Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 25th February, 2014

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 25th February, 2014

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors:- J. Pridding, S. Lewis, J. Cubitt, J. Evans,  P. Lewis, P. Gaade, A. Shone, G. Jones, L. Roberts, D. Roberts & Councillor Morris. PCSOs Phil Peters & Lisa Davies. Stacey Deere (Northern Marches)

Appointment of  1.Toilet Caretaker 2. Cross/Village Caretaker from 1st April, 2014.
Interviews were held at 6.30p.m before the council meeting. There were 5 applicants for both posts and 1 for the toilets only. 4 people were invited for interview for the 2 posts – 3 attended and the 1 applicant for the toilet caretaker also was invited for interview. After interviewing the successful applicants were Mrs K. Rawlinson who was given the post as Toilet caretaker and Mr. R. Crofts who was given the position as Cross/ Village Caretaker. The other applicants were thanked for their interest and time.

CHAIR: Mr. J. Pridding, the Chairman, opened the meeting with a welcome and then requested a minutes silence in respect of the following deceased – Mrs Alice Ince, Mrs Pat Parry (Borras Hall ), Mr. Alun Sheppard & Mrs Colley.

MINUTES: Mr. Gaade proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved with the amendment as follows ‘a letter received from Mr. & Mrs R. Tomlinson, regarding objections to proposals by Dart Energy and containing allegations regarding Mr. J. Cubitt as to his direct involvement with the company and to say that he should have declared interest, was discussed with Mr. Cubitt and the allegations were untrue and no interest needed to be declared under the ‘Model Code of Conduct’ adopted by Holt Community Council! Mrs Jones seconded the minutes, all agreed.

In the absence of PCSO Dobby, PCSO Peters ran through the list of crimes for the month. There had been a couple of burglaries and 1 violence but most of the crime was on the Wrexham Industrial estate where there is still no officer in place and this is still being covered by Luke. Councillor Morris had been at a meeting where this was discussed. PCSO Peters informed us that there were I.T issues being sorted and a couple of officers being moved around and an intake of extra PCSOs but we are really concerned at the time it is taking to get an officer here. Luke has spoken to the families of youths involved in incidents in Public Toilets and we will monitor things.
PCSO Peters took notes of questions asked and promised to follow them up with Luke. The officers were thanked very much for attending and left the meeting.

ITEM 2 – Talk by Stacey Deere – Rural Environmental Project Officer – Northern Marches.
Stacey gave a brief outline of the sort of projects that were eligible for grant funding . These included re-cycling, composting, reducing the carbon footprint, energy saving e.t.c. The deadline for the funding was April 14th so there was not a lot of time to apply. The grant if allocated is for 70% of the cost and the remaining 30% must be found by the applicant. Stacey was thanked and will send some forms.

1.NOTICE BOARD: The new roof has been done and looks very good, clerk to remind sign writer regarding the lettering for ‘Holt Community Council’ (in gold).
2.PUBLIC TOILETS: Plates have been replaced and new doors erected. Toilet roll holders are on order. New baby changing mat in gents toilet is needed. Trees at rear need trimming properly by WCBC.
Mr. Lewis had pursued this and had spoken to John Owen and Claire Hurford. Grants are available for this and a cabinet is needed to house this. Training on use is also needed but will be provided. Cost is roughly £1275 with a possible grant of £400. Mr. Gaade proposed Mr. Lewis follow through with this, Mrs Jones seconded, all agreed. Mr. Lewis was thanked.
4.FROG LANE: The white lines have been removed here but there are concerns still about speed of traffic. Monitoring is to be done by Highways and it is hoped the 20m.p.h. could be extended when implemented by school! Speed Ramp is to be put back! nearer to Cross
5.C56 BUS SERVICE: An acknowledgement was received from WCBC to the petitions and letters that the Clerk had forwarded to the Leader of the Council. The clerk has written to Jones’s. No acknowledgement to date but WCBC still to have final meeting!
Clerk has spoken to Carla Hughes and discussed the quotes. It was agreed the quote from Groundworks North West for £4300 be accepted after the clerk had written to the Holt Town Trust to ensure they have no objections. All agreed.
7.PROPOSED ENERGY PLANT – WREXHAM INDUSTRIAL ESTATE: Councillor Morris informed the committee that a workshop is to be held with WCBC to discuss revised proposals for this. Noted.

Off street parking order 2014 (Guildhall) – noted.
One voice Wales – invitation to join – declined.
Local Government Byelaws, Wales – noted.
Kidney Research – Walk for Life – noted.
Romack services – maintenance work – noted.
Jones lighting – street lighting maintenance.
Grant of premises licence – Sandstone brewery, Wrexham Enterprise Park, Ash Road. – noted.
Annual Report – Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales – noted.
9.PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Bank House, Frog Lane, Holt – repairs & improvements to existing driveway – no objections.
Ashley Cottage – demolish rear conservatory – no objections.

Road surface – Frog Lane, bridge.
Woodland hedge – Mr. K. Jones to be asked to cut.
Dogs being exercised on Playing Field despite signs – Clerk to write.
40m.p.h. restrictions by Brickyard Bends need monitoring as motorists ignoring them!

ACCOUNTS: these were proposed for payment by A. Shone seconded by D. Roberts. All agreed.
2014 -  WCBC -                £854-76                    2015 – J. Pierce    £287-63
2016 – G. Jones Joinery  £240-00 (canelled)   2017 – N. Gaade   £120-00
2018 – K. Rawlinson        £178-92 (cancelled  2019 – Direct 365 £114-30
2020 – Scottish Power      £224-94                    2021 – G. Jones    £240-00
2022 – J. Pierce                 £198-70                    2023 – S. Power    £203-16

Next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 25th March, 2014.


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