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EDGEWORTH family research
POSTED BY Grineri Jalco
I am seeking historical data on the Edgeworth family that reside in the HOLT region during the time of Sir William Stanley/Henry VIII.

I have a Roger Edgeworth D.D. born there 1488 to a mother Rose. No further data available. This Roger had at least two brothers - Robert and John. Most likely had an eldest brother and a sister as well.

He studying from early age under a Bishop William Smyth (Smith) 1493.

He died 1560 in Bristol.

I seek ANYTHING about his Father, direct keen.

Also seeking data on a Thomas Edgeworth who was first record Edgeworth to settle around HOLT in mid 16th century. Most likely from the Warwickshire region. He begot a son also named Roger b.1590-1610. This Roger died 1668 and Roger spouse was Margreta Pate.

Anything on this Thomas Edgeworth would be appreciated.

Much appreciated for any help anybody might be able to provide.

RE: EDGEWORTH family research
POSTED 10 DAYS AGO BY Robert Campbell
Hi Grineri, the Holt Local History Society have responded with the following information.

"We have perused the Parish records from 1661 to 1700 (they are held in Ruthin Record Office)
With Holt's involvement in the Civil War, including skirmishing in the church, I am not surprised that there are no earlier records.
Here is what we have found:-

Holt's BMD data dates from 1661
Thomas Edgworth/Esther Jones Feb 5 1684
Mary E/Richard Davies of Pulford Jan 10 1687
Margaret E/Thomas Tillston Nov 30 1698
Debera E/John Mason Jan 13 1734

Jane Pate/Edward Jones Jun 2 1662
Grace Pate/Edward Gibbons Oct 20 1704

Hannah E Sep 3 1665 - father ?
Mary E Sep 18 1668 - father Thomas E
Thomas E Jul 16? 1670 - father Thomas E
Sarah E Dec 7 1672 - father Thomas E
Thomas E Aug 11 1697 - father John E
Deborah Oct 21 1698 - father John E

Thomas Pate Aug 23 1668 - father Thomas
Fernandino P Nov 9 1670 - father Thomas

Martha Edgworth w/o Thomas Dec 13 1682
William Pate Mar 29 1675
Elinor Pate Dec 14 1691 w/o John Dec 14 1691"

Hope this is of some help.
RE: EDGEWORTH family research
POSTED BY Grineri Jalco
Sorry meant to say the early Edgeworth to HOLT probably hailed from Lancashire.
RE: RE: EDGEWORTH family research
POSTED 15 DAYS AGO BY Robert Campbell
Hi, sorry for the delay in responding. I have passed your message to the Holt Local History Society. They have Births, Marriages and Deaths data from 1661 in their Archives. They will have a look and hope to be able to come back to you before the end of February. If you would like to correspond with us our email address is
The HLHS website is
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