Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 25th April, 2017

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 25th April, 2017

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors – Mrs. G. Jones, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Pridding, Councillor M. Morris, PCSO Lisa Davies & Gareth Jones.

CHAIR: Mrs G. Jones took the Chair and opened, the last meeting of the existing council, with a welcome. A silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Terence Burke.

MINUTES: Ms. A. Shone proposed, Mr. J. Pridding seconded, that the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true recors. All agreed.

ITEM 1 – POLICE MATTERS – PCSOs L. Davies & G. Jones.
Monthly crime statistic sheets were handed out which included for Holt area:
3 Burglaries other than dwelling (tools stolen in 2 and a broken window in 3rd)
Criminal damage to car. Anti social behaviour (youths)
The committee asked if it was possible to know more detail when possible on incidents e.g. roads etc PCSO to mention this to our PCSO. There were no other issues except to reiterate that it was felt the ‘ Cuppa with a Copper’ was not working! The two PCSOs were thanked for attending to cover PCSO A. Heron.

1.    PLAYING FIELD – The builder had contacted the Clerk regarding the proposed siting of the MUGA on the field (section 106 exists on field).
The Clerk arranged a meeting when Mr. Owain Williams (builder), Councillor Morris, Mrs G. Jones, Mr. P. Gaade and Clerk were present. Mr. Williams presented a letter, from PC Hazel Goss of Community Safety Partnership, regarding the siting of the MUGA. This matter had been discussed with Mr. Williams.  The members of the full council discussed and considered her comments. Mr Gaade proposed write to PC H. Goss notifying her that discussion has taken place and this site was considered the safest option. Mr. Gaade proposed this, Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All agreed. Mr. Williams had also sanctioned the Community Council having grass cuts done on the field to enable safe use of it until it is required for development. Clerk to arrange this and notify Mr. Williams as requested by him. Mr. Gaade also proposed this and Mr. S. Lewis. All agreed.
2.    ALLOTMENTS – These have all been let now but the Clerk is to look at the situation with materials and a shed from number 2 allotment on the rear of Number 3 allotment, The tenant of allotment 10a was given permission for a Single controlled bonfire to dispose of rubbish on the allotment when he took over. All agreed.
3.    NEW PARKING RESTRICTION – CROSS AREA – These are already being ignored and the Clerk has contacted WCBC who will be sending officers out.
4.    GENERAL MATTERS: Speed sign – not repaired yet despite an e.mail sent again by Clerk! Wild flower seeds at entrance to the village – Clerk had enquired about seeds but Mr. Bob Campbell had very kindly got some and planted them. Many thanks to him. Mr. Gaade discussed the woodland area and will speak to Jonny Hudson about bluebells for next year.

5.    PLANNING – Zaviz International Ltd ZI Motorsport, Coed Aben Road, Wrexham Industrial Estate – erection of 4M high (approx.) Flag Poles and display of 4 advertisement flags: no objections. Barn 1 Holt Lodge Farm, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll, Wrexham – installation of oil tank together with screen wall, erection of shed and 1.2m high post and rail fence with gated access to rear garden enclosure: no objections.
6.    DATA PROTECTION – THE Clerk has registered Holt Community Council as this was advised by the SLCC. The cost was £35 which is to be repaid to the clerk by Holt Community Council.
7.    TRADE REFUSE CONTRACT 2017/18 – CEMETERY – The service level agreement has been received in the sum of £930 per annum payable half yearly.
Mr. P. Lewis proposed we sign and accept the agreement , Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All agreed and also it was agreed to keep an eye on this as problems were experienced last year! All agreed.
8.    REPORT ON YOUTH SERVICE – Reshaping 1b programme, including open –access. Community based Youth Services – noted.
9.    MEMORIAL IN BELLEVUE PARK – Correspondence from Friends of Bellevue Park requesting financial help from communities for their memorial to remember all who serve and died in WW1. This was noted.

31ST MARCH, 2017 – This was officially received from JDH Auditors with a couple of minor follow ups and 2 main follow ups on Budgeting. The Clerk has made efforts to do this to new standards and whilst figures and all financial aspects done she asked for help in how to split the budget and present the sheets. Help was offered. Financial sheets to end March, 2017 were handed around plus expenditure for April 2017 these were considered and approved.  The other main point was the high reserve of the council. This needs to be reviewed. The reserve includes Burial which needs to be kept in order to maintain the cemetery for the future of the village. The committee will take this recommendation on board. The Clerk was thanked for all her work and the Clerk Mr. P. Lewis proposed, Mr. J. Cubitt seconded that the Clerk as Financial Officer and Mrs Jones as Chairperson sign the Annual Return and the Clerk advertise for required period and then send the Return to Grant Thornton for the External Audit to be completed. All agreed.

11.    NATIONAL SAVINGS ACCOUNT – As agreed in the Budget Meeting the clerk is to close this and transfer funds into Business Reserve Burial Account.
A resolution was proposed by Mr. J. Cubitt, seconded by Ms. A. Shone and accordingly passed  that this be action be carried out and the necessary signature were put on the form. All agreed.
12.    LETTER OF THANKS: The Clerk was asked to minute that a letter of thanks is to be sent to    Mr. John Evans who is not standing for re-election in the elections on 4th May, 2017. Grateful thanks are to be expressed for his time on the Council and the service given to the community in that time. A notice of an un-contested election has been received by the Clerk and the WCBC have informed the candidates of this.
13.    FIRST MEETING AFTER ELECTION & ANNUAL MEETING: This was set for Tuesday, 16th May, 2017 at 7p.m. and will be mainly for signing ‘Declaration of Office and Adoption of Code of Conduct and Election of ‘Chairperson &
Vice Chairperson also any urgent matters. The next monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday, 30th May, 2017 at 7p.m.
14.    CLERK’S SALARY – implement a 1% increase for the Clerk as from 1st April, 2017 as agreed in NJLC ruling. It was proposed by Mr. S. Lewis seconded by Ms. A. Shone that this be approved. New salary will be £3930-00 as from 1st April, 2017. All agreed.

ACCOUNTS – proposed for payment by Mr. P. Lewis and seconded by Mrs G. Jones. All agreed.
2341 – Mr. M. Jones      Spring Treatment – Bowling Green            £350-00
2342 – Mr. E. Jones      Grass cuts – Cemetery                                   £220-00
2343 – Mrs J. Pierce     Salary & expenses inc. £35 Data Prot.        £378-70
2344 – WCBC                 Wages – G. Crofts                                           £219-00
2345 – J.D.H.                 Internal Audit Fee 2016/17                           £256-80
2346 – Dee Valley         Water supply – Toilet & Cem/All                £169-09
2347 – WCBC                Council Tax – Bowling & Toilets 2017/18   £873-25

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