Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes -14th September, 2010

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes -14th September, 2010

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Pridding, Ms. Shone, Mrs Jones, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Evans. Mr. Gibson. Councillor Morris, PCSO P. Hadfield-Jones, Mr. B. Campbell.
APOLOGIES: These were received from Mrs Roberts who was at another meeting.
CHAIR: The Chairman, took the Chair and opened the meeting with a welcome especially to Bob Campbell who does a great job attending meeting to update the Holt website.
DEATHS: A silence was held in respect of the late Mrs Enid Jarvis.
MINUTES: Mr. Lewis proposed, Mr. Roberts seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record.

Polly gave out copies of the monthly report and apart from a couple of thefts and criminal damage things were very quiet.
Support is available to families who need it now via the police and other agencies and some support has already been given locally.
P.C. Mark Harris has been moved and the new P.C. to cover Holt is P.C. Robert Powell  1586 who has been covering the Industrial Estate for some time and will continue to do so! A police surgery is to be held once a month in Bellis Bros and hopefully this will be more successful than the Neighbourhood meeting which was poorly attended.
Football Programme – funding has now been given for equipment for this and it is to be held on the Wrexham Road playing fields. At the end of October a week of football is to be held and Polly asked for the council to sponsor trophies and medals, for the Presentation on Saturday, 30th October, 2010.
Holt had won through to a match in Manchester after the summer matches so well done to those involved!
It is appreciated that Polly is trying to get the youngsters involved in activities but Mr. Gaade stressed that matters have to be brought to the Community Council first as they are acting on behalf of the residents and Public meetings especially have to be called by the council and be open to all!
Matters such as Cars – speeding down Gasworks Lane. Cars parking dangerously
At the junction of Chapel Street and Frog Lane, thus causing poor visibility and also
Cars parking both sides of the road by the Church – whilst this parking is not illegal it would be appreciated if motorists could park on one side only.
The Dutch flower lorry travelling along Rossett Road after delivering in Farndon and the village, was also mentioned to Polly as this is a Police matter not WCBC.
Polly was thanked and left the meeting.

2.BOWLING GREEN: The clerk is still dealing with the insurance after the mower was stolen and the members are very grateful to Farndon who have let us borrow their spare one. A lady had contacted the clerk over this as it was not thought we would need to use it for so long but insurance doesn’t move quickly!
After discussion Mr. Pridding proposed we offer £20 a month for the use of the mower and pay to have a winter service done on it, Ms. Shone seconded – all agreed.
Mr. Gaade to meet Callum to discuss winter treatment of the Green. The clerk asked members to look at the lovely condition of the green and reported a couple of the members have done a lot of work with the boards and putting bark around the edges. Thanks to all who work hard here and to Callum Edwards for his hard work!  The green is now an asset to Holt.

3.NOTICE BOARD: This is looking very untidy and the clerk asked the council for permission to get it stained and cleaned. This was given.

4. HOLT HILL, GREEN STREET: Reply from WCBC stated that to make this one way would increase speed here but the members disagree as they were only asking for the actual hill not all of Green Street! A meeting is to be arranged with Darren Green.

5. RETIREMENT FROM COUNCIL: A letter was received from Mr. Bill Williams after the clerk visited him. Mr. Gaade pointed out this is not a resignation but a retirement owing to ill health. The members wish to thank Mr. Williams for his service to Holt and also past service as he served for many years some time ago!
We wish him and his wife well and hope he keeps as well as possible.

6. SOCCER SCHOOL: An E. Mail had been received by the clerk and she had spoken to the gentleman concerned with this scheme and she explained it to the members who explained that the lease of the playing field would not allow for it to be used. Mrs Jones proposed this Mr. Lewis seconded. All agreed.

7. GENERAL LETTERS: Consultation – Welsh Language and Welsh Communities
(to study the effects that development may have on welsh communities and the language with non welsh speaking people buying property) – noted.
Consultation on Proposed Local Government (Wales) Measure – Councillor Morris kindly explained the implications of the proposed measure and after discussion Mr. Gaade proposed, Mr. Roberts seconded that the clerk write saying Holt Community Council object to the proposals as more money could be taken from the area!
Supporting Community Enterprise – newsletters – passed around.
Community Buildings – Network Forum – noted.
Eisteddfod Year of Culture – any local events may be of interest! Tarmac – minutes of meeting – noted.
The clerk and Mr. Gaade had telephoned WCBC regarding this and been told it was for charity functions but as it also included music concern was felt it could escalate and a letter is to be done and circulated around nearby properties. Councillor Morris asked the clerk to check if this letter is merely courtesy to inform us of the application or has the ruling changed and we are now consulted!
9.HOLT/FARNDON BRIDGE; A reply to our letter of concern was received and a report detailing the Inspection and its findings and what work is to be programmed.
Springhaven, 2 Holt Lodge Cottages – erection of a garden shed (in retrospect)
No objections.
Clays Golf Club – Improvement to driving range and 18th hole by extending earth mounds and replacement of fence with higher one – no objections.
Ingledene, Castle Street, Holt – Replacement of existing windows to front and rear and new porch – no objections.
Castle Bungalow, Castle Gardens, School Lane – conversion of existing bungalow into dormer bungalow – no objections.

11. ALLOTMENTS: A letter was received from Mr. Eaton giving up tenancy of No. 1 Chester Lane because of ill health – this is to be accepted and Mr. Eaton thanked for always being a good tenant. The allotment is to be let to the next person on the list.
Most of the members had visited the allotments and concern was expressed regarding the condition and appearance of some of the allotments. The concern does not apply to all allotments but after discussion the clerk was asked to write to all tenants and in a couple of cases ask for the tenancy to be relinquished! Mr. Pridding proposed, Mr. Roberts seconded and all agreed. The allotments are to be put on  agenda  before Spring for further discussion and review.

12. PUBLIC TOILETS: Mr. Gaade to meet with Mr. White to discuss the cleanliness of these and why there is no water in the ladies toilet and a toilet roll holder needed in Disabled toilet! The weeding of the Cross is also to be discussed with Mr. White ready for the Remembrance Service.

13. GENERAL ITEMS: Give Way sign, Dee Park/Francis Lane – hedge needs trimming.
Land at rear of Gredington – overgrown. Road Surface – Brickyard Corner. Kerbs and hole in the road outside the Gredington. Ashley Court – light not working properly. Bottom Road has been chipped but there appears to be a bump in the road by the culvert just past Ty Garretts towards the Well House.

14.CEMETERY BIER HOUSE: – Clerk asked for quote for steel, door protection and Mr. Gibson is very concerned over the condition of the building. Mr. Gaade to meet Mr. Roberts and discuss fascias and pointing necessary and get quote for work.
Mr. Gaade to ask the Church if they have anywhere to put the Bier which was the old method for transporting coffins.

15. NOTICE BOARD ON CAR PARK: Mr. Gaade asked was it possible to move one of the boards to the Church for their use as there are two here and they don’t seem to be used very much. Mr. Roberts to check with Mrs Roberts as these were part of the Grant!


1746   Mrs J. Pierce                       Salary – September              £297-69

1747   E.M.J. Services                   Grasscutting – 2 cuts            £440-00
All areas!
1748   C. Edwards                          Grasscutting – Bowling       £270-00

1749   WCBC                                  Lighting – maintenance       £268-63

The next meeting will be held on 26th October, 2010.

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