Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 18th September, 2012

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 18th September, 2012

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. Pridding, Mrs Jones, Ms. Shone, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. J. Evans, Mr. Cubitt, Mr. Gaade & PCSO Luke Dobby. Cllr. Morris.
APOLOGIES: Mr. S. Lewis, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts.
CHAIR: Mr. Pridding, the Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked our PCSO for attending.
MINUTES: Mrs Jones proposed, Mr. Gaade seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record.

A report was given out and except for a couple of incidents such as tree damage and a car theft it has been quite a quiet month!
The members were very concerned to hear that numbers are very low in the youth club and know that Mr. Duffy has put lots of time and effort into trying to keep this going over the years. It would be a great loss if it closed!

1.    GENERAL MATTERS: - Members are very dissatisfied with the grass maintenance this year! The Green has only received 3 cuts and the Castle 2, which isn’t acceptable. Clerk to contact M.P.
2.    PROPOSED NEW ENERGY CENTRE: Nothing more on this at present but  Mr. Cubitt has a friend qualified in this field and who will give help and advice if needed. Mr. Cubitt was thanked for this. Councillor Morris informed members that someone was to attend Isycoed meeting with a 2nd report and when this happens he will let Mr. Pridding, Mr. Cubitt & Mr. Gaade know so they can attend on Holt’s behalf! He was thanked.
3.    WALL BY DEE VILLAS: this is still not finished as problems occurred.
4.    W.I. PAPER SKIP: this is to be put on its new site on the car park.
5.    CHURCH GREEN –PLAY AREA: Clerk had contacted WCBC to ask for fencing around the play area for safety reasons. There is no money available but a quote of £5790 was obtained. It was agreed Mr. Gaade get 2 more quotes and then more approaches be made for funding.
6.    LIGHTS: Various lights have been reported and some repaired but a couple still not working properly.

7.   CHESTER MARATHON: Permission is being sought from St. John’s
To put there ambulance on the Green on 7th October, 2012 as they did last
Year. Everyone agreed to this.
8.   POLICE MEETING: This will be held on 11/10/12 in Level 4 Briefing Room
at 2p.m.
9    RUABON GOVERNORS: A letter was received asking if anyone was
Interested in becoming a governor at Ruabon High School. It was proposed this left by Mr Gaade, seconded by Mrs Jones.
10.    BELLRINGERS: Thank you letter received for help towards the Beacon.
11.    PLANNING:  Sycamore House, Wrexham Road, - 2 Storey extension & erection of outbuildings (partly in retrospect) Planning looking into this and concerns were sent so no further  Objections to be sent.                            Ingledene, Castle Street, Holt – alterations, extensions and improvements to existing cottage and garage to rear. Some concern that the porch was out of line with other properties and could be smaller.                                       Cornish Hall, Wrexham Road, Listed building consent for change of use & conversion of vacant agricultural buildings for residential development (5 units) – no objections.                                                                                           1 Yew Tree Close, Holt – replacement roof to conservatory – no objections. Little Oaks, Wrexham Road – erection of detached garage – no objections.

12.    GENERAL MATTERS: Rossett Corner – tarmac needs attention also sign for holiday route.
13.    HOLT TAXIS: Parking on Cross to wait for fares. To be asked to use Car Park.
14.    CAR PARK SIGN: it is felt this is positioned too high!
15.    ENTRANCE TO HUGMORE LANE: This is to be altered and traffic lights removed now new by pass opened. This will then be a minor junction.
16.    SPONSORSHIP OF ROUNDABOUTS: Clerk to write to Mr. Bradbury, WCBC to suggest companies such as Birse and JCB be approached to sponsor the roundabouts on the by pass to keep them maintained.
17.    INVESTMENT STRATEGY: The money invested by the Community Council for 18 months had matured and the clerk was given the opportunity to re-invest for 12 months at a good rate. As the action had to be taken before the meeting she contacted a quorum of members who agreed to this. The money has accordingly been re-invested for 12 months. Mr. Lewis proposed this was correct, Mr. Evans seconded. All agreed.
18.    FOOTPATHS: Councillor Morris is trying to get the footpath along by the pensioner’s bungalows re-surfaced. Clerk to ask WCBC to treat moss on footpath by Knightswood.
19.    CONTAINER: Clerk to ask WCBC to remove the container from the car park.


1902 – Royal British Legion      wreaths                              £150-00
1903 -  J. Pierce salary September & exp.                           £260-00
1904 -  P. Gaade  Chairman’s exp 2011/12                         £125-00
1905 -  EMJ        Grasscutting                                             £250-00
1906 -  ASAP      Signs                                                       £100-50

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 30th October, 2012.

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