Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 26th November, 2013

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 26th November, 2013

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors: J. Pridding, S. Lewis, J. Cubitt, J. Evans, D. Roberts, A. Shone, G. Jones, P. Gaade, M. Morris (WCBC) – PCSO Luke Dobby & James Humm.

APOLOGIES: Councillors L. Roberts & P. Lewis.

CHAIR: Mr. J. Pridding, the Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting.
MINUTES: Mr. Gaade proposed, Mr. S. Lewis seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record.

A sheet of all recorded crimes in the month of November, was handed to councillors and Luke talked us through it as usual.
There were 3 burglaries, 1 being on the Industrial estate. 2 Criminal damage and 1 arson (this was also the industrial estate) and 2 ASB – 1 dispute & 1 Harrassment.
Some of these were ongoing but all being dealt with!
Luke has requested funding, to set up a watch scheme in Francis Lane/ Dee Meadows for 10 properties and if successful, this will be done.
The half term football activities for the young people which was held in Pentre Maelor, was a success.
Luke has dealt with an issue in the toilets with 2 youths. CCTV was discussed in village but this is quite costly!
2 issues were reported by the council – 1 being a bright light at Holt Lodge and the other the 40m.p.h. sign on Brickyard bends area leaning down.
Before Luke went the clerk asked for comments over an application, that is to go in front of the Licensing committee at WCBC for extended hours at the ‘Peal O Bells’
This was discussed and even though the Community Council is consulted our views
are not considered, only the views of individuals! (as we have learnt in the past)
There have been several issues here with noise and music being played outside and 1 quite recently with music in a marquee which was not covered by a licence! Luke was aware of some of the incidents. He was thanked and then left the meeting also James who had accompanied him.
It was agreed that the clerk send our concerns in and then Mr. Pridding will photocopy the letter and put it through all properties around the ‘Peel O Bells’ and ask them to contact WCBC directly with their concerns as they are the people affected!

1.PROPOSED  NEW POLICE STATION:- Councillor Morris informed us that the date for the completed new station is 2016.
The Clerk had contacted planning with our concerns over noise levels and was assured a full report was being produced. An application was received with full noise level details and we are in agreement with this application at this stage as it safe guards noise. We also commented on traffic but planning are aware of this and will have comments from highways before they make their decision.
3.NOTICE BOARD ROOF: This will be done as soon as possible – it is not unsafe it is just being re-done for appearance!
4. WALES IN BLOOM: - Holt has been awarded a Civic Society Certificate for the Town Trust – ‘Town Hall Garden’ which was viewed as part of Wales in Bloom.
Congratulation given to all involved with this.
The Information Board is to be replaced this Thursday (on rear of Notice Board) but concern was expressed that the Community Council had not been consulted over this. It was asked that the old board be kept just in case!
5. PUBLIC TOILETS: Mr. Gaade had met with Mr. White, as requested by members and later Mr. White felt it necessary to give notice from 7th November, 2013 for his job at toilets and Cross/ Village caretaker. The clerk is to pay him to date and thank him for past services to the village.
Mr. Gaade managed, after speaking to the clerk, to get Mrs K. Rawlinson, to take care of the toilets as she did it when Mr. White was on holiday!
Paul proposed she carry on and be paid 7 hours a week @ £6-39. John Evans seconded this, all agreed. It was also agreed to advertise the post in the Spring and also to leave the Cross/Village post unfilled for winter and advertise this in the Spring also. There have been a couple of issues with the doors and an estimate for strengtheners is to be obtained. It was agreed to fit bolts and have them painted at cost £191 so Joe will proceed with this! The gutters need emptying and Paul offered to do this and jet wash the floor of the toilets. The Clerk would like to record thanks to Paul for sorting all the issues with the toilets and keeping her informed.
Derek informed us that Northern Marches are to carry out another audit on the Public toilets and surroundings on Tuesday. This is because a large grant was given for the work done here! Holt are very lucky to still have the toilet facilities in the village and it is only thanks to the Community Council and Linda & Derek for all the work done by them applying for the grant as it was a very involved process!.

6. MEMORIAL APPLICATIONS: These were received on behalf of the late Colin Jones & Martin Dulson. Mrs Jones proposed these be approved, Ms. Shone seconded, all agreed.
Letter informing the council of this. No one expressed interest at this stage.
8.CHESTER MARAThON: Letter received thanking the community for their support of this in the past and informing us that next year it will be held on 5th, October, 2014.
Wrexham Council Forum – to be held on 12/12/13. Clerk on holiday so unable to attend! –noted. Jones Lighting – notifying us of their street lighting services – noted.
Letter from Stacey Deere, Northern Marches regarding grant money – it was agreed to invite her to the February meeting to speak to us.

Bel Air – Castle St. –Internal alterations to rear elevation – no objections.
Cornish Hall, Wrexham Road – creation of new farm access & ass. Change of use – no objections. Deeside Cottage, Deeside, Holt – remove 1 Leylandi – no objections.
Wrexham Road Farm, Wrexham Road, Holt – extension to side of existing unit to provide new office – no objections.

The clerk handed out the approximate financial balance sheet & bank statement to 31/3/14 and apologised as she had (for 1st time in 34 years!) left the proposed precept sheet at home. The clerk talked members through the figures which she knew and expenses already agreed to for next year. The clerk advised that with the extreme cuts we are facing from WCBC and also the expected rise in their Council tax that a figure of £26500 which is an increase of £1000 from last year would be sufficient and major expenses met from our reserve. This was then left to the committee and Mr. Roberts proposed £26500 be requested Ms. Shone seconded this, all agreed.
Review of Clerk’s salary: The clerk had requested this and set a sheet out of her duties which are ever increasing.
She asked for a rise of 1% from 1st April, 2013 which was NALC approved.
This increases her salary to £3757-50 Gross.
She also asked to be moved up an increment making her salary £3779-46 from 1st April, 2014 this was requested because of 34 years service and increased workload with the financial audits e.t.c. She also requested travelling allowance for the first time (not including attending the monthly meeting) as she attends various meetings.
& perhaps a lump sum for travelling in 2013.
The clerk left the room whilst the matter was discussed.
Mrs Jones proposed the clerks requests with increase of salary be approved and Mr. Roberts seconded, all agreed. Mr. Gaade proposed a lump sum of £50 be approved for travelling for 2013 and 45p a mile from 1st April, 2014. Mr. S. Lewis seconded this, all agreed.
The risk assessment was carried out over the year as always but the Risk assessment needed to be updated as advised by Internal Audit for 2012/13 to include disaster recovery and business continuity risk management.
To cover this it was agreed the clerk take the following action: a separate hard drive be used to store all necessary files. All land owned by council be registered with Land registry if not already! Hard drive and any important documents are to be stored in steel box in separate building to clerk’s house.
Mr. Gaade proposed the formal adoption and actions, Mr. S. Lewis sec. all agreed.

Mr. Lewis had brought this to our attention and explained all about what it involved. The cost is around £1500 but members are quite open to this and Mr. Gaade proposed Mr. Lewis carry on with his investigations into this, Mr. Pridding seconded. All agreed.

14. BUS SERVICE: It was brought to our attention that the early morning service to Wrexham is to be cut. Concern was expressed over this and the clerk will write.
Bellis’s signs – these have been put up and are being looked into. They are temporary but the members wondered what the criteria is as they are yellow.
Paul asked permission for a one off tidy up of the village, by gentleman who does cemetery, so it will be tidy for Christmas. Approved – Paul to arrange.
Daffodil bulbs – clerk had been given these by WCBC. Paul to arrange planting in tubs by toilets and entrance to village. WCBC have offered to plant!
Light out order in Frog Lane – to be reported.
Potholes Frog Lane also leaves Cross St.

ACCOUNTS:  - Mr. S. Lewis proposed these for payment, Mrs Jones sec. All agreed.

1993 – Mrs J. Pierce            salary  Nov & Dec+ exp                £686-76
1994 – Mr. D. Kettle            1 grass cut                                  £  30-00
1995 – WCBC                       Street lighting – energy              £357-50
1996 – Healthmatic              Toilet Doors                               £4080-00
1997 – Mr. A. White            Payment to 7/11/13 - toilets        £  79-28
1998 – Mrs K. Rawlinson   Wages 7 -30/11/13  - toilets           £152-25
1999 – Scottish Power          Street Lighting – energy            £224-94
2000 -  Jones the Computer Part payment new computer       £500-00
2001 – J Pierce                      Cash to pay K. Rawlinson          £198-09
2002 – Messrs Tomlinson     Rent 2014/15                             £    1-00

Next meeting will be on 14th January, 2014.

Seasons Greetings to everyone and a Very Happy New Year.

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