Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 19th September, 2017

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 19th September, 2017


PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. J. Pridding, Ms. A. Shone, Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Hughes. Councillor M. Morris, Helen McCarthy & Terry Brownhill from 1st Response Team.

APOLOGIES: Councillors Mr. J. Cubitt, Mrs G. Jones & Mr. J. Duffy.

CHAIR: Mr. S. Lewis, the Chairman took the Chair and opened by welcoming everyone including Helen and Terry.

MINUTES: Mr. Gaade proposed the minutes of the last meeting be amended to read ‘Mr. Gaade’ took the Chair not ‘Mrs Jones’ he then proposed they be signed and approved as a true record, Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed.

ITEM 1 – PRESENTATION BY HELEN McCARTHY OF NEW 1ST RESPONSE EQUIPMENT -The Holt Community Council had, on behalf of Holt, donated £1000 to enable Helen, who resides in Holt and is a 1st Response volunteer, to purchase the necessary kit. She had kindly attended to demonstrate this and also presented the Community Council with a certificate. Mr. Steve Lewis received this on the Council’s behalf and thanked Helen and Terry. A possible demonstration of the Defibrillator for the residents of Holt was mentioned. Helen and Terry were thanked for attending and left.

1.    POLICE MATTERS: The PCSO was not in attendance and the Clerk had not been sent any Crime statistic sheets for August. It was thought that it was possible the PCSO had not noticed the meeting had been brought to 19th of the month! A particularly nasty burglary had taken place on Dee Park and residents need to be vigilant and also look out for neighbours especially elderly.
2.    PLAYSCHEME: The Clerk had spoken to Aaron Jones and with the money given by the Community Council, funds from the ‘old youth club’ and money raised by parents, the scheme didn’t require further funds for 2017/18. Figures are to be produced for a possible Playscheme for 2018/19, for the November Budget Meeting.
3.    CLEOPATRA’S – There had been no progress here and even though the Highways had responded to the Community Council’s e.mail it was felt this was not satisfactory. The Clerk is to contact Highways and ask for some action within a month or they enforce their correspondence of 2016.
4.    NOTICE BOARD: The Clerk had obtained one quote for a new board but is to obtain another one . Councillor Morris to send her a name! It was agreed that the board be green.
5.    HOLT CASTLE: The grass cutting was once again discussed and the Clerk is to contact S. Grenter to ask for a cut before the end of the season from the Heritage Budget and then when he has next years contract details it can be discussed as to whether Holt C.C. enhance or contribute. Mr. Gaade proposed this Mr. P. Lewis seconded.
6.    SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT: Payment of wages G. Crofts (Toilet Caretaker) – The Clerk has now set this up with AVOW as approved as WCBC ceased the service.
7.    BURIAL ACCOUNT: Discussion took place regarding moving this account into the Business Reserve Account. The Clerk had checked with the Audit office and as this is not a Trust fund this is allowed. The amount will still be earmarked in the accounts as Burial Funds. The Clerk is also to check regarding moving the Current Account. This will all make ‘Financial accounting easier’. Mr. P. Lewis proposed the Clerk look into this, Mr. Pridding seconded, all agreed.
8.    CEMETERY DRIVE: It was agreed that the hedge be tidied. Mr. Gaade to speak to Mr. S. Jones. A proper tarmacking job needs carrying out in the main cemetery on the paths and quotes are to be obtained. VILLAGE: Mr. Gaade reported that Mr. Hinds had sprayed some weeds and the village is looking quite tidy but Mr. Gaade is to speak to him regarding some areas.
9.    INSURANCE: The Clerk has submitted the necessary claim for the Public Toilets.

10.    NOTICE OF CONCLUSION OF AUDIT FOR 2016/17: The Annual Return for the Year ending 31st March, 2017 was formally received by the Council from Grant Thornton on behalf of the Auditor General for Wales. The Holt Community Council were issued with an unqualified audit report with attention to some minor issues e.g. omission of signatures not dated e.t.c. The Clerk has addressed the Accounting and Budgeting required with the kind help of Mr. P. Hinchliffe. He was thanked for this. Mr. P. Lewis proposed that this be received and duly advertised as is a requirement of law, Mr. s. Lewis seconded. All agreed. The Clerk is to display this on the notice board and on the Holt website.
11.    MAYOR’S CHARITY BALL – An invitation received to this for 6th October, 2017. Mr. S. Lewis took this to consider.
12.    APPLICATIONS FOR GRANTS: Community Cinema – this was received from Kenyon Hall Committee – Mr. P. Hinchliffe declared interest.
Geophysical Investigations of the CADW scheduled Holt Roman Tile Works to North of Holt – this was received from Holt Local History Society – Mr. Hinchliffe and Mr. S. Lewis declared interest. Rebeccas Garden – thank you letter received and Phase 2 was mentioned. Mr. P. Gaade proposed these be considered at the October Grant Funding Meeting, Ms. Shone seconded.
13.    E.D.F. ENERGY – It was agreed to stay with the company for a further year
For the Street Lighting energy supply. Mr. Pridding proposed, Mr P. Lewis seconded this. All agreed.
14.    WREXHAM ENERGY CENTRE: Development Consent Order granted – noted.
15.    STREET LIGHTING: Notification received from Jones Lighting that the SOX lanterns are to be phased out by 2019 and replaced with LED. This was noted as the Budget needs to be considered for this. The Clerk to obtain a price for replacement per lantern at the present time.
16.    WREXHAM COMMUNITY COUNCIL FORUM – to be held on 21st September, 2017. Noted.
17.    CODE OF CONDUCT TRAINING: The Clerk gave Councillors the two dates for the meetings to be held locally. Noted.
18.    GRESFORD COLLIERY DISASTER MEMORIAL SERVICE: To be held on Friday, 22nd September, 2017. Noted.
19.   PLANNING APPLICATIONS: - Hillside Farm, Holt Road, Llanypwll, Wrexham – Construction of new vehicular access – no objections.
Copper Leaves, Wrexham Road, Holt – Part two-storey & part single-storey rear extension & single-storey extensions to either side of dwelling – no objections.
The Chimes, 5 Vicarage Court, Holt – Replacement of all wooden windows with UPVC windows (on like for like basis) – no comment.
Cae Ffynnon, Holt Road, Llanypwll, Wrexham – erection of triple garage – no objections. Laurel Grove House, Holt Road, Ridley Wood, Wrexham – erection of Summerhouse in rear garden.
The passing around of planning applications rota was discussed as this still not very successful. New rota agreed.
The passing around of planning applications rota was discussed as this still not very successful. New rota agreed.
20.    REMEMBRANCE SERVICE: This was discussed and it was agreed that the sound system be hired again and also that some extra plastic poppies be obtained for the lamp posts. The Holt Town Trust have paid £100 for their wreath and the Holt Community Council will pay £150 which is for Community wreath, Guides (Brownies) and Crosses. The extra poppies are £5 each. Mr. Gaade proposed all necessary arrangements and payments be actioned Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed.


2 1.      ACCOUNTS – Revision of the Budget for 2017/18.Mr. Hinchliffe had been working with the Clerk through the Summer and all finances are now on Spread sheets and in Accounts book. A few alterations such as listing VAT separately to enable to see the actual figure paid has been done. The Financial sheets were handed around showing the balances and quarterly variance against the Budget, a sheet for the plans to meet all audit requirements was also handed out. Some reserve items were discussed such as Play Areas, Street Lighting including some ‘ugly’ lamp posts in centre of village.All agreed that they were very happy with the steps taken with Paul working with Jean and approved them. Thanks were given to Paul Hinchliffe.

Cemetery – ivy on Bier House and right hand hedge needs cutting (P. Gaade to contact E. Jones) Project for Copse with Jonny Hulson (P. Gaade to contact him) Speeding report mentioned past school (20mph) area.
ACCOUNTS – The accounts for September were approved and proposed for payment by Mr. S. Lewis , seconded by Mr. P. Lewis. All agreed.
2381 - F.M. Security    recorder CCTV   £510-00.

2382, 3 , 5 Cancelled,
2384 – Avow wages G. Crofts                 £241-13.

2386 – WCBC wages G.Crofts               £219-00.
2387 – Mrs J. Pierce salary                    £328-32.

2388 – Jones Lighting maint.               £157-00.
2389 – Mr. E. Jones grass cuts            £220-00.

2390 – Mr. D. Kettle grass cuts           £180-00.
2391 – SLCC membership                    £88-00.

2392 – Mrs J. Pierce salary Sept.       £326-37.
2393 – Jones Lighting Maintenance £157-00.

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