Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 17th May, 2012

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 17th May, 2012

Venue: Holt Community Centre

This was the Annual Meeting but was the 1st Meeting of the newly elected council,
Elected on 3rd May, 2012.

The new members signed the Declaration of Office and adopted the Code of Conduct.

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Pridding, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Cubitt, Ms. Shone and Mrs Jones. Councillor Morris, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Murray, Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Bellingham were also present. P.C.S.O. Lydia Johnson also attended.

APOLOGIES: Mr. John Evans was not present as he unfortunately had an operation. Our good wishes will be sent to him and we look forward to him joining us once again1

Mr. Gaade the retiring Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed the new members, the police, members of the public and especially Councillor Morris who was congratulated on being re-elected as a Wrexham County Borough Councillor and so continuing as representative for the people of Holt, he also thanked Mike again for all his hard work, help and advice.

Ms. Shone proposed Mr. Gaade retain the Chair but he has done a long stint and wished for someone else to have an opportunity!
Mr. Lewis proposed Mr. Pridding Mr. Gaade seconded and this was agreed unanimously. Mr. Pridding accepted and was handed the Chain of Office by Mr. Gaade and wished all the best!
Mr. Gaade proposed Mrs G. Jones, Mr. Lewis seconded this and she was elected unanimously. Mrs Jones accepted the position as Vice Chairperson.
4 applications were received for this position and the clerk read out the letters of application. The clerk had contacted the Electoral office and it is up to the Community council how they decide the process of co-option. They can either vote or do a ballot. The members were to do a ballot but Mr. Lewis then proposed that as he did not know all of the applicants and other members didn’t, that it would be fairer to meet all applicants and then decide. Mrs Jones seconded and all agreed.
The clerk will contact all applicants and we will meet them before the next meeting and decide who to co-opt.

MINUTES: The minutes of the last meeting were signed and approved as a true record. Mr. Lewis proposed this, Mr. Roberts seconded, all agreed.

VANDALISM TO PUBLIC TOILETS: A lot of work has taken place and Mr. Gaade and P.C.S.O. Johnson have managed to get an agreement that the youths responsible will each pay £100 to pay for the damage they caused. This is to be done by the 22nd of June, 2012. We are sincerely grateful to the police and hope that the message is passed around that Vandalism will not be tolerated. We do also thank the parents, of the youths responsible, for their support in this matter.
(The clerk was kept fully informed of every action taken by the police and she also thanked P.C.S.O. Johnson for her good work)
Our new P.C.S.O. Luke Dobby will take up his post on 21st May, 2012 and the Community Council look forward to working with him.
Other than the vandalism the monthly report was very small with 1 burglary and 1 theft & handling! Lydia was wished Good Luck in her future career and thanked again and we are sorry to see her go but she was not permanent and has been mentoring Luke who we are sure will settle very quickly!

1.    GULLIES: The clerk had reported these and a visit was made but a lot seem to have been missed.
2.    ALLOTMENTS: The letters from some of the allotments holders were read out and as representatives were present they were invited to speak to try and solve the issues and settle things. After much discussion Mr. Lewis proposed that 1. hosepipes be allowed to fill containers if residents have difficulty with carrying and 2. Rubbish can be burnt in incinerators but they must be supervised. Mrs Jones seconded. The agreement was taken from WCBC agreement and was a legally approved document, a couple of points were amended before and now these two amendments have been made. If tenants are to continue with their allotments then the agreement needs to be signed.

3.    SMITHFIELD GREEN: Copy of a letter received regarding the Green but as this is Town Trust land Mr. Gaade proposed leave it to the Trust and Mr. Lewis seconded this.
4.    OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY: An invitation to attend the Guildhall for the Celebrations was received and Mr. Gaade will attend on behalf of the council.
5.    SEAT IN MEMORY OF PARENTS: A letter was received from Mrs P. Davies (nee Lewis) asking to put a seat in the cemetery. She had spoken to the clerk. Photographs were enclosed and an old seat may need moving. Mr. Cubitt proposed permission be given and the clerk to work with her, Mrs Jones seconded.
6.    WEEDS ALONG FENCE – BOWLING GREEN: Letter received from resident as weeds coming under their fence, Their fence now needs replacing but to try to solve the problem clerk is to ask Stuart to weed along fence. Mrs Jones proposed, Mr. Roberts seconded.
7.    CASTLE: It is understood that work is to start soon on the castle, clerk to contact Steve Gentner.
8.    PLANNING: CHAPEL HOUSE – ERECTION OF FENCING (in retrospect) The members had objected to this previously and contacted the planning and  their comments on the application are as follows: It is too high in what is a prominent position at junction of Chapel Lane/Chapel Street and the members would like to see it stained in perhaps green to soften the effect and screened with continuation of the Laurel hedge. Cross Cottage, Castle Street, Holt. Alteration of conditions for use as a holiday let – It was felt a 6 month occupancy should be placed on this if allowed to prevent long term rental! Orchard Cottage, Castle Street – Removal of 1 fir tree – no objections.
9.    ANNUAL RETURN – INTERNAL AUDIT REPORT: Mr. Lewis proposed that the Internal audit report be formally received and that the clerk deal with the 2 minor follow up items brought to the council’s notice, This will be done. Mr. Lewis seconded. All agreed and the Internally audited annual report was duly signed by the Clerk and Chairman, before the council and a draft copy will be sent to Hacker Young before 31st May, 2012.

10.    HOLT HISTORY SOCIETY: Mr. Cubitt informed the meeting that after a very successful 2oth Anniversary weekend, which was well attended, a grant is being sought for further research to take place. The council were asked for a letter of support for this. Mrs Jones proposed the clerk send one, Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed.
11.    PATHS – DEE PARK FROM FAIRVIEW: The condition of the paths leading to the pensioners bungalows and also the Castle. Councillor Morris to make enquiries as to funding to get these done.
12.    DOG FOULING: This is quite bad again and the clerk is to write to one resident and send a copy to WCBC.
13.    GENERAL MATTERS: Grass – Church Green needs an extra cut. Dropped kerb opposite spa needs marking – Councillor Morris to contact. Weeds on Cross – need spraying. Ladies toilets need a new tap! Paul had spoken to Mr. White regarding some of his duties on the Cross, around the village and with the toilets.
14.    MINUTES: The clerk discussed E.Mailing minutes to the members now that postage has increased but Councillor Morris thought there was a ruling preventing this. He will look it up and send a copy to the Clerk.


1880 – Mrs J. Pierce    salary May & expenses                                £259-00
1881 – WCBC              contribution to Community Centre          £1294-00
1882 – J.D.H. Audit     internal audit fee 2011/12                            £204-00

These were proposed for payment by Mrs Jones & seconded by Mr. Roberts.
All agreed. Next meeting will be on Tuesday, 26th June, 2012.

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