Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 25th Sept 2007

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 25th Sept 2007


PRESENT:Mr. Gaade, Mr. Ratcliffe,Mr. Lewis, Ms. McConville, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Gibson, Mrs Clays, Mrs Jones, P.C. Griffiths, P.C.S.O. Murphy, 3 representatives of the youth club and their leader Mr. Duffey, Councillor Morris.

APOLOGIES: Mr. Williams.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, took the Chair and opened with a welcome to everyone. A silence was held in respect of Mr. Gibson’s son – Peter Gibson. Mr. Gaade also asked for respect to be paid for the two gentlemen from Farndon who had died tragically and also young Rhys from Liverpool who I am sure has been on all our minds.

MINUTES: The minutes of the last meeting were proposed as correct by Mrs G. Jones and seconded by Mr. P. Lewis.



The clerk had contacted WCBC and the contractor was behind schedule. The work is to start on 27th September, 2007!

2.NEW LIGHT AT FAIRVIEW: Mr. Edwards had worked everything out and it would be no benefit to take the supply from Mr. Gibson’s garden. They have the equipment to go in a straight line along the street. It was agreed to accept the quote and have the light done.

3.BELLIS’S – LICENCE FOR ALCOHOL: It was thought that this would be for sale with meals but when the clerk telephoned the gentleman thought it was for general sale. The members were concerned that this would be another outlet for youngsters to obtain drink and the clerk is to contact the council.

ITEM 2 – WISH LIST : This was presented to the meeting and had been drawn up at a meeting of the youth, the police and representatives of the council.

The list was read out and 1 of the things was the Dee Park play area which is being done.

A second item was the toilets which we hope are to be refurbished with a grant and also a fence at the bowling green.

Some things on the list are not possible but the main one seems to be a Youth Shelter of some sort for them to meet in and be dry.

At this point the three young people introduced themselves and were introduced to the council.

A possible site for the shelter was suggested as behind the garages on Dee Par.

Mr. Jack Gibson made some very uncalled for remarks about the youngsters of the village and immediately Mr. Lewis proposed that it be minuted that he voiced concern and told the youngsters that those weren’t the views of the rest of the Community Council. This was seconded by Mr. Gaade and the rest of the members.

P.C. Griffiths spoke to Mr. Gibson who did not retract his comments! Mrs Roberts said ‘there may be funding to help any scheme through Northern Marches.

Other things to be looked into were an extra night at Youth Club and later buses back from Wrexham.

More trips are planned via the police and Colette had taken a party of youngsters to Alton Towers.

£500 won by the Holt Website was given to the council and is to be used for the youngsters when something is decided. Sincere thanks for this to everyone involved with the work for the Competition.


The police reported 7 crimes in 9 weeks. 13th November, 2007 is the next N.P.C.C. meeting. Holt Online – Chief Constable Brunstrom thinks this is an excellent website and Geoff Clark mentioned it as a good website at the quarterly meeting.

Croft thanked the council for having the conifers trimmed along the cemetery path and would like the seats moved.

P.C.S.O. Colette Murphy is making a difference to Holt with her work especially with the young people.

11th October, 2007 is the next Police Community Forum.

Situation of parked cars ‘For Sale’ on Holt Road is better – highways were looking into this.

Nasty Burglary on Redrow estate but people arrested in Mersey Tunnel.

Isycoed – an elderly lady had pension stolen. Anyone who knows anybody elderly needing help please let P.C. Griffiths or a council member know.

The police and the youngsters were thanked and left the meeting.


4.GENERAL MATTERS: Annual Report 2007/8 Clwyd Health.

Highways Presentation – this was good and things seem to be getting done quicker. Mr. Gaade rang re some thorns and they were done the next day!

Peel O’Bells – clerk has contacted M. Jones but this not done – will chase up.

Access for mower to Castle – this has kindly been given by Mike Jones – letter of thanks to be sent.

Bench in Memory of Peter Gibson – the clerk had been contacted to ask for permission to put this in the cemetery as the neighbours and friends had collected money. Mrs Jones proposed Mr. Gaade seconded this be given. Clerk to make arrangements. Mr. Gibson thanked the clerk and Mr. Gaade for the cards of condolence sent from the council.

Review of Polling districts – noted.

A shared community – noted and Warm Wales – noted.


Smithfield Cottage – revised plans submitted.

Borras quarry – Variation of condition to allow recycling of asphalt planings – objection to this as this is not directly associated with the quarry and could go on the Industrial estate.

1 Smithfield Green  removal of single storey extension/garage/workshop/store – erection of 2 storey extension to rear and erection of single garage. No objections.

Rosehaven, Bridge Street – erection of new porch – no objections.

Castle Bungalow – Lean to wood store attached to existing double garage. No objections.

Fisheries – Commonwood – this application was heard at the beginning of September after our August break so the clerk contacted the relevant people and passed the information on as did Councillor Morris. Councillor Morris reported this has been approved but with 15 conditions on it.

Gredington Arms – erection of pitched roof canopy – no objections.

Longfield Barn – erection of side extension (in retrospect) objections to this as there have been other planning issues here so the occupiers are aware of planning rules. Mrs Roberts proposed we object as this does not comply with the barn conversion regulations, Mrs Jones seconded.

Clays Farm Golf Centre – erection of machinery store shed – no objections.

6.RESIGNATION OF COUNCILLOR: Copy of a letter sent to the Electoral Officer by Mrs Penny was forwarded to the Clerk. It appears Mrs Penny has left the area even though she didn’t officially notify the council.

7.ST. CHAD’S: A letter requesting financial help received from the Church to help with their re-wiring. They have applied for funding but must have 3rd party help.

Mr. Gaade declared his interest. Mr. Gibson proposed grant £1000 because the last re-wire was 1936, Mr. Roberts seconded.

Mrs Clays proposed an amendment £500 Mrs Jones seconded.

Voting on amendment 3>4 therefore proposal carried.

Holt Football Pitch – letter from Sunday team asking to use this – Mr. Lewis proposed if not breaking rules to agree, Bev seconded.

8.NOTICE BOARDS – REDROW ESTATE: Mr. Ratcliffe had obtained 2 quotes and it was agreed to accept the cheaper one from a local joiner. Ms. McConville proposed this Mrs Jones seconded, all in favour.

Councillor Morris said there had been a meeting with the management company regarding landscaping e.t.c.


9. PROPOSED EXTENSION TO CAR PARK: Mr. Roberts had spoken to Allan Forrest and a letter from the council had been submitted requesting funding for the car park, toilets refurbishment and fencing by bowling green. This has gone through the 1st process meeting and Northern Marches are happy. Quotes are now needed for everything by 20th October, 2007 when everything has to be in.


10. matters to report: Intac – needs hedges cutting and general tidy up.

Site opposite Bellis’s – gentleman complaining of brambles – Mr. Gaade to see.

Trees by Plum Farm – cut badly.

Fish ponds, Commonwood – grass left long (supposedly for nature) but cut short the day after the site meeting with planning!

Ditch needs cleaning – letter to B. Williams, G. Mitchell and Clerk Holt Endowed School.

Accounts: Mrs J. Pierce salary Sept £275, WCBC planning £79-50, Royal British Legion –Wreaths £175, UHY audit £334-88, EMJ grasscutting £220, Greenthumb grass treatment £108, S. Jones hedge cutting, Taylor-Made work on Clerk’s computer and ink.

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