Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 24th Nov 2009

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 24th Nov 2009


PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mrs Jones, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Evans, Ms. Shone, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Ratcliffe, Mr. Pridding, Councillor Morris, Mr. Campbell,   P.C. Mark Harris.

APOLOGIES: Mr. Williams and P.C.S.O. Hadfield-Jones

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting. There had been no deaths to record so no silence was held.

MINUTES: Ms. Shone proposed, Mr. Roberts seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record with the slight amendment of the police contact as 101 for non emergency and still 999 for emergency!

1.PROPOSED NEW STEPS TO THE BY-PASS: The clerk had met Mr. Payne and finally everything has been approved and is to be commenced as soon as possible. Sincere thanks once again to Mr. Payne for his hard work.


After many months of hard work by Mr and Mrs Roberts, the scheme is complete except for putting in plants. With careful management and the help of Northern Marches the Cemetery Drive has been resurfaced as well! The Chairman expressed thanks again on behalf of everyone, to Mr & Mrs Roberts, by saying ‘he couldn’t thank them enough.

3.CROSS/VILLAGE CARETAKER; The 6 month trial period for this post is up at the end of January. The matter was discussed and Mrs Jones proposed Mr. Ratcliffe seconded that the post be extended another six months after January and then re-considered. Voting 9 in favour 1 abstention. Carried. It was also agreed at this time that new locks are needed on the toilets.

4.TIDY TOWNS GRANT: The table has been ordered and the go ahead for the fencing to be done has been authorised but the flood has delayed things. The work needs to be completed by 31st March, 2010. Clerk is working with Kevin Edwards.

5.POLICE MATTERS: At this point P.C. Harris arrived and apologised for being late.
He handed out reports but was happy to say the crime situation was quite good!
1 criminal damage – window but it was solved.
Yellow lines on the Cross – the parking is being watched but anything happening here would have to involve the business people on the Cross.
Fairways Estate – Residents here happy with the police presence and meetings that are held.
It was asked if the leaflet drop on the estate could be increased – it was thought so!
There had been an accident on the Holt Road.
There is to be a new Inspector in January. Inspector Paul Jones and Inspector Goss will cover Wrexham Central area.
P.C. Harris was thanked and left.

6. ACADEMY GARAGE: The clerk had contacted Planning enforcement but they had their hands tied by Conservation.

7.GRANTS: These were done in October but as the meeting was a week early the Church letter arrived after it.
Mrs Jones proposed £300 be granted for grasscutting in the Churchyard, Mrs Roberts seconded.
The clerk had spoken to Mr. Gaade after the Remembrance service when the Kenyon Hall committee welcomed everyone back for refreshments again and also a display was done as it was the 70th Anniversary of the start of the war. It was thought this was a nice social occasion after the Remembrance service and Mr. Gaade proposed £50 be given to the Kenyon Hall committee, this being £25 for last year and £25 for this year for refreshments, then £25 is to be given annually. Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed.

A letter had been received from WCBC after the agenda had been sent out, asking for the requirements by 31.12.09. The clerk asked if this could be dealt with and this was agreed.
An approximate financial sheet was handed out to everyone and was explained by the clerk.  Mrs Jones proposed the Financial sheet be approved, Mr. Lewis seconded this. It was also explained that the base rate had reduced considerably because of the forthcoming boundary change of the Fairways Estate, Holt Road. Over 400 houses are to be moved to Acton. Discussion took place and to cushion the residents of Holt as much as possible with the Community rate Mr. Lewis proposed precept £20686, Mr. Roberts seconded. All in favour. It was decided that if any major expenditure was needed it would come from the Capital Fund.

26 St. Mellion Crescent – single storey extension to rear of property – no objections.
Plas Devon Farmhouse, Rossett Road – erection of 1 field shelter and 1 garden shed (in retrospect) Once again the committee are not happy to receive planning in retrospect!
Planning granted for Borras Airfield.
10. Wrexham Town & Community Forum – meeting 8/12/09

11. VILLAGE SIGN: The sign at the entrance to the village is in a poor state and is quite old therefore Mr. Gaade has obtained 3 quotes for a new sign.
Wood 3D - £1850. Formex plastic - £352 and a verbal quote for a 3D aluminium and Perspex. £516. The gentleman for the £516 quote will do a sample. Mr. Gaade proposed we go with this and Mr. Roberts seconded. All in favour.

Slats need repairing at Playing Field Car Park, Wrexham Road.
Dog Fouling – this is very bad and more signs are needed. An item is to be put in the Church Newsletter and on the website. Owners should be aware this is a health hazard!
Flooding by Cemetery Drive – clerk has reported this twice – photos were supplied of recent flooding.
Parking bad on the Cross – a brewery lorry had to reverse because cars parked on both sides. Mr. Gaade to phone police to look at situation here.
Clerk to contact WCBC regarding the requested bin on St. Mellion and to have salt bin emptied of litter at Dee Park.
Mr. Roberts meeting a gentleman on car park to site the new signs if anyone wants to attend.
Gates at Primrose Cottage, Smithfield street still not altered.
Mr. Evans discussed some work that had been done on drains near his property.
Waterways – license to be checked – have got one for most things they keep.
Kerbs are still on cemetery Drive – partially covered in some places. Mr. Gibson raised this question.
Clerk to contact B.T. again regarding removal of telephone kiosk at Bakers corner.
Cones left by old bridge on left hand side.
Flooding was discussed on Bottom Road, work being done here as digger had been there and cones across the road!
Noise from the Chinese take away has ceased!
13. RISK ASSESSMENT: This is to be carried out and next meeting the formal adoption of the Standing orders and Financial orders and Risk assessment needs to be done. Everyone has a copy.
14.REMEMBRANCE: Rev. Tudor is to work on the Order of Service and new sheets are to be made. It was approved for Mr. Gaade to do this. 200 to be printed and laminated.
15. REPRESENTATRIVE ON HOLT TOWN TRUST: Letter to be sent to Town Trust informing them that Mr. Gibson has stepped down from the Trust and would they like us to nominate someone.
16. T.V. FOR YOUTH CLUB – This has finally been purchased with the £500  given from the Communication Award. It actually cost £529 and Mrs Jones proposed the community council pay the £29 Mrs Roberts seconded.
The next meeting will be held on 12th January, 2010 because of the Police/Community meeting on 19th January, 2010.
Seasonal Greetings to all.
HSBC   T.V. Youth Club   £529-00             Scottish Power  energy    £44-39
WCBC   lighting                £753-39             Blue Loos          hire        £276-00
S. Jones  various work       £285-00             Greenthumb   treatment  £111-50
Grants: Starlight, Air Ambulance, Hope House £100 each, Alzheimers, Bobath £50 each
St. Chads £300. L.G.Solicitors   lease steps  £644-50

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