Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 24th April, 2018

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 24th April, 2018


PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. P. Lewis, Mrs G. Jones, Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Hughes, Mr. J. Cubitt, Ms. A. Shone. Councillor M. Morris & PCSO A. Heron.

APOLOGIES: Mr. J. Duffy & Mr. J. Pridding.

CHAIR: Mr. S. Lewis the Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone. A silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Henry Thompson.

ITEM 1 – POLICE MATTERS: Community Police Update was received and although crimes were quite low there were a couple of Burglaries of outbuildings and people are urged to keep sheds garages e.t.c. secure. A reminder about cold callers given again.
20m.p.h. Speed Limit in Chapel Street was discussed as there have been issues here with motorists speeding. A traffic speed sensor had been placed here which registered 38% over 20m.p.h. and 9% over 25m.p.h. Community hand held cameras were discussed and the PCSO was to speak to a couple of residents . Public Toilets – Vandalism had occurred at the toilets resulting in charges for a new hand dryer and electric work. The offenders were on camera and are known but even though this was reported to police it was still in their system as of  24th April, 2018. PCSO Heron explained how the 101 system works and offered a visit to St. Asaph to see how system works. To be arranged. Alison was thanked and left.

1. CLEOPATRA’S: Communication had been received from WCBC with a picture of seating and planters outside the premises. The matter was discussed again to try to resolve the issue in a reasonable manner. Mr. Gaade proposed that Nothing to project beyond the existing tables and chairs and the tables and chairs not to be fixed to floor. i.e. not permanent fixtures. This allows for planters to remain just at side of tables. Mr. Cubitt seconded, all agreed.
2. COPSE: Mr. Gaade had received 2 quotes for gate at copse with 12’ @ £400
14’ £500 or 2 x 7’ @ £550. It was agreed to accept 12’ @ £400 from S. Jones.
Ms. Shone proposed, Mr. Cubitt seconded, all agreed.
Mr. Jonny Hulson had approached Mr. Gaade with an offer to carry out 1 free cut of grass and compost it as habitat for hedgehogs e.t.c then 1 further cut would be £200 or 2 for £350. Mr. Gaade proposed we accept the free one for Spring and 1 extra @ £200 for Autumn then discuss again for next year. Mr. Hinchliffe seconded, all agreed.
3. CEMETERY PATHS: Mr. Gaade reported that the contractors QPS would try to begin either 1st week of May or after 16th May.
4. COMMUNITY AGENT: The Clerk had heard nothing further on this but the scheme has now finished with AVOW and is back with WCBC but after the Clerk had been made aware of the Data implications of having a Community Agent it was proposed by Mr. Hinchliffe, seconded by Mr. S. Lewis that we leave this for the foreseeable future. All agreed.
5. ADDITIONAL NEEDS ROOM – HOLT C.P. SCHOOL – Members have been invited to an open afternoon to view the room, on Friday, 4th May, 2018 from 1,30p.m. Mrs Jones reported some of the mums were raising money for equipment running.

6. LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2013-2028 – Notification has been received that the WCBC have approved the Deposit LDP and views are invited. There is a proposal in it to extend the Wrexham Industrial Estate towards Francis Lane with land of 40 Hectares and 28 Hectares of it being Industrial Development. This would have a serious impact on properties in this area. The plans e.t.c are on display at Holt Community Centre on 16th May, 2018 4p.m. to 7p.m. when members of the public can ask questions and view the maps e.t.c.
7. PROVISION OF ADDITIONAL NEW PLAY EQUIPMENT IN 2 PLAY AREAS: Clerk had contacted Carla Hughes from WCBC who had offered couple of contacts and to help with advice. Clerk to obtain brochures also for equipment for ‘Inclusive ‘use. Mrs Jones to speak to a contact who has already begun looking into this so that we can perhaps get advice from parents on what would type of equipment ideal.
8. IBEACON – Permission was requested, from Holt Ibeacon Project , to place small beacons at 3 locations in the Village. All agreed to this.
9. DRAGONFLY SCULPTURE: The unveiling of the Dragonfly Sculpture will be held on 3rd May, 2018 at 1.30p.m. and the pupils from Holt C.P. School will attend. An invitation is extended to all members. To support the Sculpture an Interpretation Panel is also being provided.
10. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Garden Lodge, Deeside, Holt. – Notification of proposed works to tree within Holt Conservation Area. Remove T1 Fir Tree – No objections. Section 78 Appeal – 5 Edwards Barn, Cornish Hall Barns, Wrexham Road, Holt, Wrexham. Noted.
11. MEMORIAL – Late Mr. D. Tapp – Application for headstone. Mr. Gaade proposed the application Mrs Jones seconded. Clerk to contact S. Price as stone already on grave.

12. ANNUAL EXTERNAL AUDIT OF ACCOUNTS 2017/18. – The Auditor General for Wales – Grant Thornton has appointed the 18th June, 2018 as the date by which the Annual Return must be received by them and the 17th May, 2018as the date which Elector’s have the right to exercise their rights.Mr. Cubitt proposed the this be accepted and the Clerk carry out the necessary procedures. Mr. Gaade seconded.  All members agreed.
13. ANNUAL INTERNAL AUDIT OF ACCOUNTS 2017/2018 – Year ending 31st March, 2018. This was officially received from JDH Auditors with a couple of minor follow ups which will accordingly be addressed. The budgeting procedure set in place by Mr. Hinchliffe who has been a great help to the Clerk, was approved and is working well, Mr. Cubitt proposed the receipt of the Internally audited Annual Return and Clerk and Chairman to sign. Mr. Hinchliffe seconded. All agreed.

14. ADOPTION OF RETENTION POLICY: Clerk had drawn up a policy to be used by Holt Community Council for safe retention of documents and data in line with new Data Reform. Mr. Hinchliffe proposed the adoption Mr. Cubitt seconded. The committee agreed.
15. DATA REFORM 25TH MAY, 2018: The council have begun working towards the requirements for this and the Clerk had met with Mr. Henry whoi we have appointed to be our DPO and who is carrying out a Data Audit for us to work on. The Clerk asked for a couple of councillors to help with this to form a small committee and Mr. Hinchliffe and Mr. Cubitt offered. Thanks extended to them both.
16. BORRAS QUARRY – Mr. Cubitt who kindly attends the Community meeting with Tarmac, reported there is a proposed takeover of Tarmac by Breedon’s. This will hopefully improve the Financial and employment situation here. Tarmac will retain the Bagging Plant. Mr. Cubitt was thanked for the report.
17. STREET LIGHTING: The Council need to start implementing the changeover to LED lighting which was budgeted for. It was proposed to invite Mr. Mark Collyer from Jones Lighting to attend possibly before June meeting at 6.30p.m. to discuss this.

ACCOUNTS: The following accounts were proposed for payment by Mr. P. Lewis, seconded by Mr. P. Hinchliffe. All agreed.

2449 – Mrs J. Pierce            Annual Expenses 2017/18                    £702-00
2450 – AVOW                       Wages G. Crofts April                            £241-13
2451 – WCBC                        Council Tax Toilets/B. green               £899-50
2452 – Mr. D. Kettle            Grass Cuts Bowling Green                   £180-00
2453 – Mr. M. Jones           Spring Treatment B. Green                  £350-00
2454 – Mr. E. Jones            Grass Cuts – Cemetery                          £220-00
2455 – WCBC                       Trade Refuse 6 months Cemetery       £476-00
2456 – Jones Lighting        Street Lighting – Maintenance            £157-00
2457 – Mr. P. Gaade           Toilets Heater & Repairs                       £102-00
2458 – Jones Lighting       Increase 18/19 missed off invoice       £    3-70
2459 – Mrs J, Pierce          Salary & expenses April                         £358-50

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 29th May, 2018.

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