Holt Community Council – Meeting Minutes – 12th January, 2021

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Holt Community Council - Meeting Minutes - 12th January, 2021

Venue: Zoom meeting

The Zoom meeting was kindly set up as the previous meeting, by Mr. J. Cubitt using the membership set up by HLHS. The HCC record thanks to John and HLHS for this.

PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. J. Pridding, Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mrs G. Jones, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. S. Lewis, Ms. A. Shone, Councillor M. Morris.

APOLOGIES: Mr. J. Hughes, Mr. D. Munnerley.

CHAIR: Mr. J. Pridding, the Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting. The first of 2021. A silence was held in respect of the following – Late Mr. Ken Penk, Mrs Josephine Williams, Mr. Alfie Jones, Mr. Les Mitchell and Mr. Jim Duffy former Community Councillor and much loved Youth Worker who ran the former Holt Youth Club for many years).

MINUTES: Mrs G. Jones proposed, Mr. S. Lewis seconded, the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record. All agreed.


1.COMMUNITY AGENT: CARYS HUGHES: MINDFULNESS WALKS: Five out of the six planned walks have now taken place and have been very successful. There had been an excellent response to the walks. The Clerk told members that Carys our Community Agent had been very busy around Christmas time arranging for the schoolchildren to design Christmas cards which she had delivered to Manor Park residents also residents she is working with. Thanks extended to her and also the schoolchildren for this lovely gesture.

2.NORTH WALES WILDLIFE TRUST; ‘HERITAGE GRANT APPLICATION – HOLT RIVERSIDE PROJECT: - The Grant application had not been successful but  a smaller scheme is to be done. The Clerk had not arranged any meting because of Christmas and the weather and will do this late March for the project to hopefully be done through the Summer. Financial support to be discussed in the Budget Item on the Agenda.

3. POLICE MATTERS: The PCSOs have been contacted and sent a reply to any issues. Constant Scam warnings are being sent and these are sent to the Village Facebook to keep residents alert and also help to protect their neighbours.

4. HOLT COMMUNITY GARDENERS: A request had been received to position a shed at the rear of Allotment 6b. This was agreed subject to conditions should tenancy alter of Allotment 6a or 6b. Clerk to confirm this in writing. All agreed.

5. ALLOTMENT RE-GENERATION GRANT: This is progressing and letters have been sent to all tenants informing them about the grant and plans involved. A reply was received from tenants of allotment 7 and the Clerk replied after consulting members. The 3 quotes for fencing work were received were discussed and there was very little difference in these. They were all £3000 plus. After consideration the quote from Mr. S. Jones to be accepted. Mr. Gaade proposed this, Mr. Lewis seconded. All agreed. Clerk had sent the quotes to Farm Gardens for permission to go ahead. Mr. Jones is also to be asked to install the water supply which is part of Holt CC funding agreed in the application. Agreed. Additional letters were sent to two allotment tenants as the Holt CC need to make two additional small allotments. Mr. Gaade has put a lot of work in meeting people etc and kept the Clerk in touch and thanks extended to him for this.

6. GENERAL MATTERS: Grant to Holt Brownies. The Holt CC had granted £200 being £40 per head of levy for 5 Holt resident brownies and the Clerk had contacted the Clerk of Farndon PCC and put Rachel Smith in touch and they kindly paid £40 for the Farndon resident brownie. A lovely thank you was received from Rachel, the Holt Brownie ‘Brown Owl’ on behalf of the brownies. Two new benches Dee Park – Clerk had priced some benches which were soft wood. Some prices for hardwood ones to be sought. Refuse Bin, Secret Spa – the Clerk had spoken to the owner and WCBC about the problem of the bin not being emptied and then she had put them in touch with each other. Nothing more has been heard. Noted.


7. PLANNING APPLICATIONS: 3 The Gardens, Church Street, Holt – Erection of Porch, Outbuildings, Wall (in retrospect – Members expressed great concern over this planning in retrospect. It has been discussed before and even though the first visit, to the property was made in June 2020, by planning, when the resident was advised planning permission would need to be applied for, the plans were not submitted until December. (allowances were made for Covid situation but this was still quite a while). The application was discussed and whilst the ‘in Retrospect’ aspect cannot be commented on other objections were raised including the property being in a prominent place, opposite the Church and in a Conservation area. The Clerk is to do a letter on objections raised in the meeting and send a copy to all members, for approval, before sending into planning at WCBC. Mr. Gaade proposed, Mr. Pridding seconded. All members agreed.  Erlas Victorian Walled Garden, Bryn Estyn Road, Wrexham – Works to trees protected by tree preservation order 2017 (T2 Goat Willow & T9 Mulberry. No objections. Commonwood Fishery, Buck Road, Commonwood, Holt – Discharge of condition 7 attached 2017. Prior approval commencement design of chalets/pods. 2 Holt Lodge Cottage, Hugmore Lane, Llanypwll, Wrxham – outline planning (all matters reserved) for 1 dwelling, no objections. Gourton Hall, Llanypwll, Wrexham – prior approval of a store for Agricultural machinery – no objections. Holt Hill – nonmaterial amendment to planning, no objections.

8. WALES AUDIT – Notification received of a new 3 year plan by Wales Audit, for the External Audit. The Clerk notified the Holt CC that for 2020/21 and 2021/22 it would be required for Holt to submit a Basic audit of whatever requested with a full audit for 2022/3. The invoice for 2019/20 had been received and concern was expressed as this is high despite the Clerk being contacted only once and then being thanked for sending the required explanation and for all supporting information she had sent and then the External Audit report saying ‘No matters for concern. It was less than last year when the Clerk had contested it but still high. This may be whoever is doing the audit taking longer as charged by the hour. It is a mystery! Mr. Gaade proposed pay the invoice, Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed.

9. NOTICE OF VACANCY FOR COUNCILLOR: A notice is to be displayed on the website for a vacancy, that exists, for a councillor, on Holt Community Council.

10. NEW VILLAGE ENTRANCE GATES: These will soon be ready but planning permission may be needed for them. The Clerk is to contact David Williams, Planning, WCBC.

11. PUBLIC TOILETS: Non Domestic Business Council tax relief. The Clerk has had information through SLCC that this tax has been stopped and a refund of the Council tax paid for 2020/21 will be refunded. This was £695.50.

12. RESTORATION OF CENOTAPH ON CROSS: Holt Town Trust have approached the Holt CC for help in funding this and support has been pledged. It was asked if this project would be in 2020/21 and it was confirmed it wouldn’t therefore this will be put in the reserve for 2021/22.


13. PROPOSED BUDGET  & PRECEPT 2021/2022 – The members had all received a copy of the proposed budget. Mr. Hinchliffe explained the provisional budget that he and the Clerk had worked on and it was thought that the WCBC Precept would likely be in the region of 6.95% therefore as in the past the Holt Community Council wanted to keep the Holt precept as low as possible whilst still improving the village and providing the general upkeep. Mr. Lewis proposed there be no increase of the Holt precept requested from 2020/21, Mr. Cubitt seconded. All agreed. The Precept for 2021/22 will be £31,776.00.

Mr. Hinchliffe explained that £10,000 reserve from the Capital Budget had been set aside to spend in 2021/22 which includes such as Riverside paths, Cenotaph, Cemetery improvements to ‘Still Born Graves etc. The general running costs were also explained. As a result of all explained the Balance at 31/12/2020 showed a favourable balance to the budget for 2020/21. The Clerk mentioned cracking in cemetery path from the main gates to cemetery gates and it was proposed quotes be sought for a full tarmac of this rather than just the cracks. This is not urgent and would be in 2021/22. Members agreed with all set out in the provisional budget and Mrs Jones proposed it be accepted, Ms. Shone seconded. All members in full agreement.

FINANCIAL SHEETS: Members had received these for November and December and they were included in the Budget figures. Mr. Hinchliffe proposed these be approved and accepted as a true record, Mr. Cubitt seconded. All agreed.


14. GENERAL MATTERS: Bin at Castle overflowing. Fly Tipping – end Francis Lane. Drain on Bottom Road. Grasscutting at the entrance to village. M & L are to be asked to do this once a fortnight with additional cuts if needed. Hand rail broken on footpath from Francis Lane down to by pass. Clerk reported that she was having trouble with Scottish Power trying to charge stand by for a meter which no longer exists on the development at Wrexham Road. She first wrote in October 2020. This is ongoing. Zoom meetings – The Clerk suggested assisting with the cost of the Zoom meetings set up by Mr. Cubitt but paid for by HLHS. Holt CC have been very grateful for these. Mr. Cubitt expressed that they were happy to provide it for the year purchased and perhaps when it runs out if still needed the matter can be discussed. Thanks expressed.

ACCOUNTS TO BE APPROVED FOR PAYMENT – Mrs Jones proposed the payment of invoices in January and February be approved, Mr. Lewis seconded. All agreed.

2711 – AVOW             Wages & Salary G. Croft & Clerk             £710.03

2712 – WCBC             2nd half yearly trade refuse - cemetery £495.00

2713 – A. Pridding      Grass cuts Castle Field                            £1080.00

2714 – Holt Brownies    Grant S137 Holt & Farndon P.C.       £240.00

2715 – Clean Police     Clean of toilets.                                       £  50.00

The next meeting of the Holt Community Council will be on Tuesday, 23rd February, 2021.

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