Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 24th November, 2015

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 24th November, 2015

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors -  Mrs G. Jones, Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. J. Evans, Mr. S. Lewis,
Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Cubitt, Ms. A. Shone, Councillor M. Morris and PCSO D. Jones.

APOLOGIES:  Mr. P. Lewis, Mr & Mrs Roberts.

CHAIR: Mrs Jones the Chairperson opened the meeting with a welcome. A silence was then held in respect of the late Mrs Merlin White and Mr. William (Bill) Williams.

MINUTES:  Mr. Gaade proposed, Mr. Cubitt seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record. All agreed.

This had been held before this council meeting, at 6.20p.m. when the councillors had attended in order to consider the finances and set the precept accordingly.
The Clerk had prepared Financial sheets giving the approximate balances at the end of March 2015 and also a sheet setting out figures worked from the Tax Base for Band D houses issued by WCBC which is 825, an increase of 10 from 2015/16 This was discussed and expected expenses calculated. It was agreed to leave the Burial account as it was and not take expenditure from it but also not precept an amount into it. After much discussion and agreeing as last year to take any large unexpected expenditure from the Capital Fund the following amount was precepted as Clerk had advised.
Mr. J. Cubitt proposed that a budget of £30000 be set, Mr. J. Pridding seconded, all agreed. This equates accordingly.

Band   Amount   Increase/annum on 2015/16

D          36.36          2.62

E          44.44          3.20

F          52.52          3.78

G         60.61          4.38

H         72.73          5.25

This was a very slight increase as the Holt Community Council last year took over the Street Lighting Energy costs as well as paying the Maintenace. For many years Holt residents had not contributed to the energy costs as Holt Town Trust had paid this for many years. The Council had been extremely grateful for this!

Monthly crime report sheets were handed out and very pleasingly the figures for Holt were very low. There had been a slight increase in burglaries other than dwellings but mostly in other areas. The PCSO urged people to keep buildings secure.
Dogs on the Church Green – This matter had been dealt with by the Holt Town Trust and a letter received by the council. Dogs are allowed to be walked on the Green but
‘Not on the Play Area’ and on No account should anyone allow their dogs to foul this or any other area in the Village!
Parking – the matter of parking in Chevrons was discussed with the PCSO and he explained legalities. PCSO Jones was thanked and left the meeting.
COMMUNITY SPEED WATCH:  Information had been received of a new initiative involving volunteers working with the police and relevant people to monitor speed in village. Discussion took place on this and Councillor Morris was asked to put information on the Holt Website. The Clerk is to put notice in the Board.
Councillor Morris reported that WCBC are discussing joining forces with a private organisation to cover Dog Fouling and Parking issues. This will be on a 12month trial if accepted.


1.REMEMBRANCE SERVICE:  This had gone very well and attendance was good. Everything put in place worked well and as last year James Cupit played exceptionally well and this enhanced the service. The address system worked well. The poppies have been taken down and a few more are needed for next year.
2. PUBLIC TOILETS: An exceptionally large bill had been received for the water because of a leak. The clerk is working with Dee Valley over this. Healthmatic are to have the boxes done in a month. Mr. Crofts is settling well. Mark Frost is to be asked to retouch the doors where tape had been!
3. VILLAGE/CROSS CLEANER: On agreement of Trust and Council, Mr. Solari had been given notice as from 31st October, 2015 and money held back. Mr. Solari had helped Mr. Gaade with matters for Remembrance therefore Mr. Gaade proposed a gesture payment of 2 weeks. Mr. S. Lewis seconded. All agreed.
4. ALLOTMENTS: The members feel that not all allotment holders are utilising the ground and as there are a few people waiting for allotments (1 with special circumstances) it was proposed by Mr. S. Lewis and seconded by Mr. J. Cubitt that the Clerk write to the tenants in question to ask if they are willing to relinquish tenancy, if not then Good condition must be maintained or the Council will give them notice. All agreed.
5. 6 ROCK VILLAS: Revised plans have been submitted.

6. CONSULTATION SESSION FOR COMMUNITY COUNCILS – PLAY SUFFICIENCY.  This will be held on 7th January, 2015 6 – 7p.m. at the Guildhall. Noted.
7. HOLT PLAY AREAS:  Mr. Gaade had kindly obtained a quote from WCBC for bark to redo the surfaces in the 2 play areas. The quote was £555-90 for Play grade bark (picked up from their depot) or £671-34 supplied and installed. This would be £671-34 each play area! The members agreed to pay for Dee Park play area and to ask the Holt Town Trust to pay for the Church Green. Mr. Pridding to consult the members and let the Clerk know.
8. RAMBLERS SOCIETY – LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE FROM COMMUNITY COUNCIL:  A request has been received for a representative to work with Ramblers society to improve footpaths in local areas. Mr. John Cubitt offered to be a representative and the offer was gratefully accepted. Clerk to let Ramblers Society know.
9. GRANTS – LETTERS OF THANKS:  These have been received from all who received grants including Church, Kenyon Hall.
10. CHRISTMAS CAROLS HOLT & FARNDON:  Notice received from Tony Pugh, Farndon & District Band about the programme for this year. The Band will play on Saturday, 5th December, 2015 and will be on Cross at 6. 45 to play carols finishing at 7p.m. They will visit Manor Park Home at 6.20p.m. to play first. Grateful thanks to the band for their efforts.
A draft agreement has been drawn up and signed by the owners. The council looked at this and after discussion resolved the council hire a solicitor who specialises in this. The Clerk is to do this as soon as possible.
Garden Lodge, Deeside, Holt – Fell to ground 2 Broad leaf trees (protected by Holt Conservation area) No objections.
Barn 1 Holt Lodge Farm, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll – application 1. Listed building consent to convert Barn to dwelling together with 2 storey rear extension. No objections.Application 2 – Conversion of Barn to form 1 dwelling together with 2 storey rear extension – No objections.
Land to the west & north of Borras Hall, Borras Lane, Llanypwll – use of land for the erection of a solar photovoltaic array (up to 10MV) including metering & inverter kiosks, security cameras, fencing, gates and temporary construction compound & access track. No objections.
Land adjoining & North of Longmeadow, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll – erection of 2 detached dwellings with associated garages & access point. No objections.
Cornish Hall, Wrexham Road, Holt – Listed building consent to insert window in front porch, lime rendering of chimney stack & demolition of single storey stores. No objections.
13. OBSTRUCTION ISSUES – CROSS : A letter has been received voicing concern regarding obstruction on pavement at Cross. Several complaints have also been received by telephone and verbally! The members have met the businesses around the Cross and also with Darren Green from WCBC. Mr. Gaade proposed a letter be sent to WCBC asking them to act as they know the views of the council. Mr. Cubitt seconded this. All agreed.

Information only – Erlas Hall is not a Solar Farm now. Noted.
Information only – Coroner’s Court to be held 0n 17th December, 2015 at 7p.m. at Holt Community Centre. Noted.
A light has been requested at Dee Lane. This will be considered in New Year !
Mr. Formstone has kindly offered to plant 2 troughs of flowers at either side of the entrance of the village. Mr. Pridding offered 2 troughs and Clerk is to ask permission from WCBC highways.
Potholes to be reported at Cae’rllew, Ashley Court. By Smithfield House – hole in pavement. Hedge Fairview has not been cut.
Cemetery bin was left by the gate and not emptied. Clerk to phone.
New cameras for toilets would be £250 (Mr. Gaade not sure if that for 1 or 2. All agreed they be purchased. It was agreed to pay I. Pierce £30 which was his charge for making safe the electrics and spending 2 + hours going through recordings of CCTV when toilet
Boxes stolen.
Mr. Evans asked regarding the situation with the fracking camp at Borras. The latest we know is as they are there with permission the police are monitoring them.

ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT – proposed by Mr. Gaade seconded Mrs G. Jones.
2213 – Holt U.5s             Grant to Projects             £2000-00
2214 – EMJ                   Work in Cemetery               £ 75-00
2215 – WCBC                  Refuse & Play Area Maint.     £809-00
2216 – Mr. P. Gaade          Key and toilet supplies         36-50
2217 – Mrs J. Pierce         Salary & expenses             £351-21
2218 – Mr. Solari            Cross                         £  61-80
2219 – Family Friends        Grant                         £150-00
2220 – Mr. G. Crofts         Toilets                       £408-70
2221 – Dee Valley            Water                         £  33-26
2222 – Jones Lighting        Maintenance                   £153-91
2223 – EDF                   Energy Lighting               £609-43
The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 26th January, 2016.
Seasons Greetings to All.

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