Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 27th July, 2010

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 27th July, 2010

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Pridding, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Evans.

APOLOGIES: Ms. Shone, Mrs Jones, Mr. Lewis and Mr. Williams. Councillor Morris

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade , the Chairman opened the meeting at 7.10p.m. as he had to leave the meeting to check on the police reports which were supposed to have been delivered to him. He came back and rang the police as the reports were not at his home and once again we had no police presence at our meeting! He welcomed everyone to the meeting and the meting commenced albeit later than usual.

MINUTES: Mr. Pridding proposed, Mr. Roberts seconded that the minutes of the last meeting were signed and approved as a true record.


1.    ACCESS TO THE CASTLE: This has been left in the hands of WCBC but we understand access has kindly been granted by the owner of the land, for the grass to be cut. This is not a permanent agreement and the old access may have to be re-instated!
2.    TELEPHONE KIOSK – COMMONWOOD: The clerk has sent an E. Mail to B.T. asking for the removal of this but she was told probably funds were not available and has not received a reply yet. Considering B.T. wanted to take the kiosk out of service this is not very satisfactory!
3.    BOWLING GREEN: Callum Edwards to do a list of any necessary treatment needed for the green and Greenthumb have now been thanked but asked not to do further treatments.
4.    11 DEE PARK – The planning application has been withdrawn for land adjacent to the property.
5.    FISHERIES, COMMONWOOD – the application in retrospect for the gateway has been granted but the height of the pillars has been reduced.


Mrs Roberts proposed that the above audited report of the Annual Return, which was presented to the council, be officially approved and received by the members and any follow up recommendations be implemented as soon as possible as usually done! Under the new system the Clerk was authorised to sign Part 1 of the return and then send a copy along with the file of requested supporting evidence, to the External Auditors, Hacker Young. Mr. Evans seconded these actions and all agreed.

7.    GENERAL MATTERS: Hedge at Cemetery – cut. Academy Garage reported to WCBC and they are dealing with this. Car Port at Cottage next to Vernons needs planning permission – this to be applied for!


8.    NOTICE BOARD: Request received from the Holt Town Trust for permission to use some of the board. Mr. Pridding proposed that they be given half of one section Mr. Roberts seconded.
9.    GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE: Youth service – reorganisation – noted.
Mayor’s Charity Dinner 15/10/10 – invitation passed to Mrs Roberts.
3 Trail Leaflet: This has now been completed and Mr. Roberts proposed the council pay £100 requested Mrs Roberts seconded. Thanks were once again extended to Brian Payne and his helpers for all the hard work doing this and seeking funding. Well Done.
Community Forum meeting to be held on 28th September, 2010 – noted.
Letter regarding noise nuisance – to be dealt with.

Clays Cottage, Bryn Estyn Road, Wrexham – Variation of condition 9 of planning permission code P/2005/1351 to increase within existing site to 50 caravans also application for change of use of agricultural building to Caravan storage area – granting these applications would increase the caravans from 25 to 50 plus 25 stored and after discussion Mr. Lewis proposed this be objected to as this would create excessive movement of vehicles along a very busy route and up to 75 caravans could be on site at one time. It was agreed 25 on site and 25 stored would be acceptable and no objection was raised to the storage application as this would only tidy the site! Mr. Roberts seconded this and all agreed.

Borras Quarry, Holt Road, Wrexham – Variation of Condition 3 of Planning Permission to allow for the importation of clay, soil & sand/gravel arising from the forthcoming Industrial estate Access Road Works – there were no objections to this.

11.    POLICE ISSUES: These were dealt with aat this point in the absence of the police!
Paul had printed a copy of incidents from the internet and these  were read and noted. He also had a copy of a grant application being made for football equipment and this caused some concern and Mr. Gaade is to contact PCSO Hadfield-Jones to discuss this. Mr. Gibson pointed out that the Green, where the PCSO wanted games to be organised has 2 public footpaths crossing in the middle!


12.GENERAL MATTERS: Hillcrest – a site visit to be done. Bellis Cottage – site visit. Building to be knocked down to allow development but main buildings to be re- developed before anything knocked down!
HGVs delivering flowers from Holland are using the Rossett Road.
Refuse collectors are leaving bins half way across paths and leaving paper around. Car Park by bridge – Mr. Jones to trim trees on Friday.
Gredington – planning application refused. Grass verges need cutting – it is thought these are done in August. Dee Park – cars parking on the grass roundabout.
13.REPRESENTATION ON COUNCIL: Owing to ill health, Mr. Bill Williams has not been able to attend the quota of meetings required therefore Mr. Gaade proposed, Mr. Gibson seconded that the clerk contact him to request he step down. We are very grateful and extend sincere thanks to him, for his input during his time on the council and hope his health improves.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 14th September, 2010 after the summer recess.


1736 – Mrs J. Pierce, salary July/Aug £595-38.

1737 – J.D.H. Auditors Audit 09/10    £184-99
1738 – Holt History Society 3 Trails Leaflet £100
1739 – EMJ Services grasscutting £220-00
1740 – Callum Edwards grasscutting £150-00
1741 – A. White salary toilets 122 days & village caretaker 18 weeks & exp £1272-69
1742 – Dee Valley Water supply £128-72
1743 – Scottish Power energy £40-00
1744 – SLCC membership 2010/11 £82-00
1745 – Mr. S. Jones various work £495-00

These were proposed for payment by Mr. Evans and seconded by Mr. Pridding, all agreed.

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