Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 23rd February, 2021

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 23rd February, 2021

Venue: Zoom Meeting

The Zoom meeting was kindly set up as the previous meeting, by Mr. J. Cubitt using the membership set up by HLHS. The HCC record thanks to John and HLHS for this.

PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mrs G. Jones, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. D. Munnerley, Mr. S. Lewis, Councillor M. Morris. Mr. B. Campbell.

APOLOGIES: Ms. A. Shone.

CHAIR: Mr. J. Pridding, the Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting. A silence was held in respect of the following – Late Mrs Beryl Littlewood, Mr. Alan Tapp Mrs Beatrice (Betty) Williams, Mrs Doris Norman.

MINUTES: Mr. J. Cubitt proposed, Mr. P. Hinchliffe seconded, the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record. All agreed.


1.COMMUNITY AGENT: CARYS HUGHES: MINDFULNESS WALKS: All walks were completed and successful and enjoyed by all who took part. The Community agent and the Penley Conglomerate are working very hard as always.

2.NORTH WALES WILDLIFE TRUST; ‘HERITAGE GRANT APPLICATION – HOLT RIVERSIDE PROJECT: - There was nothing further on this as no meetings have been arranged with WCBC Footpath Officer until April 2021. Henry has been busy however and two lovely seats have been put in the Meadows. He is also asking for any photographs from the planting of ‘The Copse’.

3. POLICE MATTERS: Michael had kindly forwarded a ‘Speeding Report’ sent by the PCSO which was very low but the Current situation probably accounts for this as people working from home. Police were contacted one weekend because of so many cyclists on the Cross from different clubs over the border. Police did visit.

4. HOLT COMMUNITY GARDENERS: The gardeners now have the shed in place which Holt CC gave permission for with conditions. They now wish to put a small wind turbine on the roof of it but there are problems with planning as trees there and need survey and also cost of planning application expensive. The cost would be half if Holt CC applied, Councillor Morris advised. Clerk to contact John Brewin for his advice and Councillor Morris to look into it. Bob reported that the new ‘Village Entrance Gates’ are to be erected next week. Thanks were extended to everyone in Holt Community Gardeners who had worked on these and everyone looking forward to seeing them. It is hoped they may slow speeding down as well as enhancing the entrance to Holt Village.

5. ALLOTMENT RE-GENERATION GRANT: A lot of progress has been made here with accepting quotes and sending them and the tenant of number 3 allotment have kindly agreed to part of their allotment being made into 2 small allotments as theirs was bigger. Two trees are to be trimmed on side of allotments to give light. Paul Gaade to meet Joe Pridding to discuss a ditch which used to run on left of allotments by the shed. The fencing is first job to be done and stone is to be laid at the entrance to allotments from Chester Lane to beginning of number 2 allotment and in the ruts caused by cars, on pathway. This will be included in grant sum.

6. GENERAL MATTERS:  There have been a few matters reported to the Clerk and she has dealt with them as they arose. Handrail on footpath at bottom of Fairview – Clerk to check if repaired. Bin at the Castle had been emptied. Electric Power point – Clerk to check where Holt are on WCBC schedule for this.


7. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: 3 The Gardens, Church Street, Holt – Erection of Porch, Outbuildings, Wall (in retrospect – This had not gone to March planning.  A member of Holt CC will request to be present at the Zoom meeting on this. Mr. Cubitt proposed, Mrs Jones seconded. All agreed. 7 Vicarage Court, Holt – Replacement wooden windows to UVPC (in Conservation area) Objections raise because of view from an Historical Building, Holt St. Chads. Mr. Gaade proposed this, Mr. Munnerley seconded. Agreed. Cae Ffynon, Holt Road, Llanypwll, Wrexham – New cattery facility – no objections. Rose Avon, Bridge Street, Holt – 2 story extension. No objections.12 Ashley Court, Holt – Single storey & side extensions. No objections.

8.NOTICE FOR CO-OPTION OF HOLT COMMUNITY COUNCILLOR: The notices have been issued by WCBC and will be displayed on Website and Noticeboard

9.PUBLIC TOILETS: A quote is to be given by Mark Frost to have toilets, Bier House and railings painted. All agreed.

10. RESTORATION OF CENOTAPH ON CROSS: Holt Town Trust are to send out a letter seeking donations from Businesses and Holt residents to seek some donations towards this. The Clerk had sent a letter on War Memorial Funding to the Holt T.T. but they had already received a grant for this.

11. PROPOSED BUDGET  & PRECEPT 2021/2022 – Paul Hinchliffe had worked on the Budget putting everything discussed, into place and each member received a copy. The old reserves were £68,000 when Community Councils asked to lower them, this had been achieved over the years with good management. The reserves will now reduced considerably after expenditure in 2019/20 e.g. New LED lighting and 2 pieces of play equipment and with items budgeted for. As always as there are items such as matting on play areas instead of bark, which Carla Hughes WCBC is getting quotes for. This will not be done in one go but over a couple of years therefore expenditure needs to be carefully monitored as always. The Financial sheet for January showed an account of finances. Mr. Cubitt proposed the Budget be accepted as shown and Mr. Gaade seconded. All agreed. Mr. Hinchliffe thanked.

12. CEMETERY: Letter received requesting to place a Memorial seat in cemetery. Permission given stipulating the Conditions Holt CC set . Concern expressed also in the letter over trees to left of cemetery and paths. Mr. Gaade thought the Moss had been sprayed but not died off yet. Meeting with Eric to take place and to discuss work to mark out Stillborn graves as budgeted for. Mr. Hinchliffe proposed this Mr. Lewis seconded. All agreed.


13. INTERNAL AUDIT PLAN – ANNUAL ACCOUNTS 2020/21 & Letter of Engagement: This was formally received from JDH Internal Auditors.

14. MINDFUL MATTERS: Correspondence received from the lady who ran the Mindfulness walks, which were very successful. She has also been doing Zoom coffee mornings with residents in Holt and working voluntarily with our Community Agent. She is now planning sessions in the Kenyon Hall and more walks and hopefully working with youth (voluntarily). Amanda was seeking Financial assistance to subsidise the walks. As it is a business the S137 does not allow grants to be given . (the Clerk had explained this to her). Providing the Penley Conglomerate would manage the money through Carys our Community Agent, just for residents on her list then Mr. Gaade proposed £200 be given Mr. Hinchliffe seconded, all agreed. The works will not be held until at least April because of Covid regulations therefore the Clerk will not pay anything in this financial year!

15. NEW WEBSITE FOR HOLT – As discussed previously Bob Campbell is deservedly stepping down and now two residents have offered to take over and the Holt Community Council thank them for this. Bob is overseeing the changeover for which we are also grateful. A revamp will be done of the website and Bob had sent costings  etc. The matter of the ownership of the Website, being in Holt CCs name for payment etc was brought up and the Holt CC agreed to pay costs necessary as by law they need a Council website. However Mr. S. Lewis raised the question of Rogue items possibly being posted and Holt CC being held responsible, if site in their name. This concern was shared by members and Clerk to seek advice from WCBC and then contact Bob. Bob was thanked for the progress with this.


16. GENERAL MATTERS TO REPORT: Cemetery – soil taken from graves to be levelled when put on spare ground. Clerk to contact S. Pugh. Wall leaning – Holt Hill, Clerk to report to Building Control. Road Sweeper – It was confirmed this had been around the village but does experience problems with parked cars especially as more residents are at home. Clerk has been in contact with Mr. Hinds and she is to request Chapel Lane and Fairview footpath be included in work.

17. ACADEMY GARAGE SITE: The fence surrounding the site is leaning and it needs painting. Someone has secured the gates with a piece of wood. The maintenance of the fence was a condition of extension of planning therefore the Clerk to contact the planning officer.

ACCOUNTS TO BE APPROVED FOR PAYMENT – Mrs Jones proposed the payment of invoices in January, February be approved, Mr. Lewis seconded. All agreed.  January Payments.

2716 – AVOW            Wages & Salary G. Croft & Clerk            £710.03

2717 – WCBC            2nd half yearly play areas inspection     £327.60

2718 – S. Manwaring    Construction New Village gates        £608.44

2719 – Wales Audit     Fee for External Audit 2020/21          £350.25

2720 – J. Pierce       General expenses.                                      £  68.12

2721 – Hafren D.       Water supply                                            £112.20

2722 – Holt C. G.      Paint e.t.c to fix Entrance Gates           £107.75         February Payments.

2723 – AVOW            Wages & Salary G. Croft & Clerk         £710.03

2724 – EDF             Street Lighting Energy                             £198.42

2725 – E. Jones        Various Work – hedges & paths          £224.00

The next meeting of the Holt Community Council will be on held by Zoom on Tuesday, 23rd February, 2021 at 7p.m.

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