Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 23rd March, 2016

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 23rd March, 2016

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors: Mrs G. Jones, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. P. Gaade, Mrs L Roberts,  Mr. D. Roberts, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. S. Lewis. Councillor M. Morris and PCSOs David Jones and James Hubb. Mr. Bob Campbell, Mr. Brian Payne and Mr. Jonny Hulson (North Wales Wildlife Trust) attended at 6.45 and a brief talk was given.

APOLOGIES: Mr. J. Evans also apologies omitted from February’s minutes.

CHAIR: Mrs. G. Jones the Chairperson opened the meeting and a silence was held in respect of the late Mrs Joyce Gwilym. Everyone was welcomed and the part of the meeting for Living Landscapes was opened at 6.45.

MINUTES: Mr. Pridding proposed, Mr. Cubitt seconded that these be approved and signed as a true record. All agreed.

Jonny had attended the Holt Town Trust and since then a lot of work had been put in with Bob and Brian to draw up a suggested project presentation with a view to one item being put forward for inclusion in a Lottery Grant.
Bob went through all the suggested areas and asked views of the members.
Jonny explained the type of things the grant was for but basically it is to enhance and provide wildlife areas, keep alive skills such as hedgerow management, scything, hay baling, to provide more access to these areas and as well as providing them for people to enjoy now it will preserve them for future generations. The school are eager to become involved. After the presentation and discussion there was an agreement that the following was most promising:
Phase 1 – Improvement from the Holt/Farndon Bridge to the Holt Castle
(along the river bank). Bob asked if it were Jonny’s time including this in the Lottery application and Mr. Cubitt proposed Mrs Jones seconded that it be included and our support given. All agreed. Councillor Morris thought the report very professional and well done. Thanks given to them for this.

David handed out the monthly crime sheet and once again Holt was very quiet which was pleasing. A garden ornament which was quite heavy had been stolen from Commonwood so everyone still needs to be vigilant! There have been a couple more incidents of theft on the Wrexham Industrial estate.
A lot of discussion took place with David over a car parked on the pavement and he was asked to revisit the owners and refer the matter to his sergeant as Councillor Morris notified the meeting that this had been raised with Sergeant Owen in the WCBC Council Forum and the pavement is part of highway if being obstructed. He also quoted relevant points in Service Level Agreement referring to Dog Fouling.
Dog Fouling is very bad again in Holt and the clerk is to contact streetscene as WCBC now have a contracted firm in charge of this and parking. It was also suggested flyers be considered.
Both PCSOs were thanked and left the meeting.

1.    PUBLIC TOILETS: There had been a small problem with blocked drains which S. Jones had been asked to look at and will repair. There is a light off here and there was an electrical fault which Paul dealt with through Healthmatic. Derek to read water meter. Thanks to them.
2.    TROUGHS AT ENTRANCE TO VILLAGE: These are now in place and will be planted by Mr. Hales. Thanks to all involved.
Observations are needed on this by 1st April, 2016 and to help the members Councillor Morris explained how everything worked with the requirements and numbers of houses. He then explained Holt is in Tier 3 with there being 4 tiers! He listed the proposed sites for consideration and the 1 which was the most likely . This was No 7 – land adjacent to the existing playing field and Sycamore House. At this point Mr. J. Pridding declared interest and left the meeting!
The land in question was discussed and Mr. Gaade proposed this be accepted as the most favourable with a maximum of 23 to 24 properties being allowed and adequate landscaping. Mr. Cubitt seconded. Clerk to write to Planning Policy Manager. Thanks again to Michael for his help and expert advice.

The Clerk had asked WCBC about the provision of a sign and they hmade the large Village sign at the entrance to the village from Wrexham. All agreed and thanked him. Conservation would need to be consulted before anything erected.

5.    MAINTENANCE OF PLAY AREAS BY WCBC: Mr. S. Lewis proposed, Mr. Cubitt proposed that the maintenance agreement be taken out for 2016/17. All agreed.
6.    MEMORIALS: Applications were received for the late Mr. P. Davies and Mrs M. Gibson. Mr. Gaade proposed these be approved, Mr. Roberts seconded.
7.    WALK FOR LIFE – KIDNEY DISEASE: Leaflets received. To take place on Sunday 24th April, 2016 – support wanted. Noted.
8.    MONTHLY BUDGET SHEET & APPROXIMATE FINANCIAL SHEET TO 31ST MARCH, 2016. These were handed to each member and Ms. Shone proposed these be approved, Mr. Lewis seconded. All agreed.
9.    PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Bryn Villa, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll – erection of calf rearing unit. No objections. Fir Grove, Castle Street, Holt – fell 1 no. Norway Spruce (protected by Holt Conservation area) No objection.
10.    PENSIONS REGULATOR: The Clerk has registered with the regulator as required and the Holt C.C. staging date is May 2017. This is to be added to the Risk assessment as a Low Risk as a follow up from Internal Audit 2014/15. Pension options to be looked into.

11.CLEOPATRA’S: A meeting had taken place between Darren Green, WCBC Highways, Councillor M. Morris, Councillor Mrs G. Jones (Chairperson), Councillor J. Cubitt and Mr. Kalkwari (Cleopatra’s). Discussion took place regarding obstruction of the pavement for Pedestrians caused by cars parking on the and tables and screening at Cleopatra’s. Yellow lines were discussed but these need enforcing and also bollards.  Councillor Morris brought to the meeting a sketch costing for 10 Bollards set .6m in and 1.2m clear at back.   These were looked at and Discussion took place.  The cost of these would be £1000/ £1250. The yellow lines and white  hatching on the junctions of Cross St/Frog Lane and Cross/Castle St Would still be required. The decision of the council was as follows:
Mr. Lewis proposed the bollard scheme be the preferred option and A letter be sent to Cleopatras asking if they would consider paying Half the cost, Mr. Gaade seconded this. All agreed. An answer to be Requested by the April meeting. It was felt this was a compromise As the Community Council had moved a long way.

12.    VILLAGE/CROSS: Discussion took place on the need to have someone for a few hours a week to keep the village and Cross tidy. The Clerk suggested someone either from WCBC or an independent firm. Councillor Morris suggested someone and the Clerk is to look into this.
13.    GENERAL MATTERS TO REPORT: Lights. Litter Bottom Road – Lay bye – Ty Garrets. Litter pick needed from Gourton Hall – Holt.
Litter end Francis Lane. 20mph sign needed at top Chapel St/Castle Street. Dee Villas – no hole in pavement, water backing up ( reported previously).
14.    ANNUAL EXPENSES FOR CLERK. These totalled £667-40 and Mr. Pridding proposed, Mr. Cubitt seconded that these be approved and paid. All agreed.

ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT: Approved by Mr. Cubitt seconded by Mr. Pridding. All agreed.
2236 – Mr. G. Crofts    toilets - February              £194-30
2237 – Mrs J. Pierce     salary & expenses             £322-51
2238 – Mrs J. Pierce     annual expenses              £667-40
2239 – Mr. D. Kettle     grasscutting                   £150-00
2240 – EMJ                   grasscutting                 £220-00
2241 – F.M. Security    2 x Cameras                   £250-00
2242 - Mr. G. Crofts    toilets March & supplies     £228-60
2243 – Scottish Power  supply portacabin            £  19-67

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 26th April, 2016.

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