Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 26th October, 2016

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 26th October, 2016

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT – Councillors: Mrs G. Jones, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. J. Pridding,
Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Duffy. PCSO A. Heron & Councillor M. Morris.

APOLOGIES: Mr. P. Lewis, Ms. A. Shone & Mr. J. Evans.

CHAIR: The Chairperson, Mrs Gill Jones, opened the meeting with a warm welcome to all including our new member Mr. Jim Duffy and our new PCSO Alison Heron. A silence was then held in respect of the following deceased – Mrs Elsie May Jones, Mrs Audrey Chivers, Mr. John Lakin Smith, Mr. William Tilston, Mr. Edward Huxley.
(The Clerk always lists the names as they are given on the burial forms so apologises if they were known by a second name or family name.)

MINUTES: Mr. S. Lewis proposed, Mr. Gaade seconded.

DECLARATION OF OFFICE: Mr J. Duffy accordingly signed this.

ITEM 1 – POLICE MATTERS : PCSO A. HERON – Alison had apologised for not attending the previous meeting but had been called away. This was accepted. The monthly report was given out and it was quite pleasing for Holt but residents still need to be vigilant especially with the darker nights! The Police have drawn up a new LPA Engagement Plan for Wrexham Rural  Areas. Alison kindly explained to members What this meant to Holt. One of the things suggested was ‘Cuppa with a Coppa’ which meant being in a café for 2 hours for members of the public to approach the police officer with any worries but Holt members requested that the 2 hours set aside especially for this be spent walking the village as a lot of residents only get out as far as the gate and the PCSO would thus be accessible to more residents. The PCSO will still be around the village at other times on her normal duties. If the police are needed for an incident then the public can phone 101 or Alison Heron on 07813523980 and she will help if on duty. The members agreed to try the LPA plan on a probationary period until the end May 2017. Clerk to put piece in Church newsletter and on website and write to the PCSOs superior for their attention.

Parking on the Cross – this is now with WCBC and ongoing. Remembrance Day cover was discussed as the Clerk had contacted her with a request for police attendance for Road Closure. It was agreed 2 police officers would attend. Everything else has been arranged. PCSO A. Heron was thanked for her help and left the meeting.

1.    ALLOTMENTS: This matter to be put on the agenda for the January meeting.
2.    ERLAS WALLED VICTORIAN GARDEN PROJECT: The Clerk had taken the completed forms and a letter of support for the Lottery bid and Bob Campbell had kindly put information on website to advertise an open day here.
Thanks were expressed from the committee here.
3.    HOLT CASTLE: Mr. Peter Lewis and Councillor Morris had kindly met with Steve Grenter from the WCBC Heritage and discussed the issues here. He had e.mailed the Clerk on 21st October, 2016 to keep us in the loop and he was meeting the contractors to get a price for another cut at the castle. The issue with the Himalayan Balsam was to be discussed with Jonny Hulson from North Wales Wildlife Trust. Apparently it is the wrong environment for ‘ticks’ as this had been mentioned’ Jonny is keen to explore the planting of Black Poplar but this is just an idea at this stage.
4.    STREET LIGHTING: The clerk had reported light 46 before her holiday and checked and it has been done! Light 27 has been fixed temporarily but approval needed for a new light approximately £275. Mr. S. Lewis proposed this be done, Mrs Jones seconded, all agreed. New column at Dee Villas – This is a double headed light and 1 lamp is shining across Bridge Street into a bedroom. Clerk to request a shield be fitted. ‘No Right Turn’ sign on left after turning for Dee Park. This is still not lit. Light by Cae’rllew has been reported to WCBC. Clerk has asked to meet someone from Jones Lighting to obtain a quote for a new light at Deeside.
5.    HOLT PLAY SCHEME: This is to be put on the agenda for November when Aaron Jones will have produced Costings should the members wish to continue the scheme by funding it. It has been very successful. He will also attend meeting.

6.    TRADE REFUSE - CEMETERY: a letter had been received notifying us that an extra bin (the same size) would be delivered free and then the both bins would be emptied fortnightly under WCBCs new scheme. 2 labels had been sent and the clerk put one on but had telephoned today 26/10/16 as the 2nd bin had not arrive. It was promised for the weekend. The other bin is very full!
7.    PLAYING FIELD – Wrexham Road. The Clerk had been in touch with Scottish Power and sent all the forms for disconnection of the electric supply here and a quote of £1000 plus was received. This matter was discussed and Mr. Gaade is to discuss with landowner’s whether the contractor will take the supply on. Mr. Gaade proposed this, Mr. S. Lewis seconded. Clerk to work through Mr. Gaade on this.
8.    PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT – SITE OF FORMER AP-CHEM, HUGMORE LANE, WREXHAM. Publicity and Consultation before applying for planning received. This was noted.
9.    PLANNING APPLICATIONS:24 Dee Park, Holt – two storey extension & minor internal alterations. No objections. 15 Vicarage Court,  Wrexham  Replace existing timber windows with white PVC-U Double glazed  windows, no objections. Whitehaven, Church Street, Holt – single storey extensions to dwelling – no objection.


10.    MEMORIAL BENCH: The letter of application had been considered and this item was discussed. It was agreed on a list of conditions and the Clerk is to reply giving these and if they are accepted then a signed copy is to be returned. The conditions are to be listed and kept in order that the rules are the same for any future applications.
11.     GRANT APPLICATIONS 2016/17, ESTIMATED BUDGET SHEET 2016/17(IN RETROSPECT!) APPROX BANK RECONCILIATION & MONTHLY  proposed they be received and approved. Mr. Pridding seconded. The Clerk is to amend the Annual Budget sheet slightly after advice. The grant sheet was also handed out and was considered. It was agreed to only award the regular grants at this meeting and consider the others in January 2017 when the remaining finances will be known. The following grants were approved. Royal British Legion - £150, Kenyon Hall - £1650 & £25 (refreshments Remembrance Day), St. Chad’s £350. Nightingale House £200 ( clerk to ask if possible this is used directly for patient care) J. Cupit £25 (cornet playing), Royal British Legion – poppies for posts as a lot destroyed last year £150-00.  Mr. Gaade proposed these and Mr. S. Lewis seconded them. All agreed.

12.    GENERAL MATTERS: Cae’rllew – moss on pavements (WCBC), Bin on bridge – the hedge has been cut lower and so the bin is suspended now. A request to be made to WCBC that it be re-positioned under the ‘Welcome to Wales sign, up against the Sandstone wall. Mr. Gaade told the members that he had been asked to report that trailers are travelling through the village with uncovered trailers of maize e.t.c This has been an issue before but we are unaware of who is responsible. Noted.
13.    SPEED LIMIT REQUEST: The Clerk is to request that a 40m.p.h. speed limit be introduced from where the 30m.p.h restriction finishes when leaving the village from Frog Lane, up to Borras Head. This is a dangerous stretch of road and some motorists reach high speeds along this road! The surface of the road is also bad in some places! Surface at junction of Francis Lane has been done!
14.    WOODLAND – Bluebell planting. – Members were asked to take a look at the area and bring their thoughts to the meeting as Jonny Hulson had discussed this with Mr. Gaade. It was agreed however that a walk through using a gate on the by pass would not be safe!

These were approved and proposed for payment by Mr. Pridding and seconded by Mr. Gaade. All agreed.
2295 – Mrs J. Pierce    salary & expenses    £349-91
2306 – WCBC        play area main.        £309-68
2296 – Mr. M. Jones    autumn treatment    £350-00
2307 – EDF        lighting energy        £601-52
2297 – Mr. D. Kettle    grass cutting        £180-00
2308 – P.Gaade        expenses        £  29-40
2298 – Mr. M. Ward    plumbing – toilets    £  86-00
2309 – St. Chads    grant            £350-00
2299 – WCBC        G. Crofts –wages    £219-00
2300 – Dee Valley    water supply        £194-69
2301 – Jones lighting    lighting maint.        £421-50
2302 – R. BritishLegion    Wreaths – grant        £150-00
2303 – R. British Legion    poppies for posts    £150-00
2304 – Nightingale House  hospice – grant    £200-00
2305 – Kenyon Hall    grant            £1675-00

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 29th November, 2016 at 7p.m. A Budget meeting will be held at 6.15p.m. before this to set the Budget for 2017/18.

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