Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 24th September, 2019

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 24th September, 2019



Delyth kindly attended at 6.30p.m. and although she was given the very short half hour slot before the main meeting at 7p.m. she managed to give a very interesting and informative session. Councillors took part in a questionnaire on Dementia and the five main points were discussed. Holt is a Dementia Friendly village and frequent sessions are being held. Congratulations were extended to Paul Hinchliffe who had attended the course and become a Dementia Champion. Even though the session was very thought provoking it was felt to be very beneficial. Sincere thanks were extended to Delyth and she left the meeting.

PRESENT: Councillors: Mr. J. Pridding, Ms. A. Shone, Mrs G. Jones, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mr. D. Munnerley, Mr. S. Lewis Mr. J. Duffy,  Mr. J. Hughes, Councillor M. Morris.
APOLOGIES: Mr. J. Cubitt & PCSO L. Davies.
CHAIR:Mr. Pridding the Chairman took the Chair and opened with a welcome. A silence was held in respect of the Late Mr & Mrs Speight.

MINUTES :Mrs Jones proposed, the minutes of the previous meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Mr. Hinchliffe seconded. All agreed.
ITEM 1 – POLICE MATTERS: The Community Crime Report for August was handed out and discussed. It was still felt that this report could be more specific as to where crimes were and also more update given. Clerk to pursue this again. A crime had occurred and 101 contacted but no one attended when they should have from police. This also to be chased up with PCSO. Meeting of Wrexham Rural Commun ity Policing to be held on 17th October, 2019 at 7p.m. Clerk and Mr. Gaade to attend.

1.  FIRE SERVICE WELL BEING : The visit hasn’t taken place yet but Clerk will liaise with Mr. J. Hughes and Mr. M. White to hopefully hold this soon.
2.  HOLT COMMUNITY GARDENERS: The Clerk read out the groups newsletter which was very interesting and included that they had been visited by RHS assessor Peter Barton – Price who had spoken positively about their work to date and at his suggestion they have entered next years ‘Wales in Bloom’. It was agreed after discussion that the group be allowed the allotment they hold, for a further year rent free. Mr. Pridding proposed this, Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All agreed.
3.  HOLT CASTLE: The grass had been cut here and conditions were very good. The Clerk has invoiced WCBC to date for invoices paid for this, as agreed with S. Grenter WCBC. An e.mail received from Mr. Grenter regarding trees at Castle was read out and noted.
4.  COMMUNITY AGENT: Further to the meeting with R. Loudon a few names had been marked on an electoral list to try to assess need. Mr. Loudon has now left WCBC but Annette Hewitson has taken over his post. The Clerk had also spoken to Delyth Pridding. It was proposed by Mr. Hinchliffe and seconded by Mr. Pridding that the Clerk meet Annette to discuss the possibility of perhaps sharing an agent or this being run by an external agency.  All agreed.
5.  VACANCY FOR HALF ALLOTMENT  -6A. The gentleman to whom this allotment had been let had contacted the Clerk to clarify the use to which he wanted the allotment for and after investigation of the laws it was agreed the tenancy could not be given to him. The Clerk is to thank him for contacting her to make her aware of this. The half allotment is to be re-advertised. Mr. P. Gaade proposed, Mr. P. Hinchliffe seconded this.
6.  FINANCIAL SHEETS – JULY & AUGUST. These were received by members and Mr. Hinchliffe proposed they be approved Mr. Gaade seconded. The Clerk also asked for approval to close the Business Account which holds the Capital Reserve from a Retired Fixed Bond and transfer the monies into the Business Reserve Account which is our main one. This will serve two purposes 1. It will make the money readily accessible to pay the large invoices for the Street Lighting LED scheme and the Play Equipment. 2.It will cut the Council’s Accounts to 2 which makes things more manageable for Audit e.t.c. Mr. Hinchliffe proposed this be done and Mr. Gaade seconded. Both these proposals were agreed by all members.
7.PUBLIC HIGHWAY – Public Footpath No. 31 – Deeside: This was discussed and the Clerk was advised to contact the Footpaths Officer WCBC to keep him updated on this as WCBC are responsible for this and the Holt Community Council took over the maintenance of it some years ago.
8. WCBC – DRAINAGE: The Clerk had attended the Wrexham Forum Meeting which covered this issue for about 1 hour. The WCBC are working on a Sustainable Drainage Scheme and all new developments have to have drainage within development. There are many major issues in the Borough with flooding and the council are working on the problems with limited resources therefore the maintenance and cleaning of grids is planned for 1 visit per annum except in cases where flooding can affect property or endanger life.
9. STREET LIGHTING – MEGA ELECTRICS: The Clerk had received a request for a street light in Deeside again and also the dark part of Dee Park Play Area where the footpath crosses was discussed. The Clerk was asked to contact Mega and get quotes for two lights. Mega have nearly completed the Street Light Conversion to LED lights and were having problems with hedge on Francis Lane . HCC agreed mega cut hedge where they need access and put cuttings in field. Mr. Gaade raised a couple of lights not converted and the Clerk pointed these were WCBC as Main road lighting and developments off the main road were adopted by WCBC. The HCC have 60 street lights which are our responsibility. WCBC have just agreed a contract for their conversion which should include Holt. Mr. Gaade did say he was not aware of these lights not being ours and Ms. Shone agreed with him.

10. BOWLING GREEN: Letter received from Mr. Kershaw representing the Bowlers, who wish to improve the quality of the Green by purchasing 1 tonne of topsoil and 10 Kilo of Bowling Green quality seed at cost of £116.20. The Clerk had done a sheet of the past 5 years annual costs of the Green and this year to date was a lot lower therefore the application was agreed and also 2 extra cuts of green approved if necessary in October. Mr. Hinchliffe proposed this. Mr. Pridding seconded. All agreed.
11. GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE: WCBC Emergency Rest Centre Venues – noted. Electoral – Review of Polling Arrangements – Holt arrangements unchanged – noted.  N. Wales Fire & Rescue Service – Developing a long-term Environment Strategy and advice to get Chimney swept for winter! – Noted.
12. HOLT/FARNDON BRIDGE: Clerk had been contacted by Mr. D. Davies Cheshire West and Chester as some work needs to be carried out on the masonry and re-pointing work to the three arch spans located on the river banks. One arch is on Holt side and 2 on Farndon side. of the bridge. A request had been made to site a small storage cabin at the end of the lane by the river on Holt side. Mr. Lewis proposed this, Mr. Munnerley seconded. All agreed. Turning must be allowed but Clerk already discussed this.
13. MEMORIALS: Requests for Memorials for Late Jack Pridding,  Additional Inscription Mr. Gordon Povey and Memorial Cremated Remains slab for Mr. E. & Mrs K.Speight. Ms. Shone proposed these be approved, Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All agreed.
14.  PLANNING APPLICATIONS: 4 Ashley Court. Holt – two-storey rear extension, internal alterations & erection of detached double garage. – no objections. Holt Hill, Green Street, Holt – 1. Listed Building consent for internal alterations & rear two-storey & single storey extensions. 2. Internal alterations & rear two storey & single storey extensions. No objections. 8 The Gardens, Holt – Erection of Trellis around the entrance to house. (in retrospect) As this is in the Conservation area the Holt Community Council would take advice on the colour of this from Conservation. Agreed. HYDRO Aluminium DeesideLtd, Bridge Road, Wrexham Industrial Estate – Development of a new finished good storage area 68M x 40M adjoining the current finished goods yard. No objections. Mr. J. Hughes Declared Interest and left the room before the next planning discussed. White Lion , Castle Street, Holt – Erection of 2No. moveable free-standing sun shades to front of public house, No objections.

15.  PROPOSED PLAY EQUIPMENT – DEE PARK & CHURCH GREEN:   A meeting was held on both sites early summer with Carla Hughes, also the Footpaths Officer, who met because of the Public Rights of way across Church Green. Following the meeting the Clerk has worked throughout the summer with Carla Hughes and she has kept in constant touch with Councillors. After much discussion and actual viewing of equipment and fresh equipment quotes being received the following action was agreed. Dee Park – Voting was 8 v 1 that a larger piece of equipment be chosen here called ‘The Long Climb.’ Church Green – a smaller piece was chosen here which is a roundabout. The Clerk will now consult the Holt Town Trust over the addition of this piece to the existing area. Mr. Gaade proposed these actions Mrs Jones seconded. All in favour bar 1 . A letter objecting to the money being spent on the items e.t.c. was received and read out and the Clerk was instructed to answer the objection and other points.
16.REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE: Sound System: Other quotes had been sought for this as the usual provider had increased costs. The best quote was from Apple Sound and this was approx. £100 (slightly extra if more speakers needed) The quote was for someone to attend and 2 speakers. Mrs Jones proposed we work with Mr. Gaade  to arrange this. Mr. Pridding seconded. Clerk to contact Police. Mr. Gaade will arrange someone to play Last Post, Road closure and putting up signs e.t.c.. Clerk hasn’t had wreaths and poppies yet as Gentleman who gets them is away.
17. VILLAGE CLEANING: Some cleaning has been done in the village but Ms. Shone proposed Mr. Gaade contact Mr. Hinds to carry out some more work before the winter, Mrs Jones seconded. All agreed.
18. ANNUAL EXTERNAL AUDIT REPORT 2018/19: The Certified Annual Return was formally received from Grant Thornton and the points raised were noted and would be actioned. A copy of the return and Notice of Conclusion of Audit would be displayed on the Notice Board and on the Holt Village website for the required time. Mr. Munnerley proposed these actions Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All members agreed.

19. HEDGE OUTSIDE HOLT COMMUNITY COUNCIL: The need for the cutting of this had been brought to the notice of the Clerk who had contacted WCBC. But no reply was received. Since then it appears that the hedge belongs to the school now and plans to remove it and plant with flowers are being discussed between the Holt Community Gardeners and the school to do this for Wales in Bloom next year. Clerk to confirm with WCBC that this can be done.
20. CCTV CAMERAS – Toilets & Car Park: These were discussed and it was agreed the company who installed them update them with 5 new cameras which are more sensitive and produce a clearer image. The quote for this work is £1400. Mr. Gaade proposed this Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed. Clerk to accept this on council’s behalf. The height barrier in car park has been damaged. Clerk to contact WCBC.
21. GENERAL MATTERS TO REPORT: Footpath from Border farm into Holt on A534. This needs urgent attention as is very narrow because of encroaching grass and weeds. It has been reported several times. Dee Park – pothole near entrance.

ACCOUNTS: Mr. Gaade proposed the following accounts be approved for payment, Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All agreed.
2592 – AVOW                 Salary & Wages J. Pierce & G. Crofts               £619-75
2593 – Mr. E. Jones      Grass Cuts.                                                             £250-00
2594 – Mr. A. E. Jenkins Replacing Locks on Notice Boards.              £  54-00
2595 Mr. J. O. Jones     Re-placement cheque Sound System 2018.   £175-00
2596 – Mr. P, Gaade      Toilet Seat & Locks for Notice Board             £  90-16
2597 – Mr. S. Jones        Various Work including hedge cutting.        £715-00
2598 – S. Power              Standing Charge                                                £  31-38
2599 – Mrs J. Pierce      Expenses                                                             £  23-96

The next meeting will be held on 29th October, 2019.

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