Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 26th June, 2012

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 26th June, 2012

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. Pridding, Mr. Evans, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Robers, Ms. Shone, Mrs Jones, Mr. Gaade, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. Cubitt and Mr. S. Lewis. P.C.S.O. Luke Dobby.

CHAIR: Mr. Pridding, the Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting especially Mr. Stephen Lewis. A silence was held in respect of the late Mrs Barbara Willoughby.
APOLOGIES: Councillor Morris.
MINUTES: Mr. Gaade proposed, Mrs Jones seconded that the minutes of the May meeting be signed and approved as a true record.

CO-OPTION OF  MEMBER TO FILL VACANCY : As agreed at the May meeting, the 4 candidates were interviewed then a secret ballot was held where Mr. Stephen Lewis had a clear majority. (as set out in the Electoral Ruling). He was then elected and duly signed the Declaration of Office and stayed for his first meeting. The other candidates were thanked and the clerk is to thank them for their time and interest.
It was a hard decision as all candidates were very good!

Our new PCSO Luke Dobby has been in the village quite a lot and visiting different groups and generally making himself known. He was on duty on the Jubilee Weekend and got to meet a lot of residents. He had met with the Clerk, Chairman and Councillor Morris to discuss general concerns in the village and these meetings will take place periodically.
The village has been relatively quiet but a couple of cars are causing concern and  also Dog Fouling is still quite bad!
Toilets Damage – The cheques have been paid for the vandalism thanks to Lydia and Luke and Mr. Gaade who liaised with them.
Mr. Pridding thanked Luke and also once again thanked Paul Gaade for all his hard work over the years.

1.    GENERAL MATTERS: Clerk to contact WCBC streetscene to ask for a further visit of the gully cleaner. Weeds need attention around the village and also the grass at the Castle. There is also a mess on top of the Castle and Clerk to ask if this is to be maintained? The clerk was thanked by Mr. Cubitt for sending a letter of support to the History Society.
2.    DOG FOULING SIGNS: After discussion it was agreed to order 30 Aluminium signs. Thanks to Mr. P. Lewis for researching these on the internet.
3.    OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY: Mr. Gaade had attended this and enjoyed it.

4.    E.MAILING OF MINUTES: The Clerk had mentioned doing this to save the high cost of postage but Councillor Morris had sent her a copy of a ruling saying this doesn’t comply with Statutory requirements of service.
5.    MAYOR’S VISIT TO CHURCH 8TH JULY, 2012. The Chairman to attend if possible.
6.    BEACON PURCHASED FOR JUBILEE: (Mr. Gaade declared interest)
A letter was received from the Bell Ringers to ask for financial help towards the cost of this which was £400-80. This can then be used for future events. Mrs Roberts proposed the council pay 1/3rd Mrs Jones seconded. The Clerk then asked that a further amount be given to the Kenyon Hall as the wonderful tea they had provided for the Pensioners ran over the amount given. The events held in Holt had put the Village on the map and the Mayor and Mayoress spent nearly all day in Holt finishing with their tea with the pensioners! Thanks to all who were involved in events for working so hard. Mr. Evans proposed £60 be given Mr Lewis seconded.
He accepted and will attend. Mr Cubitt seconded this. All agreed.

7.    WREXHAM POWER LTD: Plans are underway to construct a new Energy Centre (Power station) on the Industrial estate. Consultations are to be held at beginning of July. Anyone who can attend will go!
8.    NIGHINGALE HOUSE: Letter asking for £500. Discussion took place as we give out grants in October and have supported this cause as do other groups in the village. Clerk to ask how many local people have used the service? Mr. Roberts proposed Mrs Roberts seconded.
9.    ANNUAL RETURN – DRAFT: This was received from Hacker Young and a letter declaring their intention to issue an unqualified audit certificate as there were no issues arising and no matters of concern in the accounts for 2011/12. Mr. Gaade proposed that the draft be formally received and approved and that the Clerk and Chairman sign section 3 of the Annual Return and send it to Hacker Young for completion of the Audit by 30/9/12.Mrs Jones seconded this, All agreed.
10.    FINANCIAL SHEET: The clerk presented an approximate balance sheet to end June as the audit was to 31/3/12. Copies were given out and Mr. Gaade and Mrs Jones proposed these be received also. All agreed.
11.    PLANNING:  Springfied, Castle Street, Holt – single storey extension to rear of dwelling and internal alterations. No objections.
Unit 1 former ROC office, Borras Road – Therapy Centre – no objections.
Wrexham Golf Club – erection of ball stop netting to south of 9th tee. Concern here that a higher starting of point will create danger to users of by-pass. Visually this will not be very pleasing with galvanised posts. Could have been better thought out!
12.    ADDITIONAL INSCRIPTION TO MEMORIAL: This was requested by Mossfords on the Late Mr. J. Huxley’s stone. Mr. Gaade proposed permission granted, Mr. Lewis seconded.

13.    GENERAL MATTERS: Hedge adj to 11 Dee park needs cutting.Lorry from McCarthy Haulage used Holt/Farndon Bridge – letter to be sent.
Double hedges need cutting. Light at Laburnum Way and by Kenyon Hall on in day. Cars from Farndon using WCBC skip? Signs being left up after events.
Clerk to get hedges cut along cemetery drive for Rushbearing.
Ask re. signs also ask for white line at the end of Shepherds lane plus stop sign.
Fisheries, Commonwood seem to be making another entrance?
Allotments belonging to Tomlinsons – quite dangerous for users here!
Chester Marathon – This will once again be coming through the village on Sunday 7th October, 2012. There were no problems reported last year and all litter was cleared up!

1883 – Mr. P. Wild                bowling hut roof                   £280-00
1884 -  E.M.J. Services         grasscutting                           £500-00
1885 -  Border Fire               service extinguisher              £  22-50
1886 -  Scottish Power          annual energy                       £  84-00
1887 -  J. Pierce                     salary & expenses June       £293-28
1888 -  Kenyon Hall              additional grant                    £  60-00
1889 -  Bellringers                grant towards beacon           £133-60

Mr. P. Lewis proposed these for payment, Mr. Cubitt seconded. All agreed.

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