Cynthia Burek Cubitt receives a medal

Professor Cynthia Burek (aka Mrs Cubitt) awarded the Geologists’ Association Halstead Medal for 2022.

The annual Halstead medal for 2022, was awarded to Professor Cynthia Burek by the Geologists’ Association on 6th May 2022. Professor Cynthia Burek received the Halstead Medal for her work of outstanding merit, deemed to further the aims and objectives of the Association by promoting geology but specifically for her contribution to Quaternary geology, to Geoconservation, for her research on early female geologists and for her work towards gender equality in geology.

The award is nominated by the members of the Association.

Cynthia is a Director of Anglesey/GeoMôn UNESCO Global Geopark and holds the portfolio for education.

Cynthia was amazed and honoured to be given this accolade for the work she enjoys.

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