Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 24th Feb 2009

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 24th Feb 2009

VENUE: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. Roberts, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Gaade, Mr. Lewis, Mrs Roberts, Ms. Shone, Mrs Jones, Mr. Evans, Mr. Pridding, Councillor Morris, P.C. Davies, P.C.S.Os C. Hutchinson and P. Hadfield-Jones and Mr. Williams (member of Public)
APOLOGIES: Mr. Ratcliffe and Mr. Williams.

CHAIR: Mr. Roberts, the Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone, a silence was held in respect of the following: - the late Mrs P. Clutton, H. Jones and condolences also expressed to Mr. Gaade on the loss of his mother.
MINUTES: Mr. Gaade proposed the minutes of the last meeting, be signed and approved as a true record, Mrs Roberts seconded.


Our new P.C.S.O. Polly Hadfield Jones was introduced to everyone and Poppy has worked with the youth before so should build up a good relationship with the youngsters!
An informative sheet was handed out but generally Holt has been quite quiet.
Police were asked to be vigilant around the Bowling Green area and on the Cross.
P.C.Davies apologised for missing meetings but it was beyond his control!
At the moment Poppy has no transport of her own but has been put forward for a course.
A Neighbourhood/Police meeting has been arranged for 11th March, 2009 at the Kenyon Hall.
A couple of matters were reported to the police and then they were thanked for attending and left.
Notices with telephone numbers on have been ordered for both Notice Boards!

1. BOWLING GREEN: Fencing done here and locks purchased. Letter received from a Gentleman who is not very happy with the project. Mr. Gaade proposed that the clerk reply asking for him to bear with us on this but if he is still unhappy to contact the clerk to make some arrangement for a key! Ms. Shone seconded.
Costings were given out by the clerk and she was asked to put the Bowling Green as an agenda item for March.
An advert for Bowlers had appeared in a paper.

2.TOILETS: There had been a leak but this was fixed. Mr. Gaade asked for a lower wattage bulb to be put in the lights on the toilets now that we have the 2 Car Park lights.

3.B.T. POLE BY KENYON HALL: Reply received from WCBC stating Disabled Act which it appears the placing of the pole may contravene! Suggests we as a council may be able to use this to take B.T. to court. A copy of all correspondence with WCBC is to be sent to B.T. and we will await their reply

4.LAND AT COMMONWOOD – EXTRA POND: Mr. Williams had attended for this item and Councillor Morris reported that a site meeting was held but he hasn’t heard the outcome yet. The gates were not approved and details of the drainage had not been submitted!

Tarmac – minutes of meeting, noted. Best Kept Village competition and Tidy Towns Grant – noted.
Maintenance of Playing Field for 2009/10 with WCBC - £1550 approx – Mrs Jones proposed this be accepted, Mr. Lewis seconded, all agreed.
Local Government Partnership – noted.
Health Report – noted.
Notification of Moss control.

Primrose Cottage, Smithfield Green – Construction of boundary fence and gates and formation of new access (in retrospect) – Objections to this as in practise the gates only open outwards and council not happy with the height of the fence. Letter to be sent.
Bakers Cottage, Buck Road – Ground floor extension and replacement of flat roof with pitched roof – no objections.
Clays Farm, Golf Club – erection of safety netting – no objections.
Bryn Villa, Hugmore Lane – Erection of building for livestock, feed and small farm machinery – Clerk to ask that this be re-sited at back of property to make it less visually obtrusive!
Rowan, 6 Redwood Close – single storey extension to existing dwelling to provide ground floor WC and study room – no objections.
7.CROSS AREA: Letters have been delivered to all businesses in the village by the clerk – a copy of this was read out!
A meeting took place here with Town Trust and Council members but no-one from Highways attended. Clerk to enquire legalities of hiring someone to keep this area tidy (Town Trust will share cost)

8.BRIDGE PARKING AREA: Mr. Gibson thinks this needs tidying. After discussion it was decided that everyone should take a look and report back to the next meeting.

9.MATTERS TO REPORT: Silver Birch strangled by ivy in allotments – S. Jones.
Footpath to Castle from School Lane – needs attention.
Lights reported.
Mrs J. Pierce     salary Feb. £297-69, Nibbs, Minute Book £25-98, Deeco lighting £74-75,
Deeco lighting Car Park, £2047-11, G.H. Lewis Car Park, tarmacing £25691-00,
S. Jones various work £355-00, E.M.J. various tidying, £490-00, L. Roberts padlocks, £40-25, Banos toilets, £650-00, R. Parry fencing, £5824-75, J.Pierce expenses year £369-90, Chester Small Plant Service Mower, £186-53, Greenthumb £32

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