Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 25th July, 2017

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 25th July, 2017


PRESENT:  Councillors - Mrs G. Jones, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mr. J. Duffy, Mr. P. Gaade & Councillor M. Morris.

APOLOGIES: Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. J. Hughes, Mr. J. Pridding.

CHAIR: The Chair was taken by Mrs G. Jones, the recently retired Chairperson, in the absence of the Chairman and Vice Chairman. Mrs Jones welcomed everyone and as there had been no death the meeting proceeded. Mr. Gaade did express condolences to the Clerk on the recent loss of a family member.

MINUTES: Mr. P. Hinchliffe proposed, that the minutes of the previous meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Mr. J. Cubitt seconded, all agreed.

ITEM 1 – POLICE MATTERS: (no representative of police present)
The monthly Community Police Crime Report had been sent to the Clerk who handed copies out to members. Thankfully the crime figures once again were low for Holt but residents are still asked to be vigilant with windows and doors open during the summer months. The Clerk mentioned that whilst putting a notice in the board on the Cross, tonight before the meeting, a Large Blue Tractor was driven at speed past the Kenyon Hall. The driver was approximately in his 20s. Mr. Lewis had seen the same tractor as he came onto Church Street by the bad bend and took the number. Clerk to report this to police. Situation with the large flower delivery lorry seems improved since June.


1.    NEW VILLAGE SIGN – Mr. Gaade reported that this is now in position and the sign has been paid for. Mr. Cubitt thanked Paul on behalf of the council as he has put a lot of effort into this.
2.    PLAYSCHEME: The extra money from the Closed Youth Club account has not yet been paid to the playscheme and Aaron Jones from N.W. Groundwork has asked whether a cost of £500 could be used for a summer trip for the many children who attend. The parents have fundraised as well. This was discussed and agreed but the Clerk is to get an up to date financial record before any more money is paid. Mr. Gaade proposed this, Mr. Cubitt seconded, all agreed.
3.    CLEOPATRA’S – WCBC had written to the owner in December and nothing has changed here so the Clerk is to contact WCBC for an update on the situation. All agreed.
4.    NOTICE BOARDS – Mr. Hinchliffe mentioned the condition of the wooden notice boards in the car park and also the one on the Cross needs attention. Clerk to obtain prices for 1 Aluminium Notice Board in Car Park and possibly remove the other as 2 are not needed here anyway. Mrs Jones had an account for  Mr. G. Jones for £200 for work he carried out on the Notice Board but omitted to invoice us for. It was agreed to pay this. The locks on the Cross Notice Board need attention, Mr. G. Jones to be asked to look at these.  Mrs Jones proposed the above actions, Ms. Shone seconded them. All agreed.
5.    HOLT CASTLE – GRASSCUTTING: Clerk had contacted S. Grenter and he replied that he is waiting a reply from WCBC on the contract cuts. The situation was discussed and enquiries to be made regarding the meadows and the Castle area. Another cut is needed now at Castle and footpath to by the by pass and around the tables. Mr. Pridding to be asked to discuss field with his brother. Hopefully working together with Council the situation will improve here.

6.    SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT WCBC – Payment of wages for G. Crofts.
A letter has been received from WCBC to notify us that this service will not be carried on after August. The Clerk has made enquiries for a similar service and AVOW will take this on. Mr. P. Lewis proposed the Clerk do the necessary forms to transfer the service to them. Mr. P. Hinchliffe seconded.
7.    BURIAL ACCOUNT: The agreed sum of £10000 has now been transferred from the Business Reserve to the Business Reserve Burial Account as agreed.
8.    FRIENDS OF HOLT SCHOOL: Rebecca’s Garden – Correspondence was received outlining the updating of the garden built in memory of Rebecca Jones
And used a lot by the schoolchildren. Work is being carried out during the summer. Mr. Cubitt proposed £200 initially and Mr. Lewis seconded with a request for perhaps figures or a presentation as it progresses. Mr. Duffy then proposed for any monies remaining from the Youth Club funds, when Clerk receives final figures for the Play scheme, to be donated from the Old Youth Club to Rebecca’s Garden. Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed to the proposed actions.
9.    ERLAS WALLED GARDEN: The first grant application which we supported as a Community Council, was not successful however our support is needed for a smaller one. Mr. Cubitt proposed this be supported and the form signed, Mr. P. Lewis seconded, all agreed.
Lion Oak, Smithfield Green, Holt – Replacement of existing timber windows with new flush fitting timber units in agate grey. No objections.
Land West of Wrexham Golf Club – outline application (with all matters reserved apart from access) for Roadside Services incorporating a Petrol Filling Station with Ancillary Kiosk and Associated Car Parking and Works. Councillor Morris advised this application was slightly scaled down from the previous one and it was felt all objections had already been sent.
Dee Bank, Bridge Street, Holt – 1st Floor extension and internal alterations – no objections.
Llanypwll Farm, Holt Road, Wrexham – demolition of former agricultural building for private (hobby) use with associated change of use. No objections.
It was agreed that the passing around of Planning Applications, to councillors, before the meeting, is not working well at the moment and every member needs to pass the plans on quickly and also let members know if they are away so that they don’t get posted through their door.
Monthly Budget sheet – this was given out and everyone appreciated that a lot of work is to be carried out on the Presentation of the finances. Mrs Jones proposed it be received and approved, Mr. Cubitt seconded.

11.    GENERAL MATTERS – Rushbearing - Clerk to ask for hedge to be cut along the Cemetery Drive and at the front of Manor Park also to get the Holly hedge cut in cemetery.
Drains – Frog Lane, Yew Tree, Wrexham Road and Chapel Lane (again!)
Weeds in Village – Mr. Gaade to speak to Mr. Hinds.
Allotments – couple of allotments need tidying. To look at by Autumn.
Cemetery Path – Clerk to contact Mark Platt, Penley with regard to having parts of cemetery drive tarmacked where roots protruding.
12.    Mr. Gaade had obtained a price for like for like re-placement of the stolen equipment from Public Toilets. The price was £425+ vat. Information to be given to Clerk in order to claim from the insurance. Mr. P. Lewis proposed this be accepted, Ms. Shone seconded. Everyone agreed.

ARISE DURING THE AUGUST BREAK WERE APPROVED AND PROPOSED. Ms. Shone proposed this Mr. Cubitt seconded. All agreed.

2369 – Jones Lighting                Maintenance June            £157-00
2370 – Mr. G. Jones                   Repair Notice Board         £200-00
2371 – Mrs J. Pierce                  Salary July & Expenses     £336-99
2372 – WCBC                            Wages G. Crofts                    £219-00
2373 – EDF                                 Energy 1/217-30/4/17        £973-22
2374 – Jones Lighting                Maintenance  July            £157-00

The date of Tuesday, 19th, September, 2017 was set for the next meeting.


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