of the Mrs Doris Chadwick.
MINUTES: Mr. Gaade proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Mr. Pridding seconded this, all agreed.


Mrs Linda Roberts proposed Mrs Gill Jones, Mr. Pridding seconded, all agreed. Mrs Jones accepted the position with thanks and was handed the Chain of office by Mr. Pridding who thanked everyone expressed his thoughts that a person needs to be Chairperson for 2 years to do the job well. Mr. Pridding was thanked and Mrs Jones took the Chair.

Mr. Derek Roberts proposed Mr. Peter Lewis, Ms. Shone seconded, all agreed. Mr. Lewis accepted the position with thanks.
Both Chairperson & Vice Chairperson were congratulated!

Reports were handed around and the crime statistics were explained. Thankfully it had been a quieter month with the most crimes on the Industrial estate. There is still not a police presence working from the Industrial estate and hopefully this will soon be rectified.
We now have a new street scene supervisor from WCBC so will need to meet with him and David who soon finishes training, to walk the village.
A couple of parking issues were brought to David’s attention and one of our members offered to call to speak to the people in the first instance!
David & Aled were thanked very much for attending and were assured we would work with David, when he takes over to keep things quiet in Holt.

1. DEFIBRILLATOR: Mr. Steve Lewis had spoken to Jeremy in Londis and he has kindly agreed to this being put on the wall of Londis and to cover the electric for it. Sincere thanks to him. Mr. Lewis given permission to go ahead to have this positioned and the council will pay (cost of box, electrician e.t.c. ) The clerk is to get this covered by the insurance for £1500. Once again Steve was thanked!

There will be a visit of the cameras shortly.
Discussion took place on these items and Bob Campbell was invited to join in as Chairman of the Holt Town Trust. The clerk had written to the Trust as agreed.
Bob stated the Green had received 1 cut and the Trust are to pay for extra ones but will fit them in with WCBC. The matter of fencing the play area is now to be left by the Holt Community Council, who were willing to pay for it, because the Trust own the land and have a constitution saying the land is to be kept as an open space and need to adhere to this. The Clerk explained that we were paying for the maintenance of the play area to WCBC because they own it but the Trust own the land. If the Holt council hadn’t agreed to pay then the play area would be removed. The clerk is to write to the Holt Town Trust who may want to take this on or share the cost.
Bob & Marilyn were thanked.

Paul will chase up the quotes he has asked for and was given permission to phone Chairperson and Clerk to go ahead with work. Plumber will deal with all internal repairs. Peter had kindly arranged to have front coin box repaired. Thanks to him for sorting this.

5. CEMETERY: The clerk has 2 very strong metal watering cans. Mr. Pridding proposed purchase these Mrs Jones seconded. The plastic ones are very flimsy!
Cost of these is £10 each. Mr. Pridding is getting someone to look at placing flagstones in the corner under the bin.

6. ENTRANCE TO THE VILLAGE; Mr. Cubitt was thanked for arranging the planting of wild flowers here and the hard work he, his son, Mr. Hale and Mr. Formstone had done (unpaid) preparing the ground, grasscutting e.t.c. We are really grateful for this as it keeps the entrance to the village looking nice. Letters to go to Mr. Hale & Mr. Formstone for mowing the areas not just on this occasion but also previously!

Access to Information on Community & Town Councils – Consultation – noted.
Governance in small bodies – this was noted but we are covered by 2 audits of accounts annually!
Survey of Remuneration – this has already been dealt with and Holt councillors opted not to claim only in exceptional cases.
Local Council Clerks meeting 19.6.14 – noted.
Start up grants for lunch clubs in WCBC – noted.
Cheshire West & Chester – Local Plan, part 2  land allocations – noted.

Contact has been made once again by the WCBC planning department, to ask members to consider using the on line facility to view planning applications in order to save the council money. Members all agreed this was not a satisfactory method and the clerk will request that paper copies are still received. Mr. P. Lewis proposed and Mr. Gaade seconded this. All agreed.

This has now been taken over from the Holt Town Trust who have paid the bills on behalf of the village for over 35 years. The Clerk had written to them to claim money to March 2014 and thanked them sincerely for their kindness. A new supplier has now been arranged in order to try to keep costs down.

Councillor Morris and the Clerk had contacted Steve from WCBC and he has assured us he will arrange extra grass cuts with a contractor not pay WCBC who cut it previously. There has been 1 cut but the quality of the cut was not very good! Clerk to contact him.

10.INSURANCE 2014/15. Mr. Cubitt proposed, Mr. S. Lewis seconded that we accept the quote of  £724-71 from Zurich. All agreed. Clerk to pay.

1.The Bungalow, off Church Street – demolition of existing bungalow & store (conservation area) 2. Erection of new replacement bungalow with rear garden & provision of car parking – no objections to either of these.
Cornish Hall, Wrexham Road, Holt. – listed building consent for various repairs & alterations including some demolition – no objections.
Commonwood Farm, Buck Road, Commonwood – change of use of residential outbuilding to 2 bedroomed dwelling & erection of conservatory – no objections.
Holt Lodge Farm, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll –alteration to existing access, provision of driveway & resurfacing of parking area – no objections.
Wilbren, Chapel Street – removal of GRP columns & rendered infill panel to the existing porch & replacement with oak posts, struts & oak frame to the roof structure. – no objections.
Hillside Farm, Holt Road, Llanypwll – conversion of redundant farm buildings into 2 residential units including single storey extension to unit 1 & formation of new access for adjacent farmhouse. – no objections.
Land north of Francis Lane – erection of steel framed agricultural building – no objections.
Birchwood, Wrexham  Road – 2 storey extension – no objections.
Footpaths – No. 6 hedges need cutting back. No 10. kissing gate needs attention. Ty Garretts, bridleway needs attention. Wrexham Road. Clerk to report to Sion Roberts.
Litter on Cross – Paul to purchase a litter picker for Ryan. Thanks to Paul. Potholes – still a bad one by Commonwood Farm. Road surface bad to bridge. Borras Head by Daisy Bank – bad pothole!
Splays need cutting Commonwood Lane.
Hedge by toilets needs trimming – (eric to be asked)
Hedges need attention on cemetery drive for Rushbearing.
2 letters to be done for properties with hedges needing attention.
Church Street – vehicle being parked on white lines by old post office.

ACCOUNTS APPROVED FOR PAYMENT: Ms. A. Shone proposed these be paid, Mr. D. Roberts seconded. All agreed.
2048 – Binar Solutions     3 packs printer ink (sale!)              £  45-00
2049 – Mr. R. Crofts        wages - May                                     £192-00
2050 – Mrs K. Rawlinson wages - May                                    £198-40
2051 – Zurich                     Insurance 2014/15                          £724-71
2052 – WCBC                    Refuse – Cemetery                         £903-60
2053 – Amenity Tree        Maintenance                                    £492-00
2054 – Mrs J. Pierce         Salary & expenses                          £326-29
2055 – EDF                        St. Lighting -Energy                       £450-49
2056 – Cairn Carpentry   Notice Board Roof                          £399-00
2057 – Healthmatic           Repairs                                            £  90-00
2058 – Mr. D. Kettle         Grasscutting April & May             £300-00
2059 – H.M.Rev                Tax – clerk                                       £  34-06
2060 – EMJ                        Grasscutting & planting                £268-00
2061 – Mr. Ward               New Tap – Bowling                        £  64-00

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 24th June at 7p.m.

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