Holt Community Centre – Meeting Minutes – 26th May, 2015

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Holt Community Centre - Meeting Minutes - 26th May, 2015

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors Mrs G. Jones, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. S. Lewis, Mrs L. Roberts,  Mr. D. Roberts, Mr. J. Cubitt, Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. J. Pridding, Cllr. M. Morris and PCSO Lisa Davies.

APOLOGIES: Mr. J. Evans & Ms. A. Shone (sent good wishes as she is recovering after an operation!)

CHAIR: Mrs G. Jones, the retiring Chairperson, took the Chair and opened with a welcome. A silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Peter Warwick &  Mr. Edward Rowland.

MINUTES: Mr. Gaade proposed, Mr. Pridding seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record. All agreed.

Mr. Gaade proposed Mrs Gill Jones be elected for a further term of office, Mr. Cubitt seconded, all agreed and Mrs Jones accepted, the Chairman’s chain was put on her and she took the Chair to serve a further Yea, with Congratulations from all..

Mr. P. Lewis proposed Mr. Steve Lewis, Mr. D. Roberts seconded, all agreed.
Mr. Steve Lewis accepted, was duly elected and congratulated.

PCSO D, Jones was unable to attend but had sent PCSO L. Davies in his absence and also e. mailed a report on car parking in 2 area & Dog fouling, speed checks on Bridge Street, Green Street and A534. This was discussed. PCSO Davies handed out the crime reports for the past month and these were in the new set format.
Crime figures were again pleasingly low! The members asked for a couple of matters to be taken back to David, mainly parking but also the fact the police website had not been updated since Luke Dobby was PCSO! Lisa was thanked and left the meeting.

1.    CROSS/VILLAGE CARETAKER: The new caretaker has already made a difference to the village which has been noticed and is excellent.. He is to be paid an extra week this month as the village was not in a good state when he took over! Mr. Gaade proposed this, Mr. Lewis seconded. All agreed.
2.    TOILET DOORS: The time clock is not working properly but it was agreed to leave the 20p showing and then when the steel doors were across the public would know the toilets were closed. The Clerk has also ordered the signs for opening times. The situation is to be monitored for 6 months
3.    SAFE ROUTE TO SCHOOLS: Councillor Morris showed members the plans for this which is basically signs for mileage ‘20mph’ The scheme should be carried out soon. Thanks expressed to Michael for this.
The Clerk had contacted planning, after the last meeting and given the objections. The main one being that the mainly white, large sign would stand out to much in what is the centre of a Conservation area. Planning had replied to say the agent had been contacted. The Clerk also contacted planning to ask if it was possible for perhaps a grey background if black not an option! Mr. P. Lewis had contacted the Clerk to say he had heard grey background had been used elsewhere. The planning is to go to     committee on Monday 1st June, 2015
The Clerk has contacted the new contractor’s, Jones Lighting, for a quote for this. She also pointed out that the light at the junction of Cae’rllew/Quakers Way has been temporarily fixed but will be on day and night until fixed properly.

6.    WESTFIELD, COMMONWOOD, HOLT: The previous planning for the property was granted and the owner has now been in touch to consult over proposed security fencing. It was suggested 2m high green steel mesh fencing.
The members are all happy with this and the Clerk will contact the owner.
7.    NIGHTINGALE HOUSE:  An invitation to a tea to thank all supporters, was received. Mrs G. Jones will attend. This is to be held on 3rd June, 2015. A booklet was also received about the work and fundraising of the Hospice.
8.    IN FOCUS:  The magazine from the Area Civic Society, was received and contains an article on the Academy & H.G. Wells. A plaque has been placed here by the society. The article is very interesting and was noted with thanks to the society. The suggestion was raised with regards to getting the black stones painted with black again to match the rest of the building. Mr. Gaade proposed this, Mr. Roberts seconded.
9.    PLANNING APPLICATIONS:  Five Oaks, Borras Hall, Borras Lane, Wrexham – Notification received of a section 78 appeal – noted.

10.    DEFIBRILLATOR:  Mrs Jones has been approached regarding the possibility of another training session training session for this as the first was poorly attended but not necessarily because no one was interested. This was discussed with Mr. Steve Lewis who kindly arranged everything with the Defibrillator and it was agreed that he would work with the Chairperson, Mrs G. Jones and Mrs Marsh who asked about this and is trained on the use, to arrange a session possibly on a Saturday!
11.    HILDEGARD’S CAFE: Everyone on the council and we are sure in the area, are sad to hear Hildegard is leaving Holt and the business as it was finishing. A thank you card/letter has been sent to Hildegard wishing her well but also thanking her for the difference she made to Holt Village and also how special she made each customer feel. She will be missed as will the unique café!
12.    LITTER BINS: Clerk to contact Wrexham to ask that the bin be replaced at the Castle and perhaps an extra one put there by the seats. Bin missing from underneath the by pass, Dee Lane. Clerk also to report to WCBC 2 lights and the Double Hedges which need cutting. Thanks were expressed to WCBC as they have finally cleaned all or nearly all of the grids in the village.
13.    NEW HEADTEACHER – HOLT C.P. SCHOOL: The new Headteacher is Mrs Melanie Sturt and as we said last meeting ‘We wish her well and every success to her and the school.
14.    NORTHERN MARCHES: - Mrs Linda Roberts announced she is no longer our representative on this committee. Sincere thanks were expressed to Linda,
by the Clerk, on behalf of the council and community, for all her hard work and grants she has secured and worked hard to get. The main one was the refurbishment of the Public Toilets. Mr. Roberts was also thanked for his support to her.
A Monthly budget control sheet for April  was handed out by the Clerk.

ACCOUNTS: These were proposed for payment by Mr. D. Roberts and seconded by Mr. S. Lewis. All agreed.
2156 – Mrs K. Rawlinson           wages toilets               £201-50
2157 – Mr. D. Kettle                grasscutting                £180-00
2158 – WCBC                         trade refuse 6 mths.     £452-00
2159 – Mrs J. Pierce                salary & exp.                £366-74
2160 – EDF Energy                 lighting energy             £586-42
2161 – Mr. S. Solari                 Cross/village wages       £195-00
2162 – Mr. J. Cubitt                Wild flower seeds         £  55-00

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 30th June, 2015 at 7p.m.

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