Holt Community Centre – Meeting Minutes – 26th April, 2011

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Holt Community Centre - Meeting Minutes - 26th April, 2011

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT; Mr. Gaade, Mr. Evans, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Roberts, Ms. Shone, Mrs Jones, Mr. Lewis, Councillor Morris and Chris Hulse from MBNA Marathon committee.

APOLOGIES: Mr. Pridding, Mr. Gibson and Police.

CHAIR: Mr. Gaade, the Chairman, opened the meeting welcomed everyone, a special welcome was given to Chris Hulse, a minutes silence was held in respect of Baby Rebecca Roberts.

MINUTES: Ms. Shone proposed, the minutes of the last meeting, be signed and approved as a true record, Mr. Lewis seconded this, all agreed.

Chris opened by giving apologies for his partner on the organising committee, Andy White, who had unfortunately been held up. A brief but in depth account of the Marathon, was given and it starts in Chester but this year on Sunday, 9th October, 2011, part of the course is through Holt. The committee would like to have involvement , from Volunteers to man a water station of to be marshalls on route.
More information on the Marathon can be found on www.chestermarathon.co.uk but apart from this leaflets are to be distributed and hopefully refreshments available in the Kenyon Hall which will create some much needed revenue, this will also be good for Holt Tourism! Notification of road closures will be posted about 2 weeks before and as little disruption as possible will take place and any litter collected. Anyone who is interested in helping (possibly as a group) or individually, please either contact the clerk or Andy or Chris. Thanks were given to Chris for answering any concerns and he will keep in touch!

P.C.S.O. Poppy Hadfield –Jones had rung the clerk with apologies, these were accepted. The clerk had written to the Inspector but to date had only received an acknowledgment. General matters still of concern in the village are youths playing football on the bowling green, the Cross and Cross Street/Green Street! This is an ongoing problem and really needs sorting! Cars are still being parked on pavements and also parking around the Cross is still an issue especially on the side of Vernon’s old shop as with cars both sides of the road it makes access and visibility very bad.
Issues concerning a Public House are better and there is a possibility of joining Cheshire’s Pub Watch. Speedchecks are to be requested!


1.GENERAL MATTERS:  Public Toilets – Banos contacted. Bier House – being done. Trees on Bowling Green – clerk contacted Moray Simpson. U.5s – letter received, cheque to be sent for £200. Manor Park – have cut the hedge – letter done.

2. 3 TRAILS LEAFLET: E. mail received from Brian Payne. Mr. Lewis proposed we pay half the cost of printing more leaflets, Mrs Jones seconde, all agreed.
Brian was thanked for his work and he has tried to get kissing gates on other footpaths but the owner refused.

3. JDH AUDIT 2010/11 – Notification of the Internal Audit of Accounts on 13th June, 2011, was received and the committee appointed them, as usual to carry out this audit. The clerk will present the audited books on this date.
An approximate end of year Financial sheet had been prepared for March meeting but this was accepted at the April meeting the March meeting was busy. Ms. Shone proposed this be received, Mrs Jones seconded, all agreed.

4.CEMETERY: A contract was received for Trade Refuse from WCBC to end March 2012 but after discussion it was agreed the clerk ask to alter the 2 x 240 ltr bins to 1 x 660 ltr bin on Councillor Morris’s advice, as this is cheaper and more economical! He was thanked for this and Ms. Shone proposed, Mrs Jones seconded this, all agreed.

An invitation was extended to this on Thursday 28th April, 2011 at 7.00p.m. and viewing of a document thought to establish ownership of the Kenyon Hall could be viewed. This was noted.

6. PRECEPT OF HOLT: Clerk from Overton had written asking details of what Holt had to budget for as our Precept is lower and Overton are a similar size village with similar responsibilities but a higher precept. It was agreed the clerk provides this. All in favour.

Frog Lane House, Frog Lane, Holt – removal of existing felt covered roof to existing garage  & replace with new slate covered pitch roof – no objections.
1 The Cross – erection of prefabricated timber shed in rear yard – no objections.
11 Dee Park – Notification of Appeal.
Roseacre Caravan Park, Rossett – notification of appeal.


8.BOWLING GREEN: - An itemised forecast of treatments and costs had been prepared by Callum Edwards. Thanks to him for this and all his hard work! The clerk had written to the Town Trust enclosing this and asking for them to consider sharing the cost but their meetingis in May. Mr. Lewis proposed that to save time if they don’t support this then we pay £750, Ms. Shone seconded. Paul to deal with this after the Trust’s meeting. All agreed.

9.HOLT COMMUNITY CENTRE: After advertisement and some representation discussion took place and it was agreed to pay the requested sum of £1252 to WCBC towards the upkeep of the centre. It is also to be suggested to WCBC that the hours of cleaning the hall be looked at to see if they are appropriate for the bookings and also whether education are charged for school useage? This item is to be discussed when we precept again in November for 2012/13. All agreed to this as whilst the Kenyon Hall is still the first concern, many groups could not function without the centre because the Kenyon Hall is very busy.

Cross – litter overflowing from bins. Vernon;s café – planning? Village needs a good clean. Castle – grass needs cutting badly (WCBC responsible and need to sort access). Councillor Morris to speak to Mike Jones. Dee Park Play area – bench removed and never returned! Lights reported.
Mrs Jones reported that there is a new Headteacher at Holt County Primary.

1796 – Mrs J. Pierce         Salary April                              £301-40
1797 – WCBC                   Street Lighting                         £302-67
1798 -  C. Edwards           Grass Cuts & Treatment        £286-20
1799 -  Holt U.5s               Holt U.5s                                   £200-00
1800 – EMJ Services        Grasscutting                             £220-00
1801 – Dee Valley              Water                                       £160-90

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