Holt Community Centre – Meeting Minutes – 24th April, 2012

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Holt Community Centre - Meeting Minutes - 24th April, 2012

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Mr. Pridding, Mr. Evans, Mrs Roberts, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Lewis, Ms. Shone, Mrs Jones, Councillor M. Morris, PCSOs Lydia Johnson and Luke Dobbie,
Two members of the Public, Mr. B. Payne and Mr. J. Cubitt.

APOLOGIES: Mr. P. Gaade (holiday)

CHAIR: Mr. J. Pridding, the Vice-Chairman, took the Chair and welcomed everyone. A silence was held in respect of the late Mr. Brian Davies, Mrs Margaret Rowlands and Mr. Alfred Baker.

MINUTES: Ms. Shone proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Mr. Lewis seconded this. All agreed.

ITEM 1 – POLICE MATTERS: - Both PCSOs were welcomed and Luke introduced himself and he is to take over very soon! We look forward to working closely with him.
Only a few issues such as criminal damage and a shoplifting had occurred and these were being dealt with. The issue with damage to the toilets costing £300 in repairs is nearing a successful conclusion thanks to very good communication between Lydia and the council and the clerk thanked her for this. We cannot tolerate mindless vandalism as it is wasting residents money!
The police left but were sincerely thanked for attending.

ITEM 2 – W.I. WASTE PAPER SKIP – NEW SITE: -Mr. Payne had kindly attended the meeting on behalf of the W.I. as he had been in contact with the Clerk regarding a possible new site for this. The present site behind the Gredington will not be available soon because of development here and as the skip earns money for causes in the village, the W.I. wish to retain it. This was discussed and a possible site behind the Community Centre was mentioned.  This was looked at and the Clerk will at this stage contact WCBC and then pass things to Brian.Mr. Payne also handed out leaflets inviting the Council to the 20th Anniversary of the Holt History Society on the 11th and 12th of May. He was thanked and left the meeting.

1.GENERAL MATTERS: All matters regarding Street Scene had been  discussed with the Supervisor and the gully cleaner had visited! Clerk had phoned regarding metal dog signs and as soon as they are available these will be put up! The situation regarding Dogs Fouling is still at an unacceptable level!
Bowling Hut Roof – this will be done when weather and time permits!
2.CHIROPODIST: Clerk had been contacted by a private Chiropodist, willing to set up in the community centre. There would have to be enough interest for her to do this for it to be viable. This is not a Community Council matter so will have to be looked into with regards to the Community Centre. The interest will also have to be assessed. The charge would be approximately £20.
There will be no elections for the Holt Community Council as notification from WCBC Electoral stated the election was uncontested and gave the names of the new members. The first meeting of the new council will be held on Thursday 17th May, 2012 at 7p.m. at the Holt Community Centre. Mrs Jones proposed this, Mr. Lewis seconded. All agreed.

4. PLAYING FIELD, WREXHAM ROAD: -A contract for grass cutting was received from WCBC for half the cuts as there is no football team at present. Mr. Lewis proposed this be accepted, Ms. Shone seconded. All agreed.
5. MEMORIAL: Mrs Jones proposed, permission for a memorial for the late H.Eaton, be allowed, Mrs Roberts seconded this.
6. PARKING FEES IN WREXHAM: This was noted. (payment of 50p after 6p.m.)
7. TOWN & COMMUNITY COUNCIL FORUM: Meeting on 11/9/12 – noted.
8. ALLOTMENTS AGREEMENTS: Two letters and one note (attached to a signed agreement) were received at the meeting. As the Chairman was on holiday it was agreed by all present that the clerk reply as acknowledgement and the letters be considered fully at the May meeting!
Tree on Smithfield Green, Holt -  Remove and replace with a tree of a species, stock & size to be agreed on with WCBC planning – no objections.
Frog Lane Cottage, Frog Lane, Holt – Replacement of a flat roof with pitched slate roof and 1st floor extension – no objections.
Mrs Roberts proposed the Financial sheet and bank reconciliation be received and signed and approved as a true record and that the Annual Statement (in draft) be sent to the Internal Audit on 9/5/12 with necessary books and documents. Mr. Roberts seconded. All agreed and everyone received a copy of these sheets.

10.GENERAL MATTERS: Clerk to check on grasscutting.
Work is apparently due to start on the Castle. Street Lights – these are reported as soon as the Clerk receives notification so please report them!
The meeting closed with thanks to everyone as this was the last meeting of this council and best wishes were given to Councillor Morris for his success in the Election on May 3rd. His work and help is much appreciated.

ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT: proposed Ms. Shone seconded G. Jones.
1865 – Mrs J. Pierce         expenses for 2011/12       £486-38  (missed of sheet March!)
1866 – Holt U5s                 Jubilee celebrations        £1000-00
1867 - Kenyon Hall           Jubilee tea pensioners      £ 250-00
1868 – EMJ Services        grasscutting                       £ 250-00
1869 – Banos                     repairs toilets, vandalism  £358-80
1870 – J.Pierce                  salary net April                  £249-02
1871 -  WCBC                   Trade refuse                       £703-50
1872 – WCBC                    Street lighting                    £274-36
1873 – Dee Valley              water supply                      £158-39
1874 – Zurich                     Insurance 2012/13            £ 915-41
1875 – EMJ                        grasscutting                       £ 250-00
1876 – Mr. S. Jones           general work                      £250-00
1877 – WCBC                    Council tax                         £971-80
1878 – Scottish Power       energy                                 £  16-39
1879 – WCBC                    street lighting repairs       £   18-12

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