Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 15th Sept 2009

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 15th Sept 2009


PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mrs Jones, Ms. Shone, Mr. Pridding, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Evans, Mr. Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Gibson, Councillor Morris, P.C. Mark Harris, P.C.S.O. Poppy Hadfield-Jones, Mr. B. Campbell and Mr. B. Payne.

APOLOGIES: Mr. Ratcliffe and Mr. Williams.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, took the Chair and opened the meeting with a welcome. There were no deaths in the past month.

MINUTES: Mrs Jones proposed that the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record. Mr. Roberts seconded this and all agreed.

The police reported, on what had been quite a quiet month, crime wise, with only a couple of thefts, 1 theft of a vehicle a couple of thefts from outhouses, 1 criminal damage and 1 drink driving and 1 drugs. This may not seem quiet but to some communities it is!
Community Based Projects:- The police are working on several of these such as the Pageant on the 19th September, 2009. Work with the school – visit to Dangerpoint.
International Day, litter pick at the Rugby club e.t.c.
P.C. Harris is now qualified with the speed gun and will give tickets if needed!
Concern was expressed to the police about the empty cottages because the shutters are being broken and they were asked to visit the owners.
The castle area is still being monitored and also the Cross area.
Thanks were expressed to the police for attending.
Most trouble had been experienced on the Fairways Estate with young people and a meeting had been arranged.

Mr. Payne kindly explained the situation on the steps and that the Holt Community Council would have to take on the agreement (a draft copy had been received by the Clerk) The agreement required the council to take on the maintenance and have 5 million insurance. After discussion it was proposed that metal steps would be better with regards to less maintenance – Mrs Roberts proposed this Mr. Evans seconded.
Mr. Lewis proposed the clerk look into the insurance and subject to this being in place the agreement be signed by the Clerk and Chairman, Mr. Roberts seconded this. Agreed.

2.PUBLIC TOILETS: Notice Boards have been ordered and to be put in place. A reprofile of the grant is to be done. Thanks once again to Linda and Derek.

3.CROSS/VILLAGE CARETAKER: A letter is to be sent to the Holt Town Trust to inform them that Mr. A. White began commenced his employment on 1st August, 2009 and already lots of good feedback has been received. Some money is to be requested
from the Trust towards Mr. White’s salary, as agreed.
Dee Meadows – application on Plot B refused.

5.HOLT PAGEANT: Clerk asked if possible could help be given especially with clearing litter on the Saturday. This was discussed and clerk was instructed to request Mr. White to use his hours on the Cross to do this. Councillor Morris kindly offered to take the refuse to the Industrial Estate at around 5p.m. on Saturday.

6.MATTERS TO REPORT: Bump in the road on by-pass Clerk had reported but this is on Farndon side! Little Lodge – Elms dead on footpath. Creeper on pole opposite Plum Tree Farm (not WCBC) responsibility therefore clerk to contact Mr. S. Jones)
A request was made for all of Holt to be put in the Conservation area for ease of knowing the boundary but Councillor Morris explained why this would be unlikely and certainly not considered in the next 5 years.
Parking around the Cross – letters had gone out to businesses but and eye to be kept on the situation here and possibly letters to be sent again!

7.MEMORIAL: Mrs Jones proposed permission be given for memorials for the late Mr. Brian Nelson and Mrs Edna Tilston, Mr. Pridding seconded this.

8.MARFORD & GRESFORD U.13S: Letter received requesting use of the pitch. This was refused, clerk to reply to the letter.

This had been received by the clerk from Hacker Young and it was a clean report. The members formally received the same. Mr. Lewis proposed this be received and Mrs Jones seconded, all agreed.


Primrose Cottage, Smithfield Green, Holt – single storey rear ext. to form dining room/playroom (amendment to previously approved scheme) Members are concerned with this because a previous application has not been adhered to. Planning to be contacted!
The Bungalow, Cross Street – fell 1 Willow tree and replace with shrub or ornamental tree (in conservation area) – no objections.
Mill Mount, Francis Lane – internal and external alterations and construction of conservatory to dwelling – no objections.
Millenium Eco Centre – display of signs (in retrospect) no strong objections but these are quite large.
3 Borras Hall Court, Borras Hall – erection of 3’ high picket style fence to perimeter of front garden – no objections.
Holmlea, Church Street – erection of porch (in retrospect) – no objections.
Plas Bostock, Commonwood – 8, 11 and 13 of planning permission – continuation of development without complying with conditions – no objections.
Bakery Cottage, The Cross – replacement of existing windows (within conservation area)
Bellis Bros. Farmshop & Garden Centre – construction of restaurant patio area and tarmac service road (in retrospect) concern over how safe the layout would be was expressed also application for sale of alcohol (in retrospect) Holt C.C. only notified on this. Have no strong voice as its decided by courts!
17 Vicarage Court – removal of existing conservatory and erection of single-storey rear extension – no objections.

Dee Valley Water – meter changed in cemetery – noted.
Lodge Farm – Public Inquiry 3rd November, 2009 – noted.
Mayor’s Ball – noted.
Bus Strategy – Mr. Gaade to read, any comments to clerk by 2nd October, 2009.
Opening of P.F.I. Waste Re-cycling Plant on 15th October, 2009 at 2.30p.m. – Mr. Gaade to attend.
Newsletters from Northern Marches handed around.

13. TIDY TOWNS GRANT: Clerk and Mr. Morris had met Kevin Edwards to discuss what needed on the Picnic/parking area by the river.
Clerk had obtained quotes for fencing and a picnic table ( thanks to Michael for brochures) It was agreed when time right some pupils from the school be asked to plant bulbs. Grant covers fencing £2100 and table and fixing £800 which leaves £100 towards a concrete base for the table! Quote through WCBC for car park was too high therefore Mr. Roberts offered to get a digger to investigate here to see what is under the surface and then perhaps put crushed stone! Services to be contacted!

Jolly Good Van Hire – parking on pavement.
Green Street – drains need attention. Hedge at play area Dee Park and around sub station Dee Park. Academy garage – site is a mess and sign for petrol needs removing.
Telephone kiosk, Commonwood – glass smashed and needs removing.
Footpath Bellis’s – back of information board needs cleaning.
Remind WCBC about sign for Commonwood, yellow markings Isycoed but no roadworks done! Paint needed on kerbs where traffic calming is on Frog Lane for safety.
Mrs Jones to arrange hedge cutting for Community hedges. Clerk to contact Welsh Water regarding potholes in Chester Lane!
Mr. Gibson mentioned the new bin by the hairdressers. This was erected by WCBC and they are responsible for any safety issues!

1656 - Mr. K. Massey       Notice boards     £1035.
1659 – Mr. McConville    grasscutting        £   810    1660 – J. Pierce salary Sept £297-69
1661 – E.M.J.                   grasscutting        £   440     1662 – Greenthumb   £219-50
1663 – L. Roberts             printing e.t.c.      £ 44-27    1664 – Hacker Young audit £460
1664 – WCBC                  pest control         £ 50-00

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