Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 23rd Jan 2007

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 23rd Jan 2007


PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Williams, Ms. McConville, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Jones, Mrs Clays, Mr. Ratcliffe, Mrs Penny, Councillor Morris and Mr. Campbell and P.C. Muldoon.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone to 2007 and wished them all the best. A silence was then held in respect of the late Mr. Robert Gibson ( Mr. Jack Gibson’s brother.) Condolences had been sent by the clerk on behalf of the Community Council and Mr. Gibson expressed his thanks for these.

MINUTES: Mrs Jones proposed, Mrs Roberts seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record.


1.BIESTON – Redrow Estate, Notice Boards – Clerk passed on the name and number of a contact from the Management committee and Mr. Ratcliffe agreed to meet him to discuss positioning of boards.

Letter regarding the area covered by the Doctors surgery in Farndon also passed to Mr. Ratcliffe.

2.DEE PARK – PLAY AREA: The clerk had contacted Mr. Price over the cost of this scheme as no mention was made of the Wrexham Council paying half as we thought the scheme would be! He is to get in touch with her after he makes inquiries regarding funding.


A spec has been provided for this. A second quote has been obtained and it was agreed to get a third one from David Williams – Paul will see him then when all 3 quotes are in a sub-committee will be formed. A base course and wearing course needs to be added to the quote. This was agreed.

4.SIGNS AT HOLT: Clerk had written to the estate agents and WCBC who had replied saying the signs were illegal and they are to be contacted. They also included a useful booklet.

Signs to report – Red Hall Lane/Buck Road, sign in grass.

By Bellis’s – 2 cones on public footpath for over 1 week – Highways.

5.GENERAL MATTERS: U.5s – Village event sign needs taking down.

Clerk to telephone regarding dog waste bins again. Bad hole in Chapel Street – still there.

Flooding in Frog Lane. Hedges by Francis Lane.


P.C. Muldoon was wished a Happy New Year. She reported a quiet Christmas and New Year.

Concern was expressed from P.C. Muldoon that the new shelter on the school field, which could hold about 120 youngsters, was not shuttered. She had spoken to the school secretary who had thought the shutters would be provided when money was available.

Mrs Jones will voice our concern at the Governors meeting and telephone the Chairman.

There were only 4 crimes – 2 formal thefts.

CCTV Cameras: These were discussed and funding is to be looked at. Mrs Roberts proposed Northern Marches and Mrs Jones seconded.

It was proposed by Mrs Jones, seconded by Mr. Williams voting 8 to 5 in favour Mrs Roberts was thanked.

Graffitti – this can be cleaned and sites mentioned were garage behind M. Davidsons – this wall I in view of the play area. Castle and under the bridge.

Paul to see R. Bellis with regards to a notice on the wall of the cottage in Green Street.

4 penalty notices served on youths with up to £80 fines. Off licenses visited also.

Clarification was asked on an ASBO – this was given!

Within the next few weeks there should be 15 Community Support officers.

Community beat are having 6 jobs axed as there are insufficient car response officers.

Paul had expressed concern as he had brought up questions at the PCCG meeting and was promised a response. Concern was also expressed that P.C. Muldoon gets taken to other areas so frequently. The meeting had asked for community support for increase in police precept.

The Town Trust had written to object. Agreed the community council should express concern as whole of County Borough was increased some years ago. It was felt that if more PCSOs were employed we will lose our Community – Letter to R. Brunstrom.Beat Officers. Ruth Purdie had expressed willingness to come to a meeting.

This is to be arranged

Other Police Matters discussed – Frog Lane –no signage by Len Murray’s. Councillor Morris has already dealt with this and big and small arrows are to be put in shortly.

Holt Road Estate – trees uprooted by play area. Perhaps have a camera here?

Mr. Gaade suggested that perhaps for 1 month , P.C. Muldoon keep a diary of when she was coming to Holt and was diverted. She will do her best

Thanks to P.C. Muldoon.


6.LIGHTS : These were reported to clerk.

7.TARMAC: The meeting, regarding a new road proposed to go from Tarmac to opposite G. Breretons, was attended by Mrs Penny and her husband and Mr. Brereton. They had also written! Mrs Penny stated Councillor Morris was a great help in opposing this.

The clerk had been contacted regarding a meeting with Paul Rogers, she had contacted the Chairman and this meeting is to be delayed for fresh designs. Mrs Penny will be notified as will Mr Ratcliffe and possibly Mr. Lewis.


Clays Golf Club: - movement of a clay bank to create a grass bund (in retrospect) Letter to go to planning and Mr Larvin to express concern at this being in retrospect.

Esp Hill – conversion of former grooms cottage which is used at present.

Councillor Morris stated there is no new build here, just conversion. Concern with access was expressed.

Driving Test Centre – re-submitted.

Our original objections stand also there are no plans for additional traffic calming here.

7 Woburn Close – workshop – concern to what will be happening in workshop?

Laburnum Cottage – extension to side of property – materials should match the existing building but also concern if the building is using up parking space which is in short supply.



Mr Lewis and Councillor Morris had kindly attended this. This was discussed and as opinions have to be in by 16th February, 2007 it was suggested Mr. Gaade, Mr. Lewis, Mr & Mrs Roberts, Mrs Jones and Councillor Morris meet next Tuesday, 7.30p.m. to draw up a response.

Sunnycroft, Holt Road, Llanypwll – a site visit was held. Planning was granted.

10.COMMUNITY CENTRE: A revised contribution was requested by WCBC. This was £550. This will probably increase next year and if so we would need to ask the public so it was agreed not to contribute.


Community Publications from WCBC – these could go on Holt Website.

Community Council Forum – clerk to attend.

Key for disabled toilets scheme – clerk to reply.


A financial sheet was sent to every councillor and then issues such as the proposed Car Park extension were discussed.

Various precepts were worked out by the clerk on our new base rate of 1190 for a Band D property.

Mr. Lewis proposed £33280 which is 4% increase, Mrs Penny seconded.



Public right of way in school lane – filled in.

Cemetery – vases broken and thrown about. Police did visit next day.

Electric poles – Wrexham Road by Highfield. 8 poles – Manweb.

Hedge – Wrexham Road.

Trees – by Plum Tree Farm also conifers by flats, Quakers Way and Big tree on Green – need cutting.

Intac – road surface bad.

Wrexham Golf Club – putting on land by link road?

Hedge – Wrexham Road.


This was deferred from previous meeting. Advice had been sought by Clerk from Legal and this supported Councillor Morris’s advice to the Chairman!

Bev, Linda and Derek declared interest and did not vote.

Mr. Lewis proposed £250 Mr. Ratcliffe seconded – voting 6 in favour. 3 abstentions.

Accounts: WCBC grasscutting £1459-80, EMJ grasscutting £40-00,

Border Fire servicing £19-50, Mrs Pierce salary + exp £624, Kenyon Hall

Grant £250-00, A. White salary Nov – Jan £460, WCBC lights £333-29,

Dee Valley supply £101-37, Blue Loos hire £164-50,

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