Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 27th April, 2010

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 27th April, 2010

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Pridding, Ms. Shone, Mrs Jones, Mr. Evans, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Gibson, Councillor Morris and P.C.S.O. Poppy Hadfield-Jones.

APOLOGIES: Mr. Williams.

CHAIR: The Chair was taken by Mr. Paul Gaade, the Chairman who opened the meeting, by welcoming everyone and a silence was held in respect of the late
Mr. Gerald Williams and Mrs Pamela Ashton.

MINUTES: Mrs Jones proposed that the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record (with a manual alteration to Mrs Norma Moore not Mr. Norman Moore, in the respects  ) Ms. Shone seconded this.

There had been no crimes but 2 reports of rowdy behaviour. As only 2 people attended the last PACT meeting, even though it was well advertised, it was decided not to have a July one but go through to the Autumn.
Discussion took place regarding football being played on Green Street and on the Bowling Green. We do have a football field and a Green and youngsters were to be encouraged to play there.
Several issues were brought to Poppy’s notice:
Football being played, by the Chip Shop, at midnight! Speed of Traffic through the Village – visit from the speed gun were requested (especially Frog Lane)
Dog Fouling – This will be dealt with by a fine being issued to the owner.
Cars by the Holt/Farndon Bridge – Parking here is making it difficult for cars to exit the bridge!
Cold Calling – Anyone who has a caller and they are not sure if they are genuine then please call 101 to check if they have a Hawkers Licence.
Some discussion took place regarding setting up one area as a trial to Prohibit Cold Callers.
Thanks were given to Poppy and she left.

1.  BOWLING GREEN: The clerk is to do a plan of treatment done to the Green by Greenthumb and pass it to Callum.
It was proposed by Mr. Gibson and seconded by Mrs |Jones that the clerk write to the Holt Town Trust to ask for a contribution to the Bowling Green.

2. NEW VILLAGE SIGN: This has now been erected and looks very good. Clerk to pay the invoice. The old sign is at Mr. Gaade’s and sealed monetary bids to purchase this must be given or sent to the clerk by 25th May, 2010.

3.HOLT/FARNDON BRIDGE; The Clerk has spoken and written to Cheshire and Mr. Geoff Martin will shortly be doing an inspection (a copy of this has been requested!)

4.FLY TIPPING – BOTTOM ROAD: The person responsible for tipping rubbish here is to be prosecuted as will anyone doing likewise. Anyone who can help if they see any rubbish being tipped can phone Street Scene on 298989.

5.ANNUAL MEETING OF WREXHAM COUNCIL: This will be held on 18th May, 2010 at 5.30p.m. Mr. Gaade will attend.

Tarmac: 8/7/10 – Site tour to take place at 2p.m. – noted
Proclamation Ceremony for Eisteddfodd – 3rd July, 2010. – noted
Street Lighting : - meeting on 22nd June, 2010 at 6.30p.m.

7.ANNUAL INSURANCE RENEWAL – 1ST JUNE, 2010 FOR Holt Community Council:
Mrs Jones proposed stay with Allianz – no seconder.
Mr. Lewis proposed an amendment that we ask for a quote from Zurich Mr. Roberts seconded. Voting 6 for amendment therefore the clerk will do this.

Bryn Villa, Hugmore lane, Llanypwll – erection of agricultural building for storage of Hay/Livestock – the members wish to express concern over this as an existing shippon was converted into domestic and then the same type of building needs to be erected/ Clerk to ask if the acreage here justifies another such building?
Hillcrest, Green Street – erection of dwelling, detached single garage with car port and ass. Works including demolition and rebuilding of part of the boundary wall.
Mr. Lewis proposed we strongly object to this, on the following grounds:
This would be detrimental in a conservation area as it would be visually obtrusive and spoil the vista on the northern approach to the village. The alteration of the boundary wall would alter an historic wall and traditional road work pattern of the village. Mr. Roberts seconded this. All agreed.
Poplar Farm, Commonwood – Replacement farm building for livestock – no objections.
Springfield, Castle Street, Holt – Installation of Replacement porch, windows & doors to the front elevation together with laying of a new path and re-painting existing paintwork – there were no objections providing the replacement windows were sash ones, in keeping with the existing ones.
The Cottage & 4 Cross Street, Holt – refurbishement and 2 storey extension to both cottages, demolition of existing brick store to rear garden, parking and turning area for both properties – no objections,
The Orchard, Bridge Street, Holt – remove 2 lowest branches on house side of crown from 1 tree heaven (within Conservation area) no objections.


This was discussed fully and the concern was it may result in extra congregating of young people here. It was also thought the existing seating is adequate for the demand of people waiting for the bus! Councillor Morris advised the clerk suggest the Town Trust contact Conservation in WCBC before making a decision.


9.COMMUNITY CENTRE CAR PARK: The gates of Primrose cottage are now opening inwards but the rest of the planning has still not been adhered to. Vans are being parked on the car park and parents are experiencing difficulty when dropping children off for school and picking them up! Concerns were expressed as to safety here and even though the community council do not own the car park it was felt they should bring the matters to the notice of WCBC. Clerk to contact.

10.GENERAL MATTERS: Notice Board still not done! Phone box at Commonwood still not removed. Fisheries – bricks dumped which looks unsightly but it is on their land so little we can do! The state of the old Price’s farm development was also mentioned but this is in Isycoed.
Dee Park Play area – 2 benches here but one removed. Are WCBC replacing it/
Castle Meadow – is it adopted?
This was discussed as the WCBC have been unable to gain access to cut the grass. The land is now owned by Mr. Reg Williams and the agreement the WCBC had for access was with Mr. Mike Jones. The council understood the agreement would stand however there seems to be a problem. Clerk to write to Mr. Williams to try to come to some understanding should there be a problem! Mr. Gaade proposed, Mrs Jones seconded this.
Mr. Lewis has cleared a lot of rubbish from the top of the Castle as access is still being gained from a small section left unfenced. Clerk to contact Steve Grentner from WCBC.
Mr. Lewis gave apologies for his absence for the next meeting on 25th May, 2010.

Mrs J. Pierce                        salary  April and expenses £4            £301-69
E.M.J. Services                    grasscutting                                           £220-00
A.P.H. Signs                         new village sign                                     £606-30
WCBC                                  council tax – bowling green                 £  92-02
Toilets             £347-65   £824-08
Street lighting – energy        £384-41
Dee Valley Water                water supply                                          £125-55
Greenthumb                        treatment green                                   £111-50
Scottish Power                    energy                                                 £    8-00
Callum Edwards                    grasscutting – green, April + 3 cuts          £210-00
Border Fire                         service – extinguisher in portacabin            £  22-50


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