Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 25th Nov 2008

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 25th Nov 2008

PRESENT: Mr. Roberts, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Evans, Ms. Shone, Mrs Jones, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Gaade, Councillor Morris and Mr. Campbell (Holt Website)

CHAIR: Mr. Roberts, the Chairman, welcomed the everyone to the last meeting of 2008.

MINUTES: The minutes of the last meeting were signed and approved as a true record, this was proposed by Mr. Gaade, seconded by Mrs Roberts.


1.REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY: This was very well attended and thanks were extended to everyone, thanks to the police for the road closure and a special thanks to the Kenyon Hall committee for opening the doors to welcome everyone for a refreshment after the service. They served around 50 drinks and any money paid was donated to the Poppy Appeal. Paul is to look into the possibility of getting a Public Address system for next year so that everyone can hear properly. All in favour of this!

2. POLICE MATTERS: The police didn’t attend tonight and it was reported that only 5-6 people attended the Neighbourhood meeting as P.C. Davies wasn’t aware how it had been advertised as the date was already booked. The Bowling Green was brought up as there are still problems there with litter.
New photographs and telephone numbers are needed for the Bieston Notice Board!

Mrs Roberts reported that the toilets are nearly finished and the Car Park may start before Christmas but there would be no disruption to the old car park for Christmas shoppers or funerals!
A small meeting had been held in the Kenyon Hall for Mrs Roberts to up-date everyone on the grant funding. This was appreciated. Extras on the original work were a new electricity board, new doors to be fitted and painted, painting inside and tiled everywhere. The floor is to be tiled free of charge! There was a blockage on the drains and this caused extra work. Mrs Jones proposed we pay £255 for the work not in grant, Mr. Gaade seconded. We are to look at gutters and fasure and also crack in pathway, planting and there is still the fencing around the green/bike racks and boards to be done.
Mrs Roberts is to have a meeting with Northern Marches to re-profile the grant. Sincere thanks to Linda and Derek for their hard work and effort with the inprovements.
Soffetts are to be painted – all agreed.

4.TELEVISION SET FOR THE YOUTH CLUB: This is to be purchased through WCBC and then they will bill us. Mr. Gaade proposed, Mrs Jones seconded that any funds left out of the £500 donated be given to Holt U.5s for a piece of equipment. All in favour.

5.GENERAL MATTERS: Builders of Castlemead Estate to be written to ask that they cut the hedge. Top and side! Write again to B.T. also Colin Simpson – Highways, WCBC


6.GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE – Letter of thanks from Mrs Ayling – Kenyon Hall committee. Letters of thanks received from all reciprocates of grants.
Local Government Boundary Committee meeting – noted.
Freedom of Information Act -  this needs to be adopted – on agenda for next meeting!
Traffic Regulation order – noted.
Adjudication Panel for Wales Annual meeting – noted.

7.VACANCY ON COUNCIL: An application to serve on the Holt Community Council has been received from Mr. Jolyon Pridding. Mrs Jones proposed we invite him to serve on the council Ms. Shone seconded – 6 in favour (carried)

8.GROUP PHOTOGRAPH OF COUNCIL MEMBERS FOR WEBSITE: It was agreed this be taken and if anyone does not wish to be on it they needn’t.

3 Millfields – single storey extension – no objections.
Land at Commonwood, Buck Road, formation of pond (in retrospect) There are a lot of issues on this site and Councillor Morris stated that WCBC have put a lot of restrictions in . The pond would mean more than 25% increase on original planning.
Frog Lane Cottage – removal of Leylandii hedge (in Conservation area) no objections.

10.FORMAL ADOPTION OF RISK ASSESSMENT /STANDING ORDER & FINANCIAL ORDERS: Everyone had received a copy of these and a risk assessment had been carried out. Mr. Gaade proposed these be accepted, Ms. Clays seconded, all agreed.

A Financial statement was handed to all members and after discussion it was proposed by Mr. Lewis and seconded by Mr. Gaade that the Precept requirement be set at £34,500 which is the same amount as 2008/9. All agreed. Mr. Gaade proposed thanks to Mrs Pierce, clerk who is also Financial Officer for her work and guidance with the finances!
This was seconded by everyone..


12.GENERAL MATTERS: Mrs Roberts asked for payment for stationery used during application for grant. Mrs Jones proposed she be paid, Ms. Shone seconded this. All agreed. Car wash – garage, water runs on pavement.
Streetscene had been phoned and cleaned through village 3 times. A grid blocked by Mr. Bakers had been cleared.
Lights needing attention by Redways, 14 Ingledene, no.32 by Kenyon Hall also Hugmore Lane.Dee Park tarmaced and a good job done but level above water line so need to keep an eye on this also cones left.
30m.p.h. sign flashes on 27m.p.h.
Attention needed by Francis Lane – grid or manhole. Mud on road by T Lunt’s

13.COMMUNITY CENTRE CAR PARK – Access opened onto rear houses on Smithfield Green. Councillor Morris explained about the situation here and WCBC have written to residents involved. If functions on this area will be kept clear as there is no double parking along back!

BOWLING GREEN:  After discussion it was proposed by Mrs Roberts seconded by Mrs Jones to have the extra treatment on the green this time but Mr. Lewis proposed costings be done and a review of membership fees made.

WCBC                                           Election expenses                        £340-00
DEE VALLEY WATER                      Water charges                            £    9-30
MRS J. PIERCE                               Salary – December                       £297-69
MRS L. ROBERTS                            Expenses                                  £   55-26
BANOS LTD                                   R.D.P. match funding                £12081-25
BANOS LTD                                   Extra work                                 £ 264-38
MESSRS TOMLINSON                      Rent 2009/10 field                     £     1-00
MR. A. WHITE                               Salary Oct – Dec                        £  460-00
MR. F. MCCONVILLE                        Salary B. Green                          £  480-00
GREENTHUMB                                Treatment                                £  108-00
WCBC                                            Cutting playing field                    £1548-70

The accounts were proposed for payment by Mr Gaade seconded by Mrs Jones.

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