Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 25th October, 2011

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 25th October, 2011

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Evans, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Pridding, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Roberts, Councillor Morris, P.C.S.O. Scott Noble, Mr. Campbell (Holt Website), Mr. McConville, Mr. N. Dorrington (Wrexham & Flints. Fire Safety)
APOLOGIES: Mrs Jones & Ms. Shone.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, opened the meeting with a warm welcome to Mr. Neil Dorrington, Fire Safety Officer.

Mr. Dorrington gave a short informative talk on the many things available through the Fire service, for the community to keep them safe. The scheme is funded by the Welsh Government and last year 30,000 checks were made on people who may be vulnerable to fires in the home! Things such as home visits, fitting of smoke detectors, bedpacks (for smokers) and even new chip pans are just a few of the things available. Mr. Dorrington was sincerely thanked for his helpful talk and left the meeting.

PCSO Noble had kindly attended instead of Poppy and he gave her apologies and the report for the month, copies were circulated.
Speed checks had been carried out as requested and even though it had been quite a quiet month, concern was expressed because no police had attended when there was a break in at the Bowling hut even though the culprits were there for a while. Police attended the next day! PCSO Noble to take our concerns back with him!
Other items discussed were bikes and scooters at the Castle, road closure for Remembrance Sunday and also a request by Farndon Band for a short closure on 5th December, 2011 for the march from Farndon to Holt. Concerns with lack of response over a lit fire also expressed and we were told to ring 999. Matter of road users still parking on hatches and dropped kerbs around the Cross, discussed again as this is inconsiderate to disabled and mothers with pushchairs! The PCSO was asked if updated name and number information could be put on the Notice Board for contact. This will be done shortly. Thanks to Scott for his attendance and help.

MINUTES: The minutes of the last meeting were signed and approved as a true record. This was proposed by Mr. Pridding and seconded by Mr. Lewis, all agreed.

1.PARKING ON THE CROSS: - Cars are just being parked anyhow and it is hoped that when the extra car park signs are put up, in the next few weeks, that motorists use the car park!

2.CCTV : This can be run off the existing one and will cost around a £1000 which seems a lot but with all the damage being done and cost of repairs it should be a saving! Mr. Gaade to meet with Mr. Roberts and CCTV representative. All agreed.

3.FISHERIES, COMMONWOOD: Building permission refused but extra pond area & parking , granted.

4.GENERAL MATTERS: Salt Bin – clerk had ordered a green one but a yellow one installed (matter ongoing). Newhaven – planning refused for solar panels. Taps in Cemetery – Mr. Gibson’s son to build a cupboard and a small plaque 6 x 3 to be put in memory of Mr. Jack Gibson. This was agreed.
Mr. Gaade to ask Mr. S. Jones to do the trees (trimming), notice boards (tidying and planning). And also take extra off the top of the trees along the cemetery drive to make it easier for next year! Path to Castle – this matter ongoing with WCBC and residents concerned. Letter to be sent regarding hedge cuttings and overhanging tree to property on Church Street.

5.PIGEON SOCIETY: nice letter received to say the society are finishing because of shortage of members. The members thanked the community council for their help over the years. Clerk to reply.

6.FRE – ANAEROBIC DIGESTER: - Letter regarding this and asking if the gentlemen involved in the company could attend a Community Council meeting.
Whilst the Community Council members appreciated being asked this as they are consultees on the planning application, it is unfortunate that the next few meetings, until at least, February, are very busy with Precepts e.t.c. and no meeting is held in December! A letter is to be sent therefore suggesting that as members feel this is a Public issue and that another Public meeting might be held to speed this up and also get more views.

7.GENERAL LETTERS: Independent Health Service – this was regarding working with the community and as no reply has yet been received over the cancellation of our Chiropodist it was thought a copy of our letter should be sent to them.
Transport – letter noted but didn’t concern Holt. Community Council Forum to be held on 6/12/11. MBNA Marathon – e.mail received by the clerk thanking everyone and saying how successful this was. Good feedback received from most people and this appeared to have been very well organised. Thank you to all who helped in whatever way.

3 – 6 Dee Villas – demolition of wall. This was withdrawn.
The Fisheries, Commonwood – additional pond area and parking. This was granted, Mr. Gaade had spoken to Councillor Morris!
Aldersey Farm, Francis Lane – use of existing ground floor residential room for beauty treatments – no objections.
Garden Lodge, Deeside – fell one Lawson’s Cypress tree and reduce height on 3 other trees1, no objections.
The Bungalow, Ash Road – JCB – erection of 1.8m high fence – no objections.
Borras Hall, Borras – retention of agricultural building – Section 78 appeal, noted.

An approximate financial sheet to the 31/3/12 was handed out, Mr. Lewis proposed this be accepted, Mr. Pridding seconded. All agreed.
A list was circulated of applications and regular grants and the following grants were made after discussion:
Royal British Legion £150, Kenyon Hall £1500 and £25 for refreshments after the Remembrance service. St. Chad’s £300, Holt Presbyterian Church £300, Holt C.P. School £200, McMillan Nurses £100, Nightingale House £150. Mr. Lewis proposed these and Mrs Roberts seconded, all agreed.

9.PUBLIC TOILETS: Mr. Gaade and Mr. Roberts to meet Phil from Banos to discuss measures for winter in case of another bad winter!
Toilets to be closed 4.30 p.m. at the latest from November 1st to 1st March.

10.GENERAL MATTERS TO REPORT: Marking of faded lines and some new on Brickyard Corner and by bridge. Hole by Gredington, 30mph sign on Frog Lane. 40mph on Brickyard –ask for it to be extended back. Grids – ask to have them cleaned, no dropped kerb at property in Dee Park. Dog Fouling notices to be requested at Castle (metal ones) 7 and a half ton sign missing, Rossett Road.
Several lights to report! Hedge needs cutting.

1834 – Mrs J. Pierce           salary October (net)    £241-12
1835 – SLCC                     membership for clerk    £82-00
1836 – UHY                      Audit 2010/11            £342-00
1837 -  S. Jones                Cemetery hedge         £325-00
1838 – WCBC                    Lighting                     £335-78
1839 -  Dee Valley             Water                        £19-19
1840 -  Kenyon Hall            Grant                        £1500-00
1841 -  Kenyon Hall            Refreshments             £25-00
1842 – Holt Pres. Church    Grant                        £300-00
1843 -  McMillan Nurses       Grant                        £100-00
1844 – Nightingale House    Grant                       £150-00
1845 -  Holt C.P. School      Grant                       £200-00
1846 -  Royal British Legion   Wreaths                  £150-00
1847 -  Holt St. Chad’s Church Grant                   £300-00

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