Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 24th January, 2017

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 24th January, 2017

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors: - Mrs G. Jones, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. J. Evans, Mr. P. Lewis,
Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Cubitt, Councillor M. Morris & PCSO A. Heron.

APOLOGIES: Mr. J. Duffy & Ms. A. Shone. (Mr. R. Boyle – MOP present also)

CHAIR: Mrs G. Jones, the Chairperson, took the Chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting with wishes for a Happy New Year. A silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Edward T. Edwards, Mr. Norman E. Jones, Mrs Phyllis Parker and Mr. Dai Tudor.

MINUTES: Mr. Gaade proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Mr. Cubitt seconded, all agreed.

Alison wished everyone a Happy New Year and handed out the crime stats for Holt.
There were a couple of burglaries other than dwelling and an Anti Social behaviour
Incident but causing more concern was a car theft with the house broken into to obtain keys. The police are urging residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious matters or people!The new ‘Cuppa with a Copper’ is to take place and initially will be 1 hour in ‘Bellis’s’ and an hour walking the village to meet people to allow them to approach the PCSO. Members would have preferred 2 hours walking the village and Alison was requested to report back after at the end June 2017 with numbers of people approaching her. Some cars parking on yellow lines were brought to the PCSO’s notice. Alison was thanked and left.

1.    PLAYSCHEME 2017. This was discussed and the Clerk has not yet received numbers from Aaron. Councillor Morris is to look into possible funds. The first session will be held in February half term.
2.    CLEOPATRA’S: Councillor Morris had spoken to the owner before Christmas and he was supposed to be approaching Highways and Planning and getting something to them. Without dialogue this makes a solution very difficult.
3.    GENERAL MATTERS: Clerk asked permission to pay standing charge for electric supply on meter at playing field £19-44. This was agreed. Car parked on roadway by car park hedge. It is legally parked but clerk to write to owner to ask the intentions i.e. how long it is to be there as will cause inconvenience when funerals being held.

4.    LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN: Councillor Morris reported that he had been contacted by one of the landowners of the additional site in Holt which had been submitted to Wrexham County Borough Council following the preferred strategy consultation. He clarified that the site in question had been put forward as a mixed use development of Residential, Retail, Tourism and Leisure and that he had been advised that there was no intention to demolish or close the retail premises currently on part of the site, contrary to what has been erroneously reported on social media. All sites across the County Borough area that had been submitted would be considered in due course and those selected would be formally consulted on in the Draft Local Plan.
5.    PROPOSED NEW LIGHT – DEESIDE: A request had been received for a new light column here and the Clerk was to get a quote but another request had been received not to put a new column! The Clerk had taken a look at the situation in the dark and reported to the members and requested they visit Deeside before the February meeting and then a decision can be made,
Holocaust Memorial Day – to be held on 27-1-17. Noted. Independent Remuneration Panel – discussion events. Noted. ‘ Be a Councillor’ Event – 30/1/17 – Clerk gave a reminder of this. Has been on Holt website!
‘Erlas Victorian Walled Garden’ – Notification that the Stage 2 application for funding has been submitted and thanks for Holt. C.C. s support, received. Noted.
Commisioning Framework – Youth Support Services. Noted.
Acknowledgment from WCBC of Precept Requirement 2017/18 - £31000 received and noted. Community Council Elections – Information Meeting for Clerks. 14th February, 2017 at 3.30p.m. Clerk to attend and report back.
7.    PLANNING APPLICATIONS: App Chem House, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll, Wrexham –  Listed building consent for retention of listed barns & demolition of later additions, redevelopment of site to provide 16 dwellings through conversion of barns to 4 dwellings & erection of 12 new dwellings together with associated roads & sewers.  No objections. 1 - Lion Oak, Smithfield Green, Holt – fell 1 conifer to front of property (light issues to front of house & encroachment on to drive) No objections. 2 – Lion Oak, Smithfield Green, Holt – replacement of existing timber windows with new UPVC windows in Agate Grey. – Concern expressed with the UPVC windows in a conservation area and because the property is highly visible when coming around the bend in Smithfield also the windows more exposed now the conifer felled. Permission not granted in nearby property. Concerns sent to WCBC. Dresden, 15 Vicarage Court, Wrexham – demolition of existing lean-to-structure and erection of replacement pitched roof extension to provide utility room. No objections. Whitehaven, Church Street, Holt – Single Storey extension to dwelling (amendments to application previously granted under code no P/2016/0964 – no objections. Longfields, Buck Road, Commonwood, Wrexham – erection of large detached garage (partly in retrospect) – the members are to request that any use be ancillary to the main dwelling and not used commercially.

8.    REVIEW OF ALLOTMENTS: Rents – the allotments are currently £10 per annum and after discussion Mr. P. Lewis proposed, Mr. J. Pridding seconded that this be increased to £30 for a full allotment and £15 for half per annum. This is to be reviewed annually. All agreed. The allotments generally were then discussed as the condition of some allotments had been causing concern.
Mr. P. Lewis proposed notice to vacate be given to the tenant of allotment 4 Mr. Cubitt seconded. There is 1 vacant allotment and it was agreed that this be let as two halves. The Clerk is to notify existing tenants of the rent increase and if any want to share their allotment they can. There is quite a waiting list and the members are trying to reduce this. The allotments should be an asset to Holt and the members will be pressing for an improvement to the general tidiness and cultivation of them. All members agreed.
GRANT APPLICATIONS: Members had agreed to consider any applications remaining from the October meeting. They agreed not to allocate any further grants but to consider correspondence from the Holt U.5s which was received after the October meeting. A building works Grant update was received and plans as originally proposed were not now proceeding. A further letter on the 2017 Midsummer Event asking for financial support was also received. After discussion Mr. Cubitt proposed, Mr. Lewis seconded that the Clerk write to ask for a repayment of the original grant given for building as this has now changed and any new firmer plans will be discussed at the appropriate time. If a letter is received giving events and firm prices a grant for the Midsummer Event will also be considered. All agreed.
BUDGET SHEET TO 24/1/17 – Clerk gave each member a copy of this and briefly discussed the changes since November. Mr. J. Cubitt proposed this be accepted Mrs Jones seconded. All agreed.

9.    GENERAL MATTERS TO REPORT: Leaves around Cross. Drain Cover – loose (reported early October!) Lights needing attention. Dog Fouling – this is very bad throughout the village – Clerk to contact Kingdom (enforcement agency) to visit Holt. They will issue fines to anyone allowing their dog to foul.
Flashing 30mph sign by Bellis’s not working -  the clerk has recently reported this. Tree cut down in Castle grounds – Mr. P. Lewis reported that this was done without any notification tp the Community Council. He had phoned and received a call back but the tree was already felled! Clerk to contact Steve Grenter and ask for comments on whether the tree was in a Conservation area and would it not have been courtesy to inform the Community Council?

ACCOUNTS APPROVED FOR PAYMENT – Prop by Mr. J. Cubitt sec by Mr. S. Lewis.
2320- Mrs J. Pierce                salary & expenses                       £337-62
2321 – Jones Lighting            maintenance Dec.                       £156-17
2322 – Wales Audit Office     audit 2015/16                              £208-50
2323 – Scottish Power            energy playing field                   £  19-44
2324 – WCBC                         wages – G. Crofts                       £219-00
2325 – EMJ Services              cutting hedges & trees               £198-00
2326 – Groundwork N. W.    play scheme 2017                      £2000-00

Next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 28th February, 2017.

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