Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 27th February, 2018

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 27th February, 2018


PRESENT: Councillors - Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. J. Hughes, Ms. A. Shone, Mrs G. Jones, Mr. Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. J. Pridding, Councillor M. Morris.

APOLOGIES: Mr. J. Duffy.

CHAIR: Mr. S. Lewis took the chair and welcomed everyone. A silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Gordon White, Mr. Tony Morgan, Mrs Rosalyn Skelton, Mrs Dilys Gibson, Mr. Peter Holland.

MINUTES: The minutes of the previous meeting were signed and approved as a true record. Mr. Gaade proposed Mr. P. Hinchliffe seconded. All agreed.

ITEM 1 – HOLT CASTLE – GRASSCUTTING: Mr. Steve Grenter WCBC had kindly attended and a meeting was held at 6.30p.m. to discuss the grasscutting contracts for 2018. Mr. Gaade had obtained 3 quotes for the Castle area and after discussion the one from Monument for 10 cuts @ £170 cut was accepted. The quote for the field area was accepted from Mr. A. Pridding for 4 cuts @ £250. Mr. Grenter made the members aware of his allocated budget and Mr. Gaade proposed the Holt Community Council initially pay £1000 towards the maintenance and Mr. Grenter requested that the Community Council oversee the contract work and pay the contractors then invoice him. Mr. Gaade offered to liaise with the contractors. Mr. P. Leis proposed all the above actions and Mr. J. Cubitt seconded. All agreed and the Clerk to notify the successful and unsuccessful contractors and a meeting if to be held on site with those concerned. All agreed. Thanks to everyone and hopefully this will rectify the problems experienced at the Castle over the last few years.

ITEM 1 – POLICE MATTERS: The new style Crime Statistic sheets were received but the members were not very happy with them as they do not give a clear picture of monthly crime in the area. It was agreed to ask Inspector Steve Owen to attend a meeting to explain them.

1.    CLEOPATRA’S – An inventory has been done of street furniture but the matter is still in the hands of the Legal Department at WCBC. Noted.
2.    ELECTRONIC PLANNING: The clerk had attended the Meeting at the Guildhall and the final decision was that all domestic planning would be sent electronically and only Industrial, Housing Developments e.t.c be paper copies as before. There are still a lot of communities not happy but we have to comply! It was explained we could purchase projectors e.t.c to view the plans but members to try to view them on line and the Clerk will look into this further.
3.    NOTICE BOARD IN CAR PARK: This has now been put up by Mr. S. Jones but 2 keys are needed to open it. Mr. Hinchliffe is willing to monitor it but the Clerk to order another set keys for Mr. Gaade as well.
4.    KINGDOM REPORT: - This is now forwarded monthly by the firm who deal with ‘Dog Fouling’, ‘Litter’ e.t.c and they are visiting all the villages. Any concerns regarding any of these issues in Holt will be passed to them as we are very concerned especially with ‘Dog Fouling’!
5.    THE COPSE: Jonny Hulson to get a new ‘Kissing Gate’ here as the other one warped. It was agreed to provide a new 12’ gate for access (equipment only) and 2 posts at about £400. Clerk to contact Jonny. All agreed.
6.    CEMETERY PATHS: It was agreed that before we finally proceed with this that Mr. Gaade have a meeting with another councillor. Advice has been received from Mr. Roberts but WCBC also to be asked for advice (Mr. K. Edwards). It was agreed who would meet.
7.    DEE PARK – Rail now repaired.
8.    PROVISION OF BUS SERVICE – HOLT: A meeting had been held and Mr. Gaade had attended as our representative for which he was thanked. At present Stagecoach and Arriva are providing service but WCBC are still working on contracts after the collapse of the previous company ‘Jones’s. Hopefully the C56 route will not fare as badly as some.
10.    COMMUNITY AGENT: The Clerk had met with the gentleman from AVOW and read out all the information. The possibility of sharing an agent with Rossett is being looked at for 4 hours to begin. After looking into this Mr. Cubitt proposed Mr. Hinchliffe seconded that we proceed with this. All agreed. Clerk will contact Nigel from AVOW.
11.    MATTERS STILL NEEDING ATTENTION: Grid Chapel Lane was done but water still sitting. Light on Car Park.

12.    LONG TERM ABSENCE OF COUNCILLOR: A letter was received from Mr. Jim Duffy asking the Council’s approval for meetings already missed and any further ones needed owing to Health problems. The Clerk had sought advice from the Electoral Department over this as it is a requirement of electoral rules. Mr. P. Gaade proposed we approve the abscence for as long as needed and look forward to the return of Jim with his valuable input. Mr. J. Cubitt seconded this and all agreed. Clerk to contact him.
13.    HOLT COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL: A letter of application was received for the pledged amount of £2000 towards the ‘Additional Needs Room’ which is now complete. Mr. Hinchliffe proposed this be paid, Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All agreed.
14.    INDEPENDENT REMUNERATION PANEL – ANNUAL REPORT 2018/19. Community Councillors are to receive mandatory payments if the Council have a Precept of £30000 or more. Holt did send objections to the suggestion when consulted but have to comply with new order. Councillors will have to opt out of receiving the payment if they wish by informing the Clerk. This begins in April.
15.    TRADE REFUSE AGREEMENT: Mr. Pridding proposed, Ms. Shone seconded that we sign and accept this for a further year from WCBC. All agreed.
16.    PLAY AREA MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT: Mr. P. Lewis proposed that we sign and accept this for a further year from WCBC for Dee Park and Church Green Play Areas. Mrs Jones seconded, all agreed.
17.    INTERNAL AUDIT PLAN 2017/18 & DATA PROTECTION AUDIT. – This was formally received and accepted from JDH Internal Auditors and a letter of Engagement is to be requested from them for them. Mr. Gaade proposed this and Mr. S. lewis seconded, all agreed. The Data Audit is to be accepted for 1 year at £600 and JDH will officially be asked to undertake this on Holt’s behalf. Ms. Shone proposed, Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All agreed.
18.    SHOPMOBILITY: - Correspondence received requesting Financial help – noted.
19.    MEMORIAL APPLICATION: This was requested for the late Mr. E. Edwards and has a small engraving of sheep on it. Mrs Jones proposed this be approved, Mr. Gaade seconded. All agreed.
20.    PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Land West of Wrexham Golf Club, Holt Road, Llanypwll – outline application (with all matters reserved apart from access) for roadside services incorporating a petrol filling station with ancillary kiosk & associated car parking and works. No objections. Spring Villa, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll – erection of replacement garage/workshop. No objections. Holt Lodge farm, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll – Listed building consent to remove Internal Wall between kitchen & Hallway. No objections. Holt Hill, Green Street, Holt – Notification of proposed works to trees within Holt Conservation area. Removal of Sycamore, 1 limb on Cherry Tree, removal 1 dead Beech Tree – all larger trees above Conservation Measurement requirements to be taken out – except Yew trees – No objections. 5 Edwards Barn, Cornish Hall Barns, Wrexham Road, Holt – Erection of Garden Shed. No objections. Land at Wrexham Road, Holt – application for approval of reserved matters pursuant to outline planning permission P/2013/0823 – appearance, landscaping, layout & scale for residential development & formation of MUGA including details noise assessment & attenuation, existing access closure & internal and external boundary treatments. No objections.
21.    BUDGET SHEETS TO END JANUARY2018. Date next meeting. – These were sent to members before the meeting and Mr. Pridding proposed they be accepted as a true record of the finance of the council, Mr. Hughes seconded. All approved and agreed these.   The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 3rd April, 2018. Agreed

22.    MATTERS TO REPORT – Lights by Manse, Fairview on left also a tree around a light by footpath Fairview. Unsafe garage – Lilacs.

ACCOUNTS – The following accounts were approved for payment. Mr. Gaade proposed, Mr. Hinchliffe seconded, all agreed.
2434 – HMRC             Tax Clerk                         £  76-48
2435 – Mrs J. Pierce    Salary Feb. & exps       £393-77
2436 – AVOW             Wages – G. Crofts          £241-13
2437 – Mr. E. Jones     Maintenance work       £348-00
2438 – Mr. A. Pridding  Grass Cuts – Castle   £600-00
2439 – Jones Lighting   St. lighting Maintenance £157-00
2480 – WCBC             Holt C.P, School Grant   £2000-00

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