Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 24th July 2007

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 24th July 2007

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Gibson, Ms. McConville, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Clays, Mrs Jones, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Davison, Mr. Williams,  P.C. Griffiths and P.C.S.O. Murphy.2 members of public.

APOLOGIES: Mr. Ratcliffe, Mrs Penny and Councillor Morris.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, opened the meeting with a welcome to everyone especially Mr. Fairclough and Mr. Jones from WCBC Highways.

MINUTES: Mr. Lewis proposed, Ms. McConville seconded the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record.


1.DEE PARK PLAY AREA: - This has not been started yet but the clerk had been told it would take around 6 weeks.

2.ALLOTMENTS: The water has been done to the allotments.

3.QUOTE FOR NEW LIGHT – FAIRVIEW: - clerk to ask if this would be cheaper from supply in Mr. Gibson’s garden.

4.DRAINAGE FROM CEMETERY ONTO MR. THOMAS’S LAND: Mr. Gaade had not met Mr. Gibson yet.


Mr. Fairclough explained how the council’s new initiative ‘Street Scene’ would work.

It is basically centralising everything from Street cleaning through to grasscutting e.t.c.

And having one telephone number. Mr. Jones is our supervisor and has already been a big help and Mr. Andre Roberts who is head of the Holt area has walked the village with the Chairman and police.

12 9. 07 there will be a Public Relations exercise.

Hopefully things will get dealt with quicker and save correspondence.

Some items were mentioned to Mr. Fairclough. These being –

Hedges – Dee Park. Holt Bridge – weeds. Posting of signs is illegal but if for charity sometimes turn a blind eye, unless they ar a nuisance.

Cars for sale on the Highway – some powers under highways act but are looking into a legal act. Grafitti on new bridge again.

Many thanks were given to both gentlemen for their time and they left the meeting.


Driving Course – Colette has been accepted for this and is awaiting a date.

Bowling Green – still complaints from here, police have attended. A site meeting was held with Councillor Morris over the benches here. Hedge to be cut.

Car Park – police asked if car park could be closed at night to stop youngsters in cars parking here? The problem would be having it opened and closed.

Some areas in the Borough are now to be designated ‘no drinking’ areas. Mr. Wolfendale has put information on website.

5th August, 2007 at 10a.m. there is to be a Litter Pick in Holt. Co-ordinated by police.

Mr. Gaade reminded P.C. Griffiths that an open invitation had been extended to Ruth Purdie to attend a meeting of Holt council.

A good Victorian Day was held in Holt and the police handed out safety packs. Thanks to Vanessa for getting the insurance to pay for this day.

Litter on Cross – this was cleaned and parents of litter droppers phoned.

Many thanks to P.C. Griffiths and P.C.S.O. Murphy for the excellent work they seem to be doing.


5.CALOR GAS VILLAGE OF THE YEAR: - A presentation is to be held to present £500 which was the ‘Communication Award’ won through the efforts of Mr. Davison, Mr. Campbell, Mr. H. Jones and several other people. Well done to everyone involved.

6 HOLT ONLINE: A member is required for the website committee. The first meeting is to be on 19th September, 2007. Ms. McConville volunteered. All in favour and a thank you to Bev.

7.COMMUNITY CENTRE – SERVICING OF FANS: Reply to our letter sent some time ago. This apologised for the incident and assured us it would not happen again.

9.RECYCLING / COMPOSTING CENTRE – BRYN LANE: The information was noted, no concerns.

10 SALE OF ALCOHOL – BELLIS BROTHERS: Members not sure whether this is for sale with meals or from the shop?

11 GENERAL LETTERS: Industrial estate road – noted.

AVOW – noted. Traffic Calming – noted. Quarry Cottage – Mr. Gaade to visit.

12 PLANNING APPLICATIONS: - 1 Smithfield Cottages – 2 storey extension and erection of single garage. No objections also demolition of existing single storey extension and removal of garage and store and workshop.

10 Augusta Drive – single storey extension to side of dwelling to form additional lounge. No objections.

The Bungalow, off Church Street, Holt – Conservation area consent for demolition of existing bungalow and replacement with new bungalow. Removal of brick outbuilding to provide garden/car park. No objections.


13 PROPOSED CAR PARK EXTENSION: Mrs Roberts told the committee that Northern Marches are to have money from the European Funding for Wrexham Rural development. There are grants available under 5 headings and she has made contact to enquire if our scheme would qualify. The clerk is to do a letter to be sent in asking for us to be considered for the Car Park under a ‘Tourism’ grant and the Public Toilets under Health and Safety. Mr. Gaade to get quotes. Michael Morris will help on planning.

14 ACCESS FOR MOWERS TO CASTLE: This has been given so a key needs to be given to WCBC and then  the scheme for the footpath to the castle from School Lane can be completed.

15 GENERAL MATTERS TO REPORT: trees needing attention by Plum Tree farm, dangerous.

Steel Shutters on shop on Cross, clerk reported this and visit was made. They were removed and Conservation Officer advising on what is acceptable.

Trees by bridge to be felled. Might leave a Sycamore. Re-plant.

Still people parking by lowered kerbs on Cross.

Sign at Hugmore Farm – is it allowed?

Next Meeting September – to be arranged.


Mrs J. Pierce    salary July & August     £550-00

E.M.J.              grasscutting                    £220-00

S.Jones             water to allotments        £336-00

Greenthumb     treatment                       £108-00

WCBC             lighting                          £333-29

Dee Valley       water                             £143-70

Mr Price           grasscutting                  £810-00

A. White          salary 6 mths                £765-00

E.M.J.              grasscutting                  £440-00


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