Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 24th June 2008

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 24th June 2008

PRESENT: Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Lewis, Mrs Jones, Mr. Gibson,Mr. Gaade, Mr. Evans, Mr. Ratcliffe, Mr. Williams, Councillor Morris, Mr. Campbell, P.C. V. Griffiths, P.C.S.O. K. Crimes and Mrs A. Clays.

CHAIR: Mr. Roberts, the new Chairman, took the Chair and opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. Mr. Lewis was welcomed back into office.

MINUTES: Mr. Williams proposed that the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record (with the amendment of John Jones to John Evans) Mrs Roberts seconded this.

P.C. Griffiths informed the committee that she will be retiring from the force in August, after 30 years service. Colette is still injured and will not be returning to Holt. Vanessa introduced our new P.C.S.O. Katie Crimes who is still training but will take over from Colette. She was welcomed and will receive our support.
Over all it has been a very quiet month for crime in Holt.
There have been a couple of incidences of theft. 1 arrest (drug related) and 1 anti social.
The Bowling Green is still an area of concern for the council and the police were asked to keep up checks in the area after 9p.m. when the bowlers leave!
Bieston – 8 calls received and officers attended.
Socially – 2 youth teams from Holt to play in an organised tournament also a trip to Alton Towers planned. Funding from Police/Community Trust.
A report that someone ringing the police numbers and not being able to get anyone over May bank holiday, was given also the Clerk reported that a pane was broken in the Notice board.
Youngsters congregating under the by pass bridge especially weekends!
Special Police section in Holt on line website.
Mr. Evans reported some trouble and is to meet P.C. Griffiths.
23/6/08 – bikes on Cross doing wheelies and ball games there also!
Thanks to police.


1.VACANCY ON COMMUNITY COUNCIL: The clerk has advertised this but no response. An E. Mail was read out from Ms. McConville expressing her upset that the Model Code of Conduct had been explained to Mr. Lewis and not her. The situation surrounding this was explained by those concerned and Mr. Gaade proposed write to thank her for her past service, apologise for the misunderstanding and invite Bev to return to the Community Council. Mrs Roberts seconded this and all agreed.

The Clerk and Councillor Morris had met Mr. M. Jones from Streetscene and expressed our dissatisfaction that many of the jobs still hadn’t been done. He apologised and explained the gang had been busy else where but he would now get them to Holt.
Extra matters to report: Hedges – by car park, play area (Dee Park), Green Street Play Area – fencing tied up. Hedge by 30m.p.h. sign, Wrexham Road.

Bowling Green – Mr. Price cannot cut this anymore and Mr. McConville has cut it this season. It was agreed to pay wages and expenses since April plus 1 extra cut also the Bowling hut has been painted. £30 per cut was agreed. Mrs Jones proposed, Mr. Williams seconded. All agreed.
Van in Gateway – Wrexham Road. – This is still being parked despite a letter and requests to not park here!
Re-cycling plant: The minutes of the first meeting were received. Mr. Lewis and Mrs Jones agreed to represent the Holt Community Council on this committee. Thanks to them.

Tava – to erect the new signs in 3 months!
Chadsleigh, Castle Gardens (Mr. Lewis declared interest and left the room)
Single storey extension to front of dormer bungalow to form enlarged kitchen, removal of flat roof to dormer window and replacing with a pitched roof. No obj. Mr. Lewis returned to room!
11 Ashley Court, erection of boundary wall and fences ( in retrospect) also application for conservation area consent. There were no objections as these look fine but not happy with ‘in retrospect’ again.
5 Hugmore Lane – erection of single storey extension to front to form bedroom/hall – no obj.
6 Hugmore Lane – erection of single storey extension to front and rear, removal of existing garage and shed and erection of new garage – no objs.
Land off Dee Meadows – erection of dwelling and garage – Councillor Morris explained the amendments to the committee and the design is now more in keeping with the surrounding properties.
10 Ashley Court, Holt – erection of double glazing – no objections.

Mrs Roberts reported that a letter has been received to confirm the grant has been approved but that certain things need to be sorted quickly now such as fresh quotes because of the time lapse. Mrs Roberts to meet the lady concerned and sort things out.
Mr. Roberts declared interest. Mr. Lewis proposed, that because of his expertise, Mr. Roberts oversees the work once the quote has been accepted. Mrs Jones seconded. All agreed. Mr. Roberts kindly accepted to do this. Thanks were given to Linda for all her hard work fighting to get us the grant also the others who had met to sort this including Councillor Morris.
6.GENERAL MATTERS: Leak reported in Dee Lane. Hedges needing cutting. Grit bin needs removing. Litter e.t.c. under new bridge.
Photographs of weeds on Holt/Farndon bridge to be sent with a letter of complaint. Crack in road surface – salt damaging dry arch.

The Holt Community Council would like to congratulate the pub for receiving ‘Pub of year 2008 award’ in real ale campaign. Well done.

8.NEW WEBSITE ADDRESS: Mr. Campbell thanked everyone involved in the setting up of the new style website, for their dedication and he gave the new website address as
Holtvillage.co.uk Mr. Campbell was thanked for all his efforts.

This part of the meeting was a closed meeting with only the Community Council members and Councillor Morris present. Section 12 (11.5) Public Bodies (admission to meetings) Act 1972
A letter from Mr. R. Tomlinson was discussed fully and all Mr. Lewis proposed clerk reply with the points discussed, Mrs Roberts seconded, all agreed.

Accounts. (cheque book in audit)


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