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cycle stands
POSTED BY Peter Thomas
Does the community think that there is a need for cycle stands on the cross area. I am a member of two local cycling clubs that pass through Holt on a fairly regular basis. I have noticed also that clubs from further afield also use Holt to pass through on their way into North wales and back. These can vary from groups of five or so, and upwards to twenty or so. There are no facilities currently to secure cycles whilst using the Spar, Deli or Cleopatras, Bringing income to the village. Stands on the Cross area would leave the front of shops unrestricted while in them.
RE: cycle stands
POSTED BY ray mitchell
i'm wondering whether these visiting cyclists realise that the Holt Crosses in a registered conservation area with restrictions on embellishments being added to the area.
There is however a free public car park just metres around the corner of the shops which these cyclists could easily use and i suggest that if they want cycle stands,they approach the local council with a request for these to be erected there,
As a resident,the sight of numerous cycles scattered around the cross does not enhance the overall look of this historical area.....
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