Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 21st July 2009

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 21st July 2009


PRESENT:  Mr. Gaade, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Ratcliffe, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Pridding, Mrs Jones, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Gaade, P.C.S.O. Poppy Hadfield- Jones, P.C. N. Gaskill and two members of the public.

APOLOGIES: Ms. A. Shone, Mr. Williams and Mr. J. Evans.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, took the Chair and opened with a welcome to everyone – a silence was then held in respect of the following deceased:
Mr. Dennis Tilston and Mrs Madeline Roberts.

MINUTES: The minutes of the last meeting were signed and approved as a true record. This was proposed by Mr. J. Pridding and seconded by Mr. Lewis.

1. P.C.S.O. Hadfield-Jones reported that this had been a quiet month with few incidents or crimes:
A vehicle had crashed into another vehicle.
Some manhole covers went missing – this could have been dangerous!
A couple of incidents not treated as crime and also a couple of incidents on the Fairways Estate, Holt Road.
Discussion is taking place for a Presentation on working with youngsters and Jim McKenzie would like to attend the Neighbourhood/Police meeting on 22nd September, 2009.
Cycling Proficiency is also planned in the school – this uaually involves only Year 6 children!
A couple of matters were reported to the police for follow up. They were then thanked and left the meeting.

2. FAIRWAYS ESTATE – ACCIDENT: There is nothing further to report on this but the clerk has written to Transport.

Councillor Morris reported that he had again met with Mr. Payne and a highways representative and they had suggested cutting into the bank and then they will adopt and maintain the steps because of liability. This was thought to be a good idea and is ongoing! Thanks to Mr. Payne and Councillor Morris for all their effort in this.

Planning Enforcement are aware conditions have not been met here (some mix up in correspondence with the agent for the owner). They will be keeping a check here.

5.PUBLIC TOILETS – HOLT: A couple of small matters here – hand dryer now working but stain still on changing mat. Some money still to be spent for landscaping here and paths – Mrs Roberts filled the committee in on this and the Chairman thanked her and Mr. Roberts for all the time and effort that they have put into the scheme.
It was agreed everyone have a think about what sort of containers could be bought for the plants and then get together!
6.STREETSCENE: Grass has been done and tree Dee Park has been passed to the section specialising in trees.

7.RIVERMEAD: The tree planning was applied for to cut it down was one in the middle which was half dead. All agreed this was fine!

8.PLANNING TRAINING: This was attended by Mr. Gaade, Ms. Shone and Mrs Jones – Mr. Ratcliffe gave apologies.

These were received by the council and are now to be sent to Hacker Young the external auditors. This was proposed by Mrs Jones and seconded by Mr. Pridding. All agreed the action.

10. VILLAGE/CROSS CARETAKER: Mr. Gaade had met Mr. White and he had walked the village with him. Clerk to send a formal contract to Mr. White with time sheets for completion. It was agreed he start work on 1st August, 2009 and be paid 6 hours at £6 per hour. This was agreed by all.

Ty Gollen, Borras Road – replacement of front boundary fencing (in retrospect)
Occupier attended the meeting but there were no objections to this.
1 Holt Lodge Cottages, Hugmore Lane – conservatory extension – no objections
Baker’s Cottage, Buck Road, Commonwood – re-sumission – ground floor extension and replacement of flat roof with pitch roof – no objections.
Plot B – Land adjacent to Dee Meadows – erection of detached dwelling – objections were raised to this as the original planning had been altered to be more in keeping with other properties but is more like the properties on Millfield.
Visually from the by-pass the development would be a blot on the landscape. All agreed.

12. STREET LIGHTING CONTRACT: A letter was received from WCBC who now contract out but the clerk was asked to contact Deeco for a quotation. The clerk can then contact the Chairman.

13. PAGEANT ON 19TH SEPTEMBER, 2009: This was discussed and the clerk had been asked to arrange the Road Closure. It was agreed the clerk do this and the Holt Community Council would pay the Insurance as their contribution to the event! Mr. Lewis proposed and Mr. Roberts seconded. All agreed.

14. SOCIETY OF LOCAL COUNCIL CLERKS: It was agreed the clerk renews the annual subscription and the council pay.

Droning noise from the Chip shop.
By-pass – bump in road also cutting on the Holt Farndon bridge – report to Cheshire.
Elms on footpath to Castle – dead and 1 broken.
Parking around the Cross was mentioned again  as it is still bad.
Lamp opposite Plum Tree farm has creeper on it.
Sign by bridge to be mentioned to Mike again!
4 & 11 Cross Street – Clerk to ask if cottages could be put on listing for Conservation.
Mr. Roberts asked where Conservation area was – Mr. Gaade has map.

Next Meeting on 15th September – Good Summer wished to all!

ACCOUNTS: -  proposed for payment by Mr. D. Roberts and seconded by Mrs L. Roberts – all agreed.

Mrs J. Pierce                               salary  July and August                £595-38
Blue Loos                                   Hire of  portaloos                          £391-00
Greenthumb                               Treatment                                      £108-00
E.M.J. Services                           Grasscutting                                 £220-00
Dee Valley                                  Water supply                               £169-02
J.D.H. Audit                               Internal 2008/9                             £181-05
Society Local Council Clerks    Subscription 2009/10                   £  82-00


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