Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 25th June, 2019

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 25th June, 2019



Mr. White had been invited to give a brief talk, at 6.30p.m. to councillors, before the monthly meeting. It has been a while since a visit to Holt and Mike gave a very enlightening talk to members and made them more aware of the risks of fire causes and danger. The main aim of the talk was to see how best to get the information of the excellent services, provided free, to the members of the public in need. There is no automatic right for the fire service to go to peoples’ homes to help. They have to be invited therefore it is essential the message is circulated to the elderly, isolated or vunerable residents e.t.c. Last year was the lowest number of recorded house fires.
Mike was thanked for the talk and as a start the Clerk is to liaise with Jeremy Hughes and Mike to arrange for a visit to be made to the monthly lunch club in the White Lion. A poster is also to be provided to be put on the website. Sincere thanks extended to Mike White for his visit.

PRESENT: Councillors - Mr. Pridding, Mr. Duffy, Mrs Jones, Mr. Munnerley, Mr. Hinchliffe, Mr. Gaade, Mr. J. Hughes, Mr. Cubitt, Councillor M. Morris, PCSOs Lana Kellegher-Davies & Lydia Edwards.
APOLOGIES: Ms. A. Shone.
CHAIR: Mr. Pridding, the Chairperson, took the Chair and opened with a welcome. A silence was held in respect of the late Mr. J.W. Hughes, the father of Councillor J. Hughes. Condolences were extended to Jeremy Hughes.
MINUTES: Mr. Gaade proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Mrs Jones seconded. All agreed.

ITEM 1 – POLICE MATTERS: A reply had been received from Sergeant Luke Hughes apologising for not being able to carry out some of the things offered at our meeting but he has had to cope with staffing cuts and a lot of changes. This was noted and accepted.  The monthly crime report had been sent to Clerk. Holt was thankfully quite low in incidents but once again a request was made that update is give to say if previous incidents solved etc. It is also helpful to know where in Holt, crimes have taken place although we understand that the police are not always able to disclose this. Attendance of a PCSO was requested at the Community Fete on Saturday, 6th July, 2019. The Clerk passed onto the PCSOs a complaint on traffic speeding which she had originally passed to the previous PCSO last December. A request was made that the police contact Mr. Starkey directly. A report was made of people knocking on doors selling items. It is best to report any issues such as this to 101. The officers were thanked sincerely for attending as it has been a while due to circumstances beyond their control.

1. HOLTCOMMUNITY GARDENERS GROUP: A letter was received on behalf of the group, from the secretary and it gave an update on the aims and progress of the group. They have worked hard and are looking to work with the Town Trust to progress with planters on the Cross and also to work with the Community Council.
2. HOLT CASTLE: The Clerk had confirmed the financial arrangement with Mr. S. Grenter and cuts to the Castle have already been made. The top of the Castle is a disgrace and the Clerk is to contact Steve to get this remedied.
3. MONTHLY FINANCIAL SHEET: This had been circulated to members.  Mr. Cubitt proposed this be approved and accepted. Mr. Duffy seconded. All agreed.
4. PROPOSED NEW PLAY EQUIPMENT: The council are now keen to proceed with this project and the clerk is working with Carla Hughes WCBC who has established the land in Dee Park is owned by the Environmental section and Martin Howarth WCBC has no objections to the proposals here providing the council consult any residents who may be affected by this. The Clerk is to deliver a letter to these residents asking views. Carla will proceed with quotes and specifications. All agreed.
5. GENERAL MATTERS: Dee Park – despite notification from street scene, the door on the litter bin had not been fixed. Clerk to report this and other matters here to our street scene supervisor.
6. ALLOTMENT 6A. Communication from the tenant here received apologising for not being able to cultivate the allotment and giving circumstances. The allotment is to be tidied by them then let to Mr. P. Davies who is next on list.
7. PLANNING: Deeside Farm, Deeside, Holt – Application for listed building consent to: remove -  5 modern internal fireplace surrounds, exterior porch on garden side of house, exterior lean to on courtyard side of house, remove asbestos roofing on porch & office roof on courtyard side of house & replace with slate tiles, internal plasterboard around door between kitchen & plasterboard between gallery kitchen & dining room and double the height of the window between the porch and dining room. No objections.   Springfield, Castle Street, Holt – Notification of proposed works to tree in Holt Conservation area – Horse Chestnut – Complete reduction by approximately 25-30% & removal of lower branches away from garage roof. No objections. Castle Bungalow, Castle Street, holt – Notification of proposed works to tree in Holt Conservation area – complete removal of all Leylandii trees. No objection. Meadow Barn, Holt Road, Ridley Wood, Wrexham – garage conversion into a proposed lounge with glass link and roof alterations. No objections. Castle Bungalow, Castle Gardens, School Lane, Holt – Notification of proposed works to tree in Holt Conservation area – Crown lift Beech trees down Public Footpath up to approximately 5 metres. Lift only to Unions on branches to perimeter boundary. No objections.  Peal o Bells – Erection of free standing notice board ( in conservation area) The members objected to this as this is in such close proximaty to the Church Drive and it may cause vehicles to be parked partly over the driveway to the Church. The height could be dangerous especially to children and there is also question as to whether this piece of land is actually owned by the brewery or is common land. The Clerk is to request when contacting planning that St. Chads and the owner of the property to the left of the church drive be consulted for their views.  Stipple House, Green Street, Holt – Roller door to be erected on existing car port. No objections.

8. MBNA MARATHON 2019: This will be held on 6th October, 2019 and it was agreed the Public Toilets be opened for free use on that day.
9. COMMUNITY AGENT: Mr. Robert Lowdon from WCBC had contacted the clerk as funding is available for this. The matter was discussed and it was agreed to invite him to speak to community councillors before the July meeting at 6.30p.m.
10. INTERNAL AUDIT: Notification of meeting regarding audits also webinar. Noted.

11. STREET LIGHTING – LED CONVERSION. – contracts have now been signed and approval to go ahead given to the chosen contractors MEGA ELECTRIC from Nannerch. A lot of work has gone into this by the community council and meetings held with Mega and Mr. Gaade, Mr. Hinchliffe and the Clerk. Special thanks extended to Mr. Hinchliffe who used his expertise in financial dealings to make sure every detail was covered and to save the Community of Holt every £ he could by giving up a lot of his time, also making sure we had every point covered in the contracts that were signed. Clerk to put notification notice of this on the Holt website.

12. PUBLIC FOOTPATH NO. 6 – This is very overgrown. Clerk to report to Sion Roberts, Footpath Officer WCBC.
13. PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY – DEESIDE: Mr. E. Jones has not been able to cut the grass here owing to the unevenness caused by work vehicles. There is also corregated sheeting here. Mr. Jones to leave this until September then be asked to cut it. Agreed.
14. GENERAL MATTERS TO REPORT: Frog Lane – 30mph sign turned wrong way. Water settling and flooding onto drive of Frog Lane House. Wrexham Road – 40mph sign leaning and chevrons on Brickyard Corner covered by grass which needs strimming and also last chevron leaning. River Dee – lots of debris from bank to bank in some places especially by bridge. Has been reported but will report again. Large black bin bag on A534. Hedge between toilets and cemetery gates needs cutting as protruding onto pavement and forcing pedestrians out onto the roadway. Entrance to the village. Thanks to be sent to residents Mr. Hale and Mr. Formstone for all their work cutting grass and planting wooden planters here. The Council would like these to have plants in continually for each season and will finance this if needed. Agreed.

ACCOUNTS: - Mr. Cubitt proposed that the following accounts be approved for payment, Mr. Pridding seconded. All agreed.
2570 – Zurich                Insurance for 2019/20                               £680-58
2571 – HOLT U.5S       Grant – Summer Fete                                 £500-00
2572 – WCBC                Half yearly maintenance – 2 play areas  £321-96
2573 – Scottish Power  Standing charge                                          £  33.19
2574 – Mr. E. Jones     Grass cuts – cemetery                                £220-00
2575 – Mrs J. Pierce    Expenses                                                       £  18-73
2576 – Mr. K. Moult    Grass cut & treatment bowling green     £130-00

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 30th July, 2019.

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