Holt Community Council – Meeting 18th January, 2005

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Holt Community Council - Meeting 18th January, 2005

PRESENT: Mr. Gaade, Mrs Jones, Mrs Clays, Mrs Penny, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Ratcliffe, Mr. Lewis, Ms. McConville, Mr. Williams, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Roberts, Councillor Morris, P.C. Muldoon, Sgt. Nicky Collins and 1 member of the public.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone to the first meeting of 2006. A silence was held in respect of the late Mrs E. Jones, Mrs E. Green and Miss Janet White, one of our former Councillors who gave dedicated service to the village for many years, condolences were sent, by the clerk, to the family, on the Community Council's behalf.
MINUTES: The minutes of the last meeting were proposed by Mrs Jones and seconded by Mr. Lewis and signed as a true record.

1.POLICE MATTERS: The minutes of the meeting held at 6.45 were minuted separately!
Holt Road Estate: Mr. Ratcliffe thought things were better here but concern was expressed regarding the speed of vehicles along Bryn Estyn Lane where people liked to take walks.
Scheme around the Cross: There has been no further movement here because the businesses who objected to the scheme were to prove ownership of land infront of their premises. Clerk to chase this up with highways and ask them to send letters, to get things moving. Three cars parked at end of school lane and the P.C. was asked to enforce parking i.e. tickets. Mr. Lewis to speak to WCBC about possible signage here.
The question was asked whether Frog Lane could be improved?
Road Closure for Remembrance Service: The traffic cannot lawfully be completely stopped by the police for this even though it was done in 2004. Clerk to speak to highways on this and closure for event in May to be held by events committee.
Only crime mentioned in village was a tractor stolen - Mr. Gibson enquired about this. It was returned to its owner. Police left after being thanked.

2. NOTICE BOARD: This has been repaired but when first built was supposed to be used in three sections. 1 - Community Council, 1 - Holt Town Trust and 1 - General Notices. It was decided the general section should only be for events not to advertise employment.
3.ALLOTMENTS: Letters were sent out and tenants given until the end of January to get allotments to standard or they would be taken back.

4. VERNON'S: A letter was received from Mr. A. Vernon asking for the community council's support for the forthcoming appeal. It was proposed by Mr. Williams and seconded by Ms. McConville that we confirm our original comments which were we recognised the value of the premises to the area but that as a public body we could not be on anyone's side.
We had also asked the WCBC to take into account the views of immediate neighbours and they had made the decision to refuse the planning not the Community Council as we are not the planning authority!

5.CASTLE BUNGALOW: The planning was refused for the garage being built here as the footings put in after the original planning were substantially bigger and did not adhere to the measurements allowed. Mr Lewis spoke at the meeting and it was refused. Mrs Penny was disappointed that the Borras Quarry were granted permission for their application despite the inconvenience already being experienced by nearby residents.


6.LEASE OF PLAYING FIELD: Solicitors have sent copies of the draft lease to Mr. Gaade. It was proposed by Mr. Lewis and seconded by Ms. McConville that the clerk check the original lease and contact Mr. Gaade to sign. She would check with Lionel Price in WCBC first.

7.COMMUNITY CENTRE COMMITTEE: A meeting is to be held on 24th January, 2006. Mr. Gaade will represent the council.
Chiropodist Room: Councillor Morris had written to Mr. Gaade as a decision on our financial support was needed quickly to secure funding and Mr. Gaade contacted several members and gave the go ahead. 5 members replied. The store room has now been converted and a separate entrance made. The possibility of more clinics using the facility is now there.

Caring Health - Mrs Penny to read. We'll meet again - events committee.
Mr. Gaade proposed the balance of money left from V.E. day go to start a separate account for this committee and some be spent on the memorial plaque which was discussed. Mr. Lewis seconded, agreed.
WCBC - leaflets.

Borras Head - erection of cattle shed and new track - no objections.
Ridley Wood - conversion of outbuildings into dwellings - no objections (Mrs Jones declared interest)
Borras Hall - formation of dog run - no obj.
Borras Hall - internal alterations to dwelling in converted building - no objection.
Gourton Hall - 2 brick dwellings and vehicular access - no objections as prior to development Mr Brereton is to improve the access from Borras Hall Lane to the Holt Road.
Commonwood Farm: extension to rear of property - no objections.
Bank House, Frog Lane - demolition of garage and erection of garage and workshop. Clerk to question use of the workshop?

HOLT ONLINE: Mr. Campbell and associate attended the meeting and continue to work hard on the Holt website. They need any local information and will publish the minutes online also dates of the meeting.
The website is Holt online.org.uk
A financial sheet of the estimated balances to the end of March 2006 was presented to each member The clerk had also worked out the cost to each band of household if the recommended precept of £32000 was asked for.
This is the same precept as 2005 but still a few pence cheaper to residents because of the increased base rate because of new properties.
It was agreed the reserve which we have built up be used as a Capital reserve and that the following be funded from it.
1.Mr. Gibson proposed an extension be built to the public car park. This was agreed in principle and joint funding is to be asked for from WCBC, Mr. Lewis seconded this, agreed. Car Park sign to be chased up as this was promised years ago!
Play Area - Dee Park. Mrs Jones proposed, Mrs Clays seconded that the WCBC be approached to part fund some new play equipment here and fence around the equipment to make it a 'No dogs area.

10.Matters To Report:
Lights - clerk to ask for 2 months reports.
Dog Warden be asked to visit.
Castle Lane - needs attention, barbed wire on left hand side - Mr. Gibson wants to meet someone here. Tree at bottom of Mr. Lewis's and Bev's garden - concerned for safety, structural engineer to see if likely to fall.
Redrow estate - hedge over pavement.
Signs for Millfield - very big.
Toilets - clerk to get dryers and soap put here.
Security Camera - Clerk to contact Dave Highlands to inquire about a camera from shop on Cross to survey Cross area.
The next meeting will be 28th February, 2006.

St. Chad's Church Clock - grant £750
Bobath Cymru grant £ 50
Wrexham Youth grant £ 50
Hope House grant £ 100
Kenyon Hall grant insurance £1000
Starlight Appeal grant £ 50
Radio Maelor grant £ 50
St. Chad's grant grassc. £ 300
Hacker Young audit 2004/5 £ 293-75
Border Fire service ext. £ 18-50
Scottish Power energy £ 62-35
Dee Valley water supply £ 70-10
Blue Loos hire portaloo £ 193-88
WCBC grass maint. £ 1417-27
Mrs J Pierce salary Jan £ 275
Greenthumb treatment £ 510

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