Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 18th Mar 2008

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 18th Mar 2008

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Ratcliffe, Mr. Lewis, Ms. McConville, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Jones, Mrs Clays, Councillor Morris, P.C.S.O. Murphy and P.C. Griffiths.

APOLOGIES: Mr. Williams.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, opened the meeting with a welcome and a silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Parry.

MINUTES: The minutes of the last meeting were signed and approved as a true record. This action was proposed by Ms. McConville seconded by Mrs Jones.


A bench on the Bowling Green had been damaged – Mr. Gaade had reported this and met police.

Couple of incidents such as under age drinking and tree breaking reported.

All in all a quiet month. Inspector Ruth Purdie had visited the Neighbourhood, Police Meeting and been impressed with the excellent Community, Police liaison in  Holt.



1.PROPOSED NEW STEPS TO BY PASS: Nothing more on this but Mr. Payne will feed back to us when there is.

2.STREETSCENE: Road sweeper had visited the village.

Smithfield Street still needs a sign. Intac signs need fixing. Barriers on the Church Green need attention.

Dee Park – suckers still opposite 19.

Light no. 7 Wrexham Road on 24/7.



3.HUGMORE FARM : Planning for wedding venue. Apparently the noise will be monitored but is this inside or out? Extensions for licensing can be applied for but we will have no say.

4.ALLOTMENTS: The misunderstanding over allotment 2 has been sorted and a letter was received from Mr. A. Brown asking for tenancy of number 2. This was given, proposed by Mrs Jones seconded by Ms. McConville.

5.PLAYING FIELD: Mr Ratcliffe proposed we accept the WCBC maintenance programme for 2008/9. Mr Lewis seconded. This was £1509.

6.MEMORIAL SEAT: The family of the late Mr. Parry wish to place a memorial seat in the cemetery. No objections. Paul to meet Stuart.

7.LITTER BINS: Letter regarding these stated that the council do not provide special bins for disposing of Dog waste. This is to be put in bags and put in an ordinary bin.

Bins needed by bus stop, Wrexham Road and by main gate of cemetery.

8.COMMUNITY HEALTH BOOKLET: Ms. McConville to read this.


Plas Bostock, Commonwood, Holt – Conversion of re-dundant farm buildings – not more than 40% increase and kept to agricultural use.

Cross Cottage, Castle Street, Demolition of existing glazed link and erection of new link.


Grant for improvements at Kenyon Hall: - Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Ms. McConville declared their interest and left the room after discussion had taken place over the ownership of the hall. This is being looked into.

Mr. Gaade proposed £1000 Mr. Lewis seconded this. This was for work on the Refreshment room scheme. All in favour. The committee were thanked when the 3 members returned to the room.


10.SNOWMAN & FATHER CHRISTMAS AT BETHESDA COTTAGE: Mr. Gaade informed the committee that these were to be taken down. The clerk did have to write last year to request this!

11.CODE OF CONDUCT: Mr. Lewis feels unable to sign the amendment as does Ms. McConville therefore they will not be able to serve on the new council. Mr. Gaade thanked them both for their valued input and work for the community over the last few years.

12.CASTLE GARAGE & ACADEMY GARAGE: Mr. Gaade to visit Castle garage regarding the advertising van parked at playing field car park, clerk has written!

Councillor Morris to investigate planning on Academy garage as Van hire business seems to be operating from here.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 29th April, 2008.


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