Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 14th January, 2014

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 14th January, 2014

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors – J. Pridding, J. Cubitt, S. Lewis, L. Roberts, D. Roberts, P. Lewis, J. Evans, A. Shone, P. Gaade, G. Jones, M. Morris and PCSO Luke Dobby. Six members of the public - (planning application for playing field, Wrexham Road!)
CHAIR: Mr. J. Pridding, the Chairman, opened the meeting with a welcome.
MINUTES: Mr. J. Cubitt proposed, Ms. Shone seconded that the minutes of the previous meeting be signed and approved as a true record. All agreed.

Thankfully crime numbers were quite low in Holt over the Christmas period with no burglaries, 2 theft and handling (1 in Holt) ASB in Holt Village relating to a parking issue. (advice given) and some issues in the Public Toilets. The members will not tolerate much more trouble in these premises and if need be will take, what they feel might be, the necessary actions.
PCSO Dobby asked for time to approach the families of those involved and speak to them. This was agreed.
There had been a recent break in on the Common 9not on system yet!)
Peal O Bells – application for extended hours for live music – Councillor Morris reported that this is to be reduced by 1 hour Friday & Saturday will be 11:00 to 24;00
PCSO Dobby was thanked for his attendance and left the meeting.

This application had been received in December when there was no Community Council meeting therefore extra time had been requested and granted by WCBC. There were 6 residents at the meeting from the houses adjacent to the proposed development site and they were invited to speak.
They were strongly opposed to the development and had bought their houses understanding that the field was not in the Local Development plan and was to continue as leisure. Many issues were discussed by the residents and council members including the fact that the Local Plan ended in 2011 and the follow on plan was rejected as not enough housing accounted for! There is a section 106 on the playing field and also a severe shortage of land suitable for leisure anywhere else in the village. It was felt that should residential development be allowed then the number of properties should be significantly reduced and a larger area be left for leisure! Concern was expressed over facilities such a schools, doctors e.t.c. After intense discussion Mr. Gaade proposed object to the application with the requested number of houses but we will consider a smaller development with a larger leisure area. Our other concerns are also to be mentioned. Mr. S. Lewis seconded, all agreed. The members of the public then left.

1.NEW ENERGY SUPPLIER FOR STREET LIGHTING – this is going through. The clerk will pay the bills to 31/3/14 and then claim the money from the Holt Town Trust. The energy bills will be taken over by the Community Council from 1/4/14.
2,NOTICE BOARD ROOF – this will be finished this week.
3.PUBLIC TOILETS – The door is warped as the magnetic plate is twisted.
Door closure on gents not correct therefore it was agreed to pay £60 and get new door.
Lockable metal toilet roll holders approx £22 each are to be ordered (3 needed) Mrs Jones proposed, Mr. Roberts seconded these actions. All agreed.
It was agreed Clerk and Mr. Gaade draw up an advert for the posts of Toilet Caretaker & Cross/Village Caretaker.
4.SCHOOL GOVERNORS – VACANCIES: Mrs Jones reported that there are 3 vacancies and to date 1 applicant has come forward.
5.DEFIBRALATOR: Mr. Lewis to speak to ambulance service regarding this. Jeremy is in favour in principle that should one be purchased it could be put in or by his premises.
6.C56 BUS SERVICE – Clerk had received 3 petitions and letter as had Councillor Morris. These had been forwarded to the Leader of WCBC with a covering letter. The clerk had also spoken to members of WCBC. A letter is to be sent to Jones’s who are the operators of the service.
7.FROG LANE -  there has been an increase in speed reported since the traffic calming has been removed and damage to a wall. A safer route to school is to be introduced in 2015/16 with 20m.p.h. speed limits for Chapel Street/Frog Lane and a possible flat speed restriction. A counter is to be placed along Frog Lane in the next few weeks and PCSO Dobby is monitoring speed here. The white lines need removing here.
3 quotes have now been received from £4300 to £5400. Clerk to check that all were given same specification to quote for and if lowest price is known company to WCBC. Letter asking Holt Town Trust views on going ahead with the scheme.

9. Licensing – letter giving protocol of license applications and consultee method.
10. Groundwork Trust – letter advertising their services to Community Councils. Noted.
11.Staffing of Community Centres. Noted.
12. Rock Cottage – planning application for re-placement windows – no objections.
13. Holt Local History Society – repayment of loan & letter of thanks.

14.Holt Endowed School Trustee – letter asking for a representative to serve on the committee. Mr. Gaade proposed Mr. Peter Lewis, Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed.
15.PROPOSED ENERGY PLANT: The clerk had been asked whether a public meeting was needed over this but it was decided to wait until a full application is received.

16. General Matters – Notice boards on car park need attention. Green Street & Bridge potholes.
Access to Bowling Green – Eric to tidy.
Burial Costs to be reviewed for 2014/15.
Water lying – various locations.
Light 34 off.

ACCOUNTS – these were proposed and approved for payment by Mrs Roberts & seconded by Mrs Jones – all agreed.
2003 – Scottish Power energy £217-73      2004 – J. Pierce sal/exps £402-43.
2005 – Holt Website    grant   £500-00       2006 – H.M. Rev tax      £  67-20
2007 – E.M.J.               work   £200-00       2008 – Scottish Power   £224- 94
2009 – FM Security      cctv    £168-00       2010 – Scottish Power   £   40-03
2011 -  D. Kettle           grass   £  30-00       2012 – K. Rawlins         £203-08
2013 – Dee Valley        water  £400-08       2014 – WCBC               £ 854-76

Next meeting will be held on 25th February, 2014.

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