Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 24th June, 2014

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 24th June, 2014

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors: Mrs G. Jones, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. D. Roberts. Councillor M. Morris, P.C.S.O. D. Jones.
APOLOGIES: Councillors Mrs L. Roberts and Mr. J. Evans.

CHAIR: Mrs G. Jones, the new Chairperson, took the Chair and opened with a welcome to everyone.
MINUTES:  Mr. D. Roberts proposed,  the minutes of the previous meeting were signed and approved, as a true record, Ms. Shone seconded this. All agreed.

Sheets were handed out with crime figures and there was a drop in crime in Holt, which was pleasing! Members are still concerned with the speed of motorbikes on the by-pass especially on Sundays during the summer. PCSO Jones is to arrange a  speed assessment here. PCSO Jones reported that Nick Brown is the new Community beat manager! A couple of minnow items were discussed and a meeting is to be arranged to walk the village with our new PCSO who is settling in well. He was thanked and left the meeting.

1.    DEFIBRILLATOR; This is all in hand now and training in its use will be held on 5th July, 2014 at 1p.m. at the Holt Community Centre. The case will cost £450 and there will be a cost for the electrician to fix it. The costs were approved. Thanks are extended to Jeremy from Londis for allowing this to be put on the wall of his shop and for the use of his electric supply! The clerk has covered the Defibrillator under the Community Council’s insurance.
2.    FROG LANE: The speed monitoring carried out here was 21 m.p.h. average but certain cars are still speeding and checks will be made from time to time!
3.    GRASSCUTTING: Castle grounds were cut on 15th May, 2014 but the standard of cutting is not good. The playing field has only been cut about twice and the clerk is to check what the contract is with Wrexham now.
4.    GENERAL MATTERS: Toilets & Cemetery – Quote of £3132 to be accepted for work on outside of the toilets. Mr. Gaade proposed this, Ms. Shone seconded, all agreed. Clerk to obtain some wall mounted soap dispensers. Time of opening of the toilets to be extended to 9p.m. for the summer. Cemetery flagstones are to be done at a cost of £300. Mr. Gaade proposed this and Mr. S. Lewis seconded. The clerk is also to arrange that the hedges are cut for Rushbearing! Footpaths: Clerk had reported these and they are to be dealt with. A new kissing gate is planned on footpath 9 but WCBC need to consult the land owners!

5.    ANNUAL RETURN – The draft annual return was received from Hacker Young and there were no issues therefore Mr. J. Cubitt proposed, Mr. J. Pridding seconded that Part 3 of the Annual Return for 2013/14 be signed by the RFO (Clerk ) and the Chairperson and returned to Hacker Young for the Conclusion of the audit. This was done.
6.    WASTE PAPER SKIP – CAR PARK. There has been a lot of correspondence to Palm Recycling from the Clerk and Mr. B. Payne as no money has been received for 2014, It was decided to contact them again to inform them that if no payment is to be made they are to remove the skip in 7 days or the padlock will be changed. All agreed.
7.    NIGHTINGALE HOSPICE: An open evening is to be held on 1/9/14 at 6p.m.
8.    PLANNING APPLICATIONS: 2 Chapel Street – replace 2 existing white PVC windows with slim line wooden double glazed units – No objs. Gredington Arms, Holt Road, Llanypwll –(1) change of use of former public house & adjacent outbuilding to form 3 residential dwellings including limited extension & external alterations (2) erection of 4 dwellings on the former public house car park – no objections. Replacement B.T. Cabinet – this has not been received yet but Councillor Morris reported on it and there were no objections.

9.    TREES – 2 trees have been cut very low at a property and as this is in a Conservation area the clerk is to contact Mr. Simpson in WCBC.
10.    EVENT ON GREEN: The grass was cut very tidily for this but it was the Holt Town Trust who arranged and paid for this so thanks are extended to them!

ACCOUNTS – these were proposed for payment by Mr. P. Lewis, seconded by Mr. P. Gaade. All agreed.
2061 – Mr. Ward             supplying new tap in Bowling hut                 £64-00
2062 – Mrs J. Pierce        salary June & expenses                                £325-01
2063 – Mr. R. Crofts       wages village/Cross                                    £153-60
2064 – Mrs k. Rawlinson wages toilets                                               £192-00
2065 – Mr. J. Pridding    Chairman’s expenses 2013/14                        £125-00
2066 – EMJ Services       Grasscutting                                                £220-00

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 29th July, 2014.

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