Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 22nd February, 2011

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 22nd February, 2011

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mrs Jones, Mr. Pridding, Mr. Lewis, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Evans, Councillor M. Morris. C. Kirkham.

APOLOGIES: Ms. A. Shone and Mr. J. Gibson.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, opened the meeting and a silence was held in respect of the following recently deceased – Mr. Doug Bithell, Mr. Harold Eaton, Mrs Sylvia Williams, Mr. William Chadwick, Mrs Florence White, Mr. Ray Gibson, Mrs Dorothy Leyland. After this a very warm welcome was given to Catherine Kirkam – Affordable Housing Enabler.


Catherine is employed to cover Flintshire and Wrexham Rural Communities to help Rural communities meet their affordable housing needs. She brought with her various literature and gave a very good condensed talk on her work and what she was looking for with regards to Holt. Her main aim now is to locate people who want housing and also to secure land or property to provide low cost housing, which in most communities is very rare thus causing people to leave their villages (especially young people or they have to stay at home for longer!)

It was agreed that Mr. Gaade and Councillor Morris would meet Catherine and walk the village and also information would be put on the website and in the Church Newsletter. Sincere thanks were given to Catherine and she thanked everyone and left.

MINUTES: The minutes of the last meeting were signed and approved as atrue record. Mr. Pridding proposed this, Mr. Roberts seconded it, all agreed.

Apologies were sent via E. Mail for the absence of police presence at the meeting. These were accepted. The website had not been updated since December so clerk had no report of crimes.
The matter of Dog Fouling, in the village was reported again and the clerk is to ask for visits to be made to the village by the environmental enforcement.
Cars are still being parked on pavements but a police vehicle was driven through the village but the parking was ignored!
Football being played on Cross on Sunday Evening.

1. PUBLIC TOILETS: Costings were received for heaters and thermostats. It was thought this could prove costly so it was agreed Mr. Gaade and Mr,. Roberts meet with Phil from Banos to discuss options.
2.BIER HOUSE:Gates are done and to be fitted with a lock.

3.SALT BINS: Clerk To speak to M. Jones, WCBC to ask him to replace the one by Kenyon Cottages and also to ask about one by Pensioners bungalows in Dee Park.

4.4, DEE PARK – PLANNING. Councillor Morris reported that this has been deferred because of a couple of matters.
11 DEE PARK – PLANNING: refused and PLAS BOSTOCK – pending. Councillor Morris was thanked.

5.ALLOTMENTS: Two letter were received but several people not in agreement with new letting rules. It was agreed by everyone that this should be withdrawn and reviewed and come into force 1st April, 2012. The clerk is to write to everyone stating this and notifying them that the new rent  of £10 will be payable from 1st April, 2011 when invoices sent out. The gate of the allotments has been repaired.

6.INVESTMENT STRATEGY: The clerk had found an Enhancement Fixed Rate Bond which was for 18 months with a 2.40% return. This was very good at the present time so Mr. Lewis proposed £40,000 from the Capital Fund be invested,
Mrs Roberts seconded, all agreed. This has to be done by 11th March, 2011.
Clerk thanked Mr. Lewis and Mr. Evans for their help!

7.GENERAL MATTERS: Fisheries – building 14 and a half metres by 5 metres which was okay . Water trench is being checked! Brickyard bends – done.

8.INVITATION TO MAYOR;S CELTIC EVENING: 12/3/11 – this was noted.

9.KENYON HALL COMMITTEE: A member to serve on the committee for the coming year, was requested. Mr. Evans proposed Mr. & Mrs. D. Roberts continue on the committee as they were both willing, Mrs Jones seconded this. All agreed.

10. BURIAL IN HOLT: - Mr. Ratcliffe, a resident of Holt for over 20 years and of the Bieston Ward until the Boundary changes, asked if he and his wife were eligible to be buried in Holt Cemetery. It was agreed that anyone who had Holt connections was able to be buried in the cemetery but if at time of their death they did not live there then it would be double fee. Mrs Jones proposed this, Mrs Roberts seconded. All agreed.

11. LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN – ALTERNATIVE SITE: - Land to the north of the by pass. This land has been put forward for Residential/mixed use.
It was agreed the clerk ask that it be left as open countryside as it is on a very busy roundabout and development here could cause highway issues.

12. GENERAL MATTERS: - Memorials – Applications were received for the late Mr. D. Shone and Mrs F. White. Mr. Lewis proposed these be allowed, Mrs Jones seconded.
City Status – Correspondence received regarding Wrexham’s 2nd bid for City Status – noted. Wrexham Community Forum – meeting 29/3/11 – noted. Information received regarding Lunch clubs – noted.

13.PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Clays Farm, Bryn Estyn Road – erection of double garage, no objections.
Laurel Grove House, Holt Road, Ridley Wood, rear extension – no objections.
Londis, Castle Street – demolition of 3 timber storage buildings at rear, rear extension to provide additional retail area and storage, replacement shop front and first floor windows serving flat over Londis. (letter from J. Hughes asking for support of this with reasons) The members supported this application but did feel the lighting to be excessive and not in keeping in design.
Clerk to write to Mr. Hughes and planning.
Rear of Gredington – erection 2 dwellings – no objection.
Borras Hall – retention of agricultural building (in retrospect) – observations still valid from 2005.

14.GENERAL MATTERS:still need sign for Commonwood – clerk has asked for this. Kenyon Cottage – large extension being built at back of Kenyon Hall – clerk to check.
Metal detector being used in Castle – check with S. Grentner.


1783 – Mrs J. Pierce    salary & expenses February   £321-40
1784 – Mr. D. Roberts keys and locks                          £  24-00
1785 -  Mr. A. White    salary August – March         £2439-00  cheque cancelled
Mislaid in bank!
1786 – Dee Valley         water supply cemetery/all       £ 28-27
1787 -  Mr. A. White     Re-issued cheque                  £2439-00
1788 -  E.M.J.                Work in cemetery                   £150-00

Mrs Jones proposed, Mr. Pridding seconded these.

Next Meeting – Tuesday, 29th March, 2011.

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