Young Wrexham

The Young Wrexham Website is an interactive site for young people aged between 11 and 25 who live, work and play in Wrexham. The site is also an excellent resource for parents, community groups, local organisations and professionals who work with young people.

The benefits of the website for community groups and local organisations are that you can advertise events taking place in the area, signpost people to your group or organisation and find information on different services to signpost the people that you work with there.

To use the website you can either:

Create a login: Wrexham Community Council (for example)
Password: Wrexham13 (for example)

The login and password should be known by 2 or 3 key people to ensure that information can still be uploaded whilst people are on holiday. You can then upload events, articles, etc. which go to Lisa Matthews to authorise.

Alternatively you can contact Lisa Matthews who will put the information onto the website for you.

To contact Lisa:
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 01978 358900
Fax: 01978 265261
Post to: 2 North Arcade, Chester Street, Wrexham. LL13 8BB

As part of helping parents know how to keep their children safe online, the NSPCC and O2 have developed a guide, primarily aimed at parents of 8-12 year olds, about the social networks, apps or games with an interactive element that children use most frequently.

The purpose of the guide is to provide parents with the information they need to understand their child’s online world and help them keep their children safe on line.

Parents can use the site and explore what other parents and children are saying which will help empower them to make their own decision and ultimately help keep their children safe

URL: Net Aware