Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 26th November, 2019

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 26th November, 2019


PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mrs G, Jones, Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. D. Munnerley, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. J. Hughes, Councillor M. Morris & Member of Public – Mr. S. Sharkey.

APOLOGIES: Ms. A. Shone. PCSO Lisa Davies.

CHAIR: Mr. J. Pridding, the Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting. A silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Ron Hughes and Mrs Flora Jackson.

MINUTES: Mrs G. Jones proposed the minutes of the last meeting, be signed and approved as a true record, Mr. D. Munnerley seconded, all agreed.

There was no police presence as apologies had been given but Mr. S. Sharkey had attended to discuss Speeding on the Wrexham Road. Mr. Sharkey was invited to speak at the beginning of the meeting as this matter has been going on for some time and he first contacted the Clerk in 2018. The Speed Cameras did pay a visit not too long ago but came at 1p.m. which isn’t when people are speeding. The Holt Community Council did replace the 30 m.p,.h. sign coming into the village from the by pass but people are still speeding and when leaving the village. Mostly early morning and  evening. This was discussed and Mr. Sharkey put the case forward eloquently and it was agreed Mr. Gaade and Mr. Sharkey will meet Mr. G. Lloyd from WCBC to arrange for a speed strip to be placed. The Clerk also reported that at a Rural Community Police meeting it was mentioned about the police doing 2 hour speed checks so this will be taken up with them at the January meeting in Llay. Mr. Sharkey thanked everyone and left. The Crime Police Update had been received and was looked at and discussed. Residents are once more encouraged to Beware of Cold Callers and also to make property secure.

1. HOLT COMMUNITY GARDENERS: An update on more concrete plans for planters on The Cross was received and a list of already pledged donations. Plans and number & size of the planters was also received and a map. The gardeners have had permission to place planters from Trust but the number and placing still has to be approved. The Holt Community Council did express concern over the number and size of planters if 8 x 1 metre as per map and Mr. S. Lewis proposed we wait for the final scaled  plan. The Clerk is to copy in the Holt Town Trust when replying to the gardeners and ask the Trust to do the same for us. A £1000 was asked for from the Council and a donation was agreed in principle when all approved but no figure set. Mr. Gaade seconded this. All agreed.
2. COMMUNITY AGENT: Developments have taken place (thanks to Councillor Morris for his help in this) Annette Hewitson from WCBC is now working with the Southern Consortium which is run from the Rainbow Centre Penley and it is looking hopeful that Holt, Isycoed and Abenbury can share hours. Arrangements are being put in place.
3. VILLAGE STREET CLEANING: It was felt that the streets are not as clean as could be and the suggestion was made regarding employing someone part time but this was looked into years ago and is very involved with pay, insurance e.t.c.. Mr . Gaade will speak to Mr. Hind and arrange for him to do some hours.
4. PROPOSED NEW PLAY EQUIPMENT: This should hopefully be installed mid to end of January.
5. BOWLING GREEN: This was discussed in some detail as a letter was received on behalf of the Bowlers enclosing a cheque for 19 bowlers  - £285. The bowlers were happy with the condition of the green but concerned as the 1 cut a week agreed hadn’t always been done. The Clerk had spoken to K. Moult and he explained the situation. He need to do some cuts through winter months and this was agreed and 2 cuts are required some of the summer months but the council are having our mower serviced and it was hoped the bowlers could do the extra cut if 2 needed. Clerk to ask Kevin to quote for next year and ask in his experience when 2 cuts might be needed. This will all need to be discussed with bowlers before next season. Mr. Gaade proposed, Mr. Hinchliffe seconded. All agreed.
6. QUOTES 2 NEW STREET LIGHTS: Mr. Gaade had met Carl Williams from MEGA Electrics and the quotes for Deeside were £2490 and Dee Park Play Area £4950. These were dismissed outright. Deeside the tree causing some problem around an existing light needs cutting and Mrs Jones proposed Mr. Hinchliffe seconded that Mr. Gaade liaise with Eric Jones to carry this out. Mr. Cubitt proposed no need for quote as long as it was safe to do. Mr. Hinchliffe seconded. All agreed.
7. REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE: This had once again gone very well and sincere thanks were extended to Mr. Paul Gaade who works hard to make sure this runs smoothly by putting noitices up, poppies on posts e.t.c. There were a record number of people present which was lovely to see. Thanks to Mr. Shane Coupland who once again helped with playing the Reveille & Last Post. He was about 14 when he played years ago so it is lovely to see him back. Thank you also to the Brownies who were fewer in number but did an excellent job putting the wooden crosses around the Cenotaph – one for each of the 37 men from Holt who lost their lives during the 1st or 2nd World Wars. They must never be forgotten. Thanks to the Police for the presence of SGT. Katie Davies and for her laying a wreath on their behalf. Mr. Gaade was also given a wreath from the Welsh Fusiliers which he laid and they are thanked as this is the first time this has been done. A new 4 speaker Sound System was used this year from Apple Sound System but Mr. John Jones was thanked for past services. Thank you to all involved for making this special.

8. GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE: Letter from Mr. Neil Taunt, Flood Officer – noted. In Focus Magazine – to be passed to anyone interested. Diversion of Part of Bieston 2 Footpath. Copy of the Official Diversion Order 2019 made by WCBC. Noted. Local Government & Elections (Wales) Bill -noted. Shaping the Future of Wrexham Library Service – noted.
9. MEMORIAL APPLICATION: Request for an additional inscription for Late Mrs Margaret Braisdell on existing stone. Mr. Gaade proposed this be allowed, Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All agreed.
10. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: 1 Vicarage Court, Holt – Removal of Rowan (Mountain Ash) tree – within Conservation Area. No objections. Fairview House, Castle Street, Holt – Application for works to Silver Birch (T1) subject to tree preservation order No DT13 (within Holt Conservation Area – Crown reduction, REDUCE - primary west branch by 4 metres, diagonal primary north branch by 4 metres, central upper crown by 3 metres, remaining crown by 2 metres. Raise crown to provide clearance of 3 metres over lawn area. No objections.
APP CHEM, HUGMORE LANE, LLANYPWLL, WREXHAM: -  Listed building consent for demolition of the existing App Chem  extension building & change of use of adjoining barns to provide mixed business use (use of classes B1 & B8) with associated car parking. B1 is Office use and B8 warehouse. The hours should be 9 – 5.30p.m. – No objections. App Chem, Hugmore Lane, Wrexham – demolition of existing App Chem extension building & change of use of adjoining barns to provide mixed business use (use classes B1 & B8) with associated car parking. No objections. LAND AT WREXHAM ROAD, HOLT – Application for Approval of reserved matters pursuant to outline planning permission P/2013/0823 – appearance , landscaping, layout & scale for residential development & formation of Multi-use games area (MUGA) including details of noise assessment and attenuation, existing access closure and internal & external boundary treatments. Councillor Morris had requested a full detailed application be sent after speaking to the Clerk but this had not been done. He briefly explained the changes but this application to be discussed on 7th January, 2020 at our Budget Meeting. To be put on Agenda.
11. CCTV Cameras: New Regulations. Records to be kept 30 days then they write out. Mr. S. Lewis proposed these be adopted Mr. Cubitt seconded. All agreed.

12. FORMAL RE-ADOPTION OF MODEL CODE OF CONDUCT (ADOPTED BY MEMBERS ON ELECTION), STANDING ORDERS, RISK ASSESSMENT. INVESTEMENT STRATEGY. Financial orders (NALC Approved were not re-adopted at this time as new rulings have come in and these have been worked on by Clerk & Mr. Hinchliffe and need checking before adoption) Mrs Jones proposed the orders be adopted, Mr. Pridding seconded. All agreed.
13. PRE-CONSIDERATION OF BUDGET for 2020/2021 &  FINANCIAL SHEET FOR OCTOBER 2019. – The Financial sheet and covering report were discussed and received. The pre- budget had been worked on by the Clerk and Mr. P. Hinchliffe for a couple of hours and this was discussed in detail. Ideas were presented for the Budget meeting on 7th January, 2020 when the Precept will be set. The Clerk and Mr. Hinchliffe were thanked and the Clerk especially thanked Mr. Hinchliffe who put many hours in to help her prepare very professional Finance Records and budgeting. Mr. Gaade proposed these and Mr. Hinchliffe seconded. All agreed.

14. GENERAL MATTERS: Quarry Liaison Meetings – It has been a while since one was held. Check when next one is. Commonwood Roaad – Question as to when Speed Limit would be reviewed here. Councillor Morris informed us that WCBC are not reviewing any speed limit yet due to changes in Welsh Government. He was thanked. Hedge at rear school field. This would be cut after Christmas break.  Potholes – Dee Park & Brickyard Corner. Frog Lane 30mph sign twisted again. 40mph sign on A534 at angle and de restriction sign not there.
15. PUBLIC TOILETS & CAR PARK: Clerk to get quotes for 2 new lights on Car Park as these were not included in Street Light conversion to LED. There has been further trouble with youths at toilets and it was proposed by Mr. Gaade that quotes be sought for new lights on toilets as new clearer cameras now installed. Mr. E. Jones is also to be asked to treat Moss on paths here. It was agreed Mr. Gaade seek quotes and Mr. Pridding seconded these actions. All agreed.
16. PLANTERS AT ENTRANCE TO VILLAGE: These have always been planted by Mr. Hale and Mr. Formstone but Mr. Gaade has spoken to them and they don’t mind the planting being carried out by the Holt Community Gardeners for Wales in Bloom 2020.
17. HOLT COMMUNITY COUNCIL NOTICE BOARD: Despite having new locks and new keys and strict instructions on how to get a notice put in the board people are using old keys without permission and one lock is already worn at the top! 3 new keys to be purchased and it will be decided who has these. Any notices without permission will be removed.

ACCOUNTS – Mr. S. Lewis proposed the following accounts be approved for payment, and also any regular ones needing payment in December 2019 Mr. P. Hinchliffe seconded. All agreed.
2611 – AVOW                    Wages G. Crofts, Salary J. Pierce & charges     £ 619-75
2612 – Tour Guide           Hire Sound System  Cheque cancelled               £192-00
2613 – Apple Sound Ltd Hire of Sound System                                            £192-00
2614 – A. Pridding           Grass Cutting – Castle Field                                £1080-00
2615 – R.B. Legion          £40 wreath from Town Trust                              £  40-00
2616 – J. Pierce               Expenses                                                                   £  79-42
2617 – Mr. P. Gaade       Plants for Planters at entrance to Village          £ 22 -95
2618 – N.W. Wildlife     Copse – Wrexham Road – Mowing & Hedge.  £420-00
2619 – F.M. Security     New CCTV Cameras                                                £1489-20
2620 – K. Moult            Autumn Treatment Bowling Green & cuts.         £210-00


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