Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 17th January, 2012

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 17th January, 2012

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Pridding, . Ms. Shone, Mrs Jones. Six members of the public (residents of Francis Lane, Holt) were also present.

APOLOGIES: Mr. Evans and Councillor Morris.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairperson welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the New Year. A silence was held in respect of the late Mrs Priscilla Huxley, Miss Olwen Roberts, Mrs Joan Dutton and Mrs Tilley Baker,

MINUTES: Mrs Jones proposed the minutes of the previous meeting be approved and signed as a true record, Mr. Lewis seconded, all agreed.

Change of use of land from use in connection with commercial horse livery to use as premises for an equine veterinary service.

The members had looked at this application and considered that as there was already commercial planning here this shouldn’t be an issue. They were concerned with the possible highway problem but Highways are always involved in planning applications! The clerk and Chairman were however contacted and it would appear that residents got their letters later than the Community Council and thus missed the November meeting!
The residents were allowed to put their case forward and were assured the council would reconsider their views and they then left after being thanked for attending.
It was then agreed that a letter of objection be sent because of: . the volume of traffic.
. number of employees.
. possible 24 hour use.
. heavy horse boboxes on a narrow lane.
. drugs on site.

1. POLICE MATTERS: There were no police present and Mr. Gaade had heard unofficially that the planned change of PCSOs had not taken place. It was proposed the clerk write to the new Inspector to ask for clarification on this. Once again lack of communication!
Mrs Jones mentioned the school governors were concerned as they had not met the new PCSO!
Matters discussed were the break-in at the Bowling hut – case solved but no action!
Cars being scratched at weekends. Youth on bike causing trouble still.

Dog fouling: This is still an issue – clerk to contact dog warden again.
If anyone is caught allowing their dog to foul and not clearing it up they will face a hefty fine also if a dog is allowed to roam free and is traced to the owner this will apply. The paths and pavements in the village are not fit to walk on in some areas!

2.CCTV- An additional one has now been installed and footage will be looked at regularly.

3. PUBLIC TOILETS: Heaters and automatic door closes to be installed and Mr. Roberts proposed when this done the clerk to pay Banos Mrs Jones seconded.

4. CHIROPODIST SERVICE: Clerk has been trying to get in touch with gentleman concerned to invite him to our February meeting or at least get a proper reply to our letter!

A letter was received from the Kenyon Hall Committee asking for funds towards a tea for pensioners to celebrate the Jubilee. Estimated cost £500 plus. This was discussed and whilst it was thought this was a lovely idea, it was generally thought that some pensioners were able and would like to contribute to their tea financially perhaps by way of a donation box. It was therefore proposed by Mr. Lewis, seconded by Mr. Gaade that the clerk reply and suggest this and agree that the Community Council would then pay half of any shortfall.

6. HEDGE AT STRAWBERRY FIELDS: - Reply received from Mr. Feeney stating he was in the process of trimming this and had never not maintained his hedge. This was agreed and the letter sent to him was not a criticism. Concern was still expressed at the amount of overhang still present and the clerk is to reply.

7. TREE ON No.6 ALLOTMENT: This is causing concern as it is quite big. Clerk to contact the WCBC and then get it removed by Mr. S. Jones. Mrs Jones proposed, Mr. Roberts seconded this, all agreed.
Letter received regarding any liquid backflowing into drinking water on allotments, received from Dee Valley Water. We have none.
Local Elections 2012. Open evening for prospective candidates 23rd January, 2012.
Mr. Gaade to attend. Police/Community Council meeting 16th February at 2p.m. Clerk and Mr. Gaade to try to attend.
Audit – changes to the dates of the audit timetable, earlier. Clerk noted.
Tarmac – meeting 26th January, 2012. Independent remuneration panel for wales – final annual report – noted. Holt U.5s – change of Chairperson – noted.

Waterways Garden Centre, Holt Road, Wrexham – display of section pots both sides of entrance. Mr. Lewis proposed, after photographs and size had been studied of the pots that the following objections be sent:
The sheer size and appearance of the pots (brightly coloured!) would not be suitable in this location as they would be very distracting on what is a busy junction. Ms. Shone seconded and all agreed.
Laurel Grove, Ridley Wood – extension to side of dwelling – gone to appeal. Noted.
Land south of Ridley Lane, Wrexham Industrial Estate – outline application for B8 storage & distribution warehouse, development & associated ecological mitigation area including means of access off Bryn Lane and layout. No objections.

Allotments – hedge cut – it was agreed the owner approach the council first next year. Holt sign – leaning. Brickyard bends – new road surface has holes in already before bad frost! White lines through the village need re-marking. New green bin has arrived and is to be put in position and the yellow one to be put on Dee Park if possible!. Metal dog notices to be requested.
New lamp has been put in Ashley Court and existing pole still there. Clerk to enquire why? Signs Frog Lane and Rossett Road to be reported again! Lights to be reported.

Reminder to be put on agenda that a meeting be held 20 mins. Before the council meeting to look at planning applications. They will then be discussed in the proper meeting! This is to save time.

Next meeting 28th February, 2012.

1853 – Mrs J. Pierce salary to end March (adjusted for tax) £421-96
1854 – Mrs J. Pierce ink for printer £ 15-00
1855 – Scottish power energy £ 23-59
1856 – Shelter Store green grit bin £ 170-00
1857 – F.M. Security CCTV camera & pole £1398-00
1858 – Dee Valley Water water supply £151-68
1859 – WCBC lighting – maintenance & repairs £462-33
1860 – Banos Ltd 4 tube heaters £1170-00

Mrs Jones proposed, Mr. Pridding seconded these be paid. All agreed.

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