Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 18th January, 2011

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 18th January, 2011

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Jones, Ms. Shone, Mr. Evans, Mr. Pridding, Mr. Lewis. Sgt Dawn Samuels representing police.

APOLOGIES: Cllr. Morris, Mr. Gibson.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the New Year 2011. A silence was held in respect of the late Miss Ada Parker and Mr. John Willoughby.


A welcome was given to Sergeant Dawn Samuels, who has attended before and she was thanked for attending. Reports were handed around but thankfully there was  very little to discuss crime wise in the village!
Sgt. Samuels did fill the members in , briefly, on some changes which will take place in the police force soon but hopefully we will be notified of any changes affecting Holt!
The PCSO is still working with the young people and a football event at Gwyn Evans Sport Centre is planned for the February half term – this is organised by the police! Work is to be done with the school liaison officer and also a litter pick is planned in conjunction with the Tidy Towns officer Shane Hughes.
It was reported to the sergeant that cars are still being parked on the pavement on Wrexham Road and by Elwood, these are blocking the pavement.
Mr. Gaade to attend the PACF meeting in Wrexham on 20/1/11
Mr. Evans raised the suggestion of a Farmwatch scheme – it was thought the PCSO had tried something along these lines?
Sgt. Samuels was thanked and left the meeting.


1.    BOWLING GREEN: Mr. Lewis proposed that the invoices be paid that are outstanding for Callum Edwards, Mrs Roberts seconded this. It was noted that the bowlers had collected and paid £100 of the bill themselves so they were thanked for this! Clerk to do costings and send to Town Trust and Callum to be asked to do a projected cost of work needed for 2011/12.

2.    NOTICE BOARD: This has not been done so clerk to ask S, Jones.

3.    PUBLIC TOILETS; These were severely flooded by burst pipes in the severe frost. Clerk has contacted the insurance company and the repairs are nearly finished. Phil from Banos is to do loft and cavity insulation, a cost of £300 – proposed by Mrs Jones seconded by Mr. Lewis, all agreed. Mr. Roberts agreed to liaise with Phil (he was thanked for this) He is also to get Phil to quote for heaters and a shut off valve. Thanks to Derek and Linda for all their help and work here. Mr. Gaade to get Mr. A. White to do a big clean up when work done. Derek wasalso given permission to purchase a set of locks.

4.    BIER HOUSE: A quote was received from Mr. Gibson for the making and fitting a steel gate over the wooden door on the building. Mrs Jones proposed the quote be accepted, Mr. Roberts seconded, all agreed.

5.    SALT BINS: The members are not happy with the unsightly bin by the railings (bend by Kenyon Hall) as this is in a Conservation area. Clerk to speak to Mike Jones to get a more suitable replacement. Mr. Lewis proposed, Mrs Jones seconded.


6.COMMUNITY CENTRE – FUNDING: The Community Council have been asked to contribute nearly £1200 towards the upkeep of the Community Centre. They do not feel they are able to do this without it being the Residents of Holt wish and are to seek views on this! They feel their first priority should be to the Holt Village Hall which is the Kenyon Hall and which is part of the Heritage of Holt!

7.CAER ALYN: - INTERNATIONAL MEETING IN WALES Notification was received regarding a visit to Holt and a tour of the village and meeting in the Kenyon Hall on 3rd February, 2011 at 14.00 hours. Noted.

8. BOWLING GREEN: Permission to place notices, in the notice boards, asking for new members, was requested, by Mr. D. Kettle. This was given and the notices were to be put up.

9.LOCAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN: Mrs Jones proposed a piece of land belonging to Thomas’s be objected to for development Mrs Roberts seconded.

10.MBNA CHESTER MARATHON: Notice was given that this is to take place on Sunday, 9th October, 2011 and part of the course is in the Holt area. The clerk is to contact the organisers so that perhaps there can be some involvement in Holt.

11.STREET LIGHTING: WCBC have conducted an in depth survey into street lighting and found some communities were not funding their lights. They gave options for doing this. Holt however already do this so Mr. Pridding proposed we remain as we are and Mr. Lewis seconded. All agreed.

4 Dee Park – side & rear 2 storey extension to form granny flat (with attic window) objections because of the visual impact from the by-pass and also not in keeping with extensions already done in surrounding property – no objection to side extension!
Land adjoining 11 Dee Park – erection of bungalow & garage – objections still held on this as before. (plans amended slightly for bungalow to be slightly smaller and re-submitted)
Plas Bostock Farm, Buck Road – Erection of rear storm porch and access ramp (in retrospect) No objections but once again a retrospect planning! 2nd application for listed building consent also in retrospect!
Land off Francis Lane – erection of field shelter (in retrospect again!)
Double Glazed Wooden Windows to front elevation (in retrospect!)
Bridge View Cottage, Green Street – refurbishment & internal alterations to create 1 dwelling – no objections amended plans also received for this property (no objections) gable end facing up Holt Hill – taken out 2 windows, now French doors.
6 Fairview, off Castle Street – remove 1 Ash tree (within conservation area) – no objections.
St. Chad’s Church – reduce height by 1 metre and trim sides from 2 Yew trees (within a conservation area) – no objections.
Bellis Bros – extension to side of new kitchen to provide additional storage space.
No objections.
3 Laurel Grove Barns, Ridley Wood – single storey sun lounge extension –
This was refused by WCBC now going to appeal.

13,ALLOTMENTS: Tenancy Agreement and Lettings Policy.
Mr. Gaade thanked everyone for their feedback on this and Ms. Shone proposed the rent per annum for 2011/12 be set at £10 Mr Roberts seconded, all agreed.
The new agreements and policies are to be sent to tenants for signature and if they do not wish to accept the new conditions then they have until 31st March, 2012 to give notice. They will still have to pay the increased rent for the year!
Mrs Jones proposed that the clerk let the 2 vacant allotments to the next 2 people on the list and send the new documentation, Mr. Lewis seconded this. All agreed.
Councillor Morris and Mr. Gaade were thanked for all their hard work with this.


14.The members discussed money held in the capital fund which is banked in what was a high interest account but over the last couple of years as with all accounts there has been no interest worth mentioning! The clerk is to look at some options to possibly move a set amount to try to procure a higher interest whilst not risking the capital! Mr. Lewis kindly offered to look into this as well and the clerk thanked him.


15.FISHERIES – COMMONWOOD: - Clerk To contact the planning enforcement as quite a large building has been constructed (planning was granted but the size needs checking) also a large trench.

16.POTHOLES: Mr. Gaade had been to a meeting at WCBC and the state of the roads had been discussed. The council were very apologetic and the clerk is to write to say we appreciate the situation and what they have done but not to forget us as Brickyard Bends are in a bad state!

17.GENERAL ITEMS TO REPORT: - Double hedges – not passable. Street lights – 4 reported. Bottom Road – rubbish tipped. Tractor and trailer crossing the bridge – overweight! Dog Fouling – clerk to ask for visit from dog warden as some residents letting dogs roam free thus allowing them to foul footpaths and play areas!

Thanks to all for attending, next meeting 22nd February, 2011.

1774 – Mrs J. Pierce  salary January £301-40.

1775 – Banos Ltd  repairs toilets £2226-00.

1776 - Banos insulating & lagging £300-00.

1777 – Scottish Power energy £54-29.

1778 – E. Edwards bowling green £500-70.

1779 -C. Edwards bowling green £170-00.

1780 -  Mossfords repair gravestone (money left for this in will!) £288-00.

1781 - WCBC street lights £314-09.

1782 – Dee Valley water supply £151-98.
Ms. Shone proposed these be paid, Mrs Jones seconded.

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