Holt Community Centre – Meeting Minutes – 20th June, 2017

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Holt Community Centre - Meeting Minutes - 20th June, 2017

Venue: Holt Community Centre

PRESENT: Councillors – Mr. S. Lewis, Mrs G. Jones, Ms. A Shone, Mr. J. Hughes,
Mr. P. Gaade, Mr. P. Lewis, Mr. J. Duffy, Mr. P. Hinchliffe, Mr. J. Cubitt.
Councillor Morris, PCSO A. Heron and also present from Wales Ambulance 1st Response Team were Helen McCarthy & Terry Brownhill. 2 members of the public.

APOLOGIES: Mr. J. Pridding.

CHAIR: Mr. S. Lewis, the Chairman, took the Chair and opened with a welcome to all. A silence was then held in respect of the late Mrs ‘Iola’ Mary Hughes, Mr. J. Hughes’s mother. Sincere condolences were expressed. The silence was also for the recent London fire tragedy.

MINUTES: Ms. Shone proposed the minutes of the last meeting be signed and approved as a true record, Mrs G. Jones seconded, all agreed.

Terry Brownhill & Helen McCarthy.
Mr. Brownhill gave a very interesting talk in a short time and informed the committee that the 1st Responders were Wales Ambulance trained and once they had their equipment could save many lives in major trauma incidents such as heart attack e.t.c. as they could be on the scene faster than an ambulance. They are all volunteers and are trying to build up a team to cover all Community areas. There are 20+ at the moment and we are lucky to have Helen living in Holt and already trained but needing equipment to operate solely and be able to train others! The equipment cost is £1250 with £250 given from a grant from Wales Ambulance. Helen also explained her situation regarding wanting to help in Holt but having to double up at present in other areas because of no equipment. A couple of questions were asked and both Terry and Helen were thanked and left for councillors to discuss this later.

Alison was welcomed and she handed out Monthly Crime Statistic sheets which were looked at. Thankfully crime in the area was very low! ‘Cuppa with a Copper’ was discussed as when introduced by the police, the Holt Community Council thought it would not be a success and would be a waste of an hour of police time. They gave it until the end of May as a trial but because of the lack of numbers Alison was requested to spend the time walking the village to re-assure older residents of police presence. A poster is to be put up if possible to advertise this. Alison will clear this with her Sgt.
Selectdna – Alison had enquired regarding this and the NW police have a scheme. A meeting is to be arranged possibly for Mid September. Tree cut down and put on meadows reported to WCBC. Alison was thanked for attending and left.

1.    SPEED SIGN, WREXHAM ROAD – After the Clerk first reporting this in January, it would now appear the Solar Panel has failed. This was originally funded by Bellis’s and will eventually be replaced but may need the Community Council to Joint Fund it. Cllr. Morris thought this would be around £2400.
The Clerk is to put this item on the agenda for September. All agreed.
2.    NIGHTINGALE HOUSE SUMMER TEA PARTY:  The Chairman, Mr. Steve Lewis had attended this on behalf of the Council and reported that it was very good.
3.    NEW VILLAGE SIGN: Mr. Gaade had arranged the second sign but the Welsh had to be above the English so it had to be redone. The new one is now ready and Mr. Gaade had obtained 3 quotes for Road Closure – two in Hundreds and one from Llandudno for £70+. The members agreed for Mr. Gaade to arrange for this to be done the 1st week of July subject to the Llandudno Company meeting approval with WCBC Highways. Clerk has requested a ‘Children Playing Sign’ for Dee Park  but will chase this up.
4.    DEE PARK – LARGE LORRY  - The Clerk and Councillor Morris have contacted Louise Phillips and she is investigating this. There were problems last Thursday at 8.40 when residents exiting Dee Park! This matter to be put on September agenda.
5.    PLAY PROJECT: Councillor Morris had chased up further money in accounts left from the former Youth Club. Some money has been raised by parents but there is still an amount left to clear from original cost. It was thought the extra left could contribute to extra activities for Summer Play scheme. Clerk to contact Aaron.

6.     SEAFARERS – MERCHANT NAVY DAY – Letter received regarding flying    ‘ The Red Ensign’. Letter noted.
7.    LAND WEST OF WREXHAM GOLF CLUB, HOLT ROAD, LLANYPWLL, WREXHAM – Statutory pre-application consultation for development. A previous application had been objected to for various reasons and Councillor Morris explained this notification is for an amended, scaled down application. This was noted.
8.    MEMORIAL SEAT: Letter received from Mrs M. Tapp regarding placing of a memorial seat in memory of Mr. Derek Tapp. This was approved by everyone and the Clerk is to contact her with the set rules for placing a seat.
9.    PLANNING APPLICATIONS: - Gourton Hall – erection of replacement double garage with rear garden/motorbike store and first floor loft area. No objections.
The Gables, Smithfield Street, Holt – Reduce 2 lower limbs back to neighbouring boundary (within Holt Conservation area).
Cleopatra’s, The Cross, Wrexham – use of rear patio/garden area as additional seating and tables area in connection with the existing café and partial variation of condition No. 3 imposed under planning permission P/2015/0475 to allow use of the driveway onto Cross Street for Pedestrian and cycle parking between the hours of 7.00 and 20.30 Monday to Sundays including Bank holidays (In Retrospect) – There were copies received of objections sent into WCBC by nearby residents of the property. The members discussed this fully and considered correspondence and it was agreed to object to the application as if allowed it would be detrimental to the amenity of nearby residents and also the local area in what is a Conservation Area. A similar application was received some years ago from a previous owner of the property and this was refused by WCBC on the grounds of affecting the ‘Amenity of Residents. This refusal was upheld on appeal! Several properties have rear gardens which back onto the driveway and rear garden of this property and these residents have the right to enjoy their gardens in an evening and at weekends without the lack of privacy that would result in the granting of this application. Mr. Duffy proposed these objections Mr. Gaade seconded and all agreed.

10.    CEMETERY MATTERS: Charges were set to be reviewed every 3 years but it was agreed not to increase them this year but then review them annually and increase if necessary with inflation. After discussion with the Clerk Mr. Gaade proposed £10,000 be transferred from the Capital Fund into Burial to be prepared financially for any future costs that arise, Mr. Cubitt seconded. All agreed. Emblems & Photographs on stones – there are some existing ones and to have some control over these it was proposed by Mr. Gaade that a max. of 2 photos or emblems be the number allowed and of a certain size (this to be looked into and agreed!) The colours should be soft colours! Mr. Hinchliffe seconded this. All agreed.

11.    THE BUNGALOW, 4 CROSS STREET, HOLT: - The members of the public attending with concerns relating to this property were invited to speak. They explained issues with encroachment if building of a proposed new property was allowed. Councillor Morris explained that WCBC would not get involved with boundaries but a site visit is to take place. Discussion took place and the residents were thanked as were the Community council.
12.    WALES AMBULANCE – 1ST RESPONDERS – application for funding of equipment. Terry Brownhill and Helen McCarthy had given a very good presentation and this matter was discussed and it was generally thought this would be a valuable service to have.  Mr. P. Lewis proposed a £1000 be given this was seconded by Mr. Duffy and carried with an overall majority in agreement.
13.    NOTICE BOARDS: The ones on the car park are in a poor condition and the locks need attention on the ones on the Cross – to be discussed again.
14.    HOLT CASTLE – GRASSCUTTING: Once again this has not received the number of cuts on the WCBC contract therefore after discussion the Clerk was asked to arrange an urgent meeting with Steve Grenter and councillors and possibly arrange a cut by someone locally and the Community Council pay.
15.    GENERAL MATTERS: Holt Hill – Illumination on one way system should have been done by Scottish Power 2 weeks ago! Blue Bell Area in Woodland – Paul Gaade has discussed this with Jonny Hulson and a smaller project £500 approx. involving a kissing gate and path around trees was discussed. It was agreed Paul continue with this.
Thanks expressed to Paul Gaade who has trimmed hedges belonging to WCBC because they were sticking out. Clerk to contact WCBC regarding all hedges.
Deeside – E. Jones to be asked to make sure area of grass here belonging to Holt Community Council, is cut in his contract. He is also to be asked to sort weeds along fence to left of gents toilets. Surface of Ashley Court – reported. Pats Coaches also reversing into Ashley Court – Clerk to telephone.
Lilacs – 2 holes made in the wall. Clerk to request they re-instate them.
Budget Sheet – this was approved  by Mr. P. Gaade and seconded by Mrs G. Jones. All agreed.

ACCOUNTS : Mr. Duffy proposed these be approved and paid, Mr. P. Hinchliffe seconded. All agreed.
2354 – EDF Energy              St. Lighting energy                        £584-11
2355 – Jones Lighting          St. Lighting maintenance           £157-00
2356 – Mrs J. Pierce             Salary & expenses                       £360-24
2357 – Mr. D. Kettle             Grass Cuts – Bowling, May      £180-00
2358 – Scottish Power          Standard Charge – field           £  24-55
2359 – WCBC                         Half yearly playground insp,   £312-00
2360 – Welsh Ambulance    Donation for equipment         £1000-00
2361 – Mr. I. Pierce               Lights in Ladies Toilets           £112-00
2362 – Zurich                        Insurance 17/18                         £686-36
2363 – Mr. E. Jones            Grass Cuts                                   £220-00
2364 – WCBC                       Wages G. Crofts                         £219-00
2365 – APH Signs               Village Sign                                 £168-00
2366 – Mr. M. Jones          Summer Treatment, Bowl.       £300-00
2367 – E. M. jones              Grass Cuts                                   £220-00
2368 – Mr. D. Kettle          Grass Cuts – Bowling June      £180-00


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